Boyfriend starting and working on business but won’t tell me what it is?

My boyfriend (21) and I (20) have been together for 3 months and it’s had a good ton of ups and downs with trying to understand each other, his background problems and my anxiety. He’s been having this dying fire of wanting to do a business and gain financial freedom because he doesn’t want to be a corporate slave. He cares for me a lot and often mentions me in his future and how he’s doing this business so that in the future along with benefitting him it will be able to benefit me too (im assuming in terms of family?)

the thing is he is an international student doing engineering in the country we’re in and im not sure of the implications. Nor is his business something major in my opinion but like how people start online businesses on their skills with e books etc. he won’t tell me what it is now saying it isn’t the right time and he would tell me eventually but im also dying to know. His past did involve prize money fights which he left after meeting me so im having a hard time trusting him with what he’s trying to do with his future and life right now. His quest on doing business rn is also giving him lesser time with me cause he’s so busy tryna prepare stuff and interact with his bud with the stuff. While I dont mind supporting him through his endeavours cause I want him to succeed, him not telling me anything isn’t helping either. A part of me wants to make it clear to him that I don’t wish to be involved in his business for now but I don’t know how it’s going to come across either. I’m just lost.

I come from a background where I e learned secure jobs are the way to go, my family has a business of his own but it’s a registered company around tech and it’s a traditional corp in that sense so in comparison to that my bfs stuff seems very vague and unclear and I want some level of security.

2 mo
I know it’s only been 3 months but I’m the date to marry kinda person. again I know he cares for me a lot and does talk about the future but I don't know what’s going on nor ik how to approach it.
Boyfriend starting and working on business but won’t tell me what it is?
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