Videogames I would recommend other Aspergians (and Neurotypicals) Play

Videogames I would recommend other Aspergians (and Neurotypicals) Play

Videogames have to be the best form of entertainment, because they put you in the middle of the action. Movies, eat your heart out! Boy, girl, PC, console, Xbox, PS4, the electronic gaming industry has a game for you, even if you are on the Autism Spectrum, like myself! However, having an ASD is a slight handicap, when it comes to playing games, due to struggles with anxiety, depression, and overstimulation(I'll get into that, later). Games can get difficult, scary, or just downright frustrating. With that in mind, that doesn't mean we can't play popular titles like Battlefield, Halo, or Fallout(I ❤ Fallout!😍). Luckily, there are games out there that can really take the edge off things, after roaming the radioactive wasteland of Fallout. Without further ado, here's a list of games that someone with an ASD, as well as a neurotypical, might thoroughly enjoy:

1. Minecraft

Videogames I would recommend other Aspergians (and Neurotypicals) PlayIf you don't already play this game, you should. Minecraft is an open world survival game, a.k.a a sandbox game. Minecraft has a calming atmosphere with an even more calming soundtrack, a "creative mode", which allows the player to make whatever his or her heart desires, and "Peaceful Difficulty", which eliminates enemies, known as mobs, and is also useful for gathering supplies to prepare you for higher difficulties. Minecraft even has a server called Autcraft, for players on the Autism Spectrum. It's just relaxing, wholesome fun. Just remember to look out for creepers!

2. Animal Crossing

Videogames I would recommend other Aspergians (and Neurotypicals) PlayThis one is the less stressful younger brother to The Sims. There really isn't a goal to this game other than to exist. You a mortgage to Tom Nook, but you don't have to pay it off, right away. In fact, I played the game for several months and didn't pay a single Bell(the game's form of currency) to Tom.

You can furnish your house to suit your desired aesthetics, put money away in a bank, and so much more. What makes this game more more easygoing is that you needn't worry about your character's boredom, bladder, hygiene, hunger, or other things like that. You can even travel to other towns, too.

3. The Sims

Videogames I would recommend other Aspergians (and Neurotypicals) PlayOkay, maybe I shouldn't have put this one on the list. It's more hectic than the titles listed above, but it is definitely a good break from Dark Souls. Unlike Animal Crossing, you don't owe a mortgage, but instead purchase the property, and/or house, outright. You can maintain employment to pay for renovations for your home(or build a home from scratch), hold parties, raise children, keep pets, cook food, engage in romantic relationships, furnish your home, and more in this game. You can even die and compete with the Grim Reaper to win back your physical body! This game is a kinda complex, though. Which is why I debated putting this title on here.

I wish I could put more games on here, but there aren't that many games that are low stress and encourage creativity. But hopefully, these are some good ideas for Autistic and NT gamers alike!😊


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  • The modern computer games require more and more resources from your PC but unfortunately, our PC has limited resources. It is not wise decision to upgrade your computer system each time when new games release. That's when DMND
    comes in handy. I have played here many times and suggest every one of you

  • Aha! As an aspie the title made me chuckle. I have an Aspergian, bow before my awkwardness.

  • You just like open world genre.

    • Yeah, who doesn't? Minecraft has a creative mode, bruh! That's a HUGE deal for anyone on the spectrum.

    • If you like it that much, let me suggest to you Garry's Mod.

      Personally , I like fast paced , shooter / strategy MMOs or MOBAs

    • I wish I had something to use GMod. I wanna try Prop Hunt. The gameplay I watched was hilarious!😆

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