Origin Story 2: Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy,

Born on a Monday,

Christened on Tuesday,

Married on Wednesday,

Ill on Thursday,

Worse on Friday,

Died on Saturday,

Buried on Sunday.

That was the end,

Of Solomon Grundy.

Or was it?

Origin Story 2: Solomon Grundy

Buried on a Sunday, re-born on a Monday. In spirit of todays holiday lets have a brief look at our favourite undead killing machine, Solomon Grundy.

On a foggy Monday night, much like tonight, a pair of escaped prisoners tried to seek refuge in a remote swamp on the outskirts of Gotham. The swamp was rumoured to be haunted by the spirit of Cyrus Gold, a wealthy man that was blackmailed by a prostitute before being murdered and disposed off in the depts of the murky waters. The duo thought that they had found the perfect hideout for the evening, but they were wrong.

Origin Story 2: Solomon Grundy

To their horror Cyrus Gold arose from the quicksands and attacked the pair. Their guns proved useless as the monster felt no pain. After killing the prisoners in cold blood, Cyrus Gold took their clothes and wandered into a near-by camp of thugs. The criminals asked for his name but the mindless monster had no memory of his past.

“I was born on a Monday” - he mumbled.

Due to the similarity with an old children nursery rhyme the thugs gave him the name Solomon Grundy. When one of the criminals touched Grundy, the monster instantly threw him into the air, showcasing his great strength. Seeing huge potential in Grundy, the thugs made him their leader and together they set off on a series of robberies.

Origin Story 2: Solomon Grundy

During one of the robberies, Alan Scott (The first Green Lantern), tried to intervene and stop the crime in progress. However, much to his amazement, his Green Lantern ring proved completely useless against the monster. Grundy took advantage of the turn of events and managed to escape.

Origin Story 2: Solomon Grundy

Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern

Undertaking an investigation, Alan Scott discovered that the only evidence left at the crime scene was a silver ring, engraved with “Cyrus Gold”.

In the following crime spree, the Lantern once again tried to stop Grundy but was quickly defeated. The thugs ordered Grundy to kill the Green Lantern, and so the monster threw him out of a balcony. Amused by the trail of green light following the Lantern, Grundy began to throw his own henchmen out of the window in an effort to replicate the colourful light.

Origin Story 2: Solomon Grundy

Luckily the Green Lantern didn't die but was put into coma. After he was nursed back to health, the Lantern set out to defeat Grundy once and for all, fighting the creature with his bare hands. Alan Scott ultimately defeated Solomon Grundy by throwing him under a train.

Origin Story 2: Solomon Grundy

After the accident Grundy’s body was never discovered, which made the Green Lantern believe that he was still out there. Scott pieced together the evidence, and determined that the zombie was in fact Cyrus Gold, and the reason he was immune to the green rays of the power ring was that his flesh had been fused with rotting wood, which is the first Green Lantern’s greatest weakness.

Origin Story 2: Solomon Grundy

Ever since his comic book debut, Solomon Grundy has been a major villain to characters such as Batman and Superman. Due to his great brute strength the character has often been compared to the Incredible Hulk.

Origin Story 2: Solomon Grundy


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  • I love these takes, keep them coming!

    But the Green Lantern, his weakness is rotten wood?

    • Thanks :D and yeah... all sorts of wood. Morning wood must be a killer 😂

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    • Okay now I know what I am wearing next Halloween :p

    • Haha! I'll keep my eyes peeled for Green Lanterns next year :)

  • :) can't believe im now seeing this. so interesting!. but I've never liked solomon grundy much. i dont know why. maybe because he isn't so intriguing as the other villains cause he is so dumb lol, but he is strong and from seeing justice league cartoons usually controlled by another villain, unless im remembering wrong :P

    but i loved your take he seems so much more interesting now and i loved the comic book excerpts and those last two pics are so cool :D especially the one with justice league on the ground seemingly defeated and he walking away in a suit!
    reminds me of those couple of episodes where he was way out of control even for them to handle.
    can't wait for the next ;)

  • Impressive. So much information about someone I had no idea about other than a name. He's creepy-looking, haha. Nice job. :)


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