Do You Think The Oscars Are "Too White?"

Do You Think The Oscars Are

When the Oscar nominees were announced this year, the news was less about those nominated and more about those who weren't. Some call it racism, some call it odds, some call for change, some are calling for boycotts. So do you think the Oscars are too white?

Let's start with the facts:

  • This is the second year in a row in which absolutely ZERO minorities have been nominated for any of the categories. That means Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc.
  • This is the fourth time this decade that the best picture race is entirely white
  • The nearly 6,000 member Academy is 94% Caucasian
  • The academy is 77% male with a median age of 62
  • Invitations to join are basically limited to high ranking professionals who are nominated by at least two peers and once admitted, you are in for life.
  • Only Academy members can select the nominees.

(From The Economist)

These years are far from the first whitewashing in Oscars history: no actors from ethnic minorities were nominated in 1995 or 1997, or in an extraordinary streak between 1975 and 1980. Throughout the 20th century, 95% of Oscar nominations went to white film stars. It is an embarrassing anachronism that the prevalence of white Academy electors has been allowed to continue into the 21st century, a trend that the Academy's (black) president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, has vowed to end.

Could the “whiteout” be a statistical glitch? If the data were random, such a glitch would be hugely unlikely. A 2013 survey of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), an American union for film performers, suggests that 70% of its members are white. If all of the Guild’s members were equally likely to receive Oscar nominations, regardless of race, then over a two-year period 28 out of 40 nominations would be of white actors. The chances of no single person of colour being nominated across two ceremonies would be exceptionally small—even during a 15-year span, the odds of seeing at least one sequence of back-to-back whiteouts are around one in 100,000.

The Oscars do need to diversify in gender, age, AND race...basically the whole lot of it if there is going to be an actual representation of what the country is watching and responding to and thinking is worthy of an Academy Award. I mean, as a country, we ask for a jury of our peers in court, do we not, because we know that generally speaking, people are more likely to have a fair trial or at least one that can't be seen as being completely unfair or biased because of race or gender. To say or imply that there are no talented minorities of any race is obviously innaccurate, but how do you get a group of 94% aged Caucasian's to see this? There isn't even real diversity in the white actors and actressess nominated. It's basically the same pool of about 10 people, then someone new is thrown a bone, and that's about it. The Academy wonders why in recent years, its viewership has not found a steady increase, but more of a steady slow decline. If the so called highest award in your profession is an Academy Award, then I don't understand why it is unreasonable that no matter who you are, you should want to actually be nominated for such a thing. All the white actors nominated, want the same exact thing the minority ones want, but odds are, well, ever in their favor.


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  • They Snubbed Guillermo Del Toro Repeatedly,
    Hell the year pacific rim came out not only did it not win best special effects (It should have)
    It wasn't even fucking nominated,
    Hell the lone ranger was nominated for that category.

    They snubbed him for best foreign film with pan's labyrinth, it was the best movie made that year let alone best foreign film.


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  • Just shut the f*ck up. I hate dumb opinions like these with no real logic or intellect behind them. Just PC hype and propaganda. I find your insinuation that white males cannot judge art on merit alone racist and offensive, same goes for the cry babies like you. Where are the minority directors and writers and overall leaders? What groundbreaking films and art are they making? None and it's that simple. Let's change the oscars to the affirmative action freebie award, since whiny people like you could feel better about some dumb statistics that don't mean anything. I find it hilarious diversity is an "issue" when the president of the academy is a black women. The f*cking irony. Stop politizing the art of film.

    • Just the mere fact that you say, " Where are the minority directors and writers and overall leaders? What groundbreaking films and art are they making? None and it's that simple," shows your own complete ignorance. You are basing merit on films on what, only those in the news, or that you may have heard of or that were nominated, but not the thousands of minority film makers, writers, college students, etc. out there trying to share their art the same as everyone else. Also, one black woman/minority does not make something diverse. That makes her a token so you can hold her up and say, "see, we've got one, so there." The irony is art should be diverse, it should be open to everyone, it should not just be available to those of one skin color, gender, age, etc. If you can gather your thoughts in some sort of respectful manner that doesn't have you cursing for no reason, then I'd be glad to answer, but if you can't at least speak back with the intelligence you demand, then don't bother.

    • I'm literally not even going to read that. I read the first few lines and felt like my IQ dropped with your unoriginal response. I find it ironic you think you know more about films that I do when you have no idea what I do for a living. You should be calling yourself ignorant too but oh of course you aren't, you're so above it and progressive aren't you? Lmao, I work in the film buisness. It's my job to know every type of film from major money makers to low budget artistic types. I stated it because it is my OPINION. You know, the same thing you just did with this take? There is no groundbreaking work and you could try and twist it as much as you'd like, the facts will remain.

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  • 1, This is the result of the power structure of Hollywood, a bastion of support for Democrat and liberal causes. Does the hypocrisy of this situation strike a chord with anyone?

    2. Racial disparities taken out of context can be misleading. In NCAA Division I football teams in 2014-15, only 40.2% of the players were white while white males between the age of 18 and 24 accounted for 75.4% of the US population in that age bracket. Does this indicate racial discrimination against white football players?

    3, You are hiding under the cloak of anonymity so i don't know your coubtry of origin but your post suggests that you are from another English-speaking nation. Are you by chance from the UK? The racial composition of Parliament is skewed in favor of Caucasians. Nearly a fifth of constituents of all Labour MPs are black or minority ethnic (BME), but the parliamentary party is 93.8% white. The Liberal Democrats do not have a single BME MP and yet 11.4% of those who live in Lib Dem seats are from ethnic minorities. The Conservatives have a five percentage point gap between the diversity of their parliamentary party – where 3.6% of MPs are BME – and the constituents they represent.

    If you are not from the UK, please tell me your country of origin so I can attack your country's culture.

  • So do you want a quota for minorities then?
    This would devalue their performance if they got nominated in the future.
    Just because all the winners were White doesn't mean that people hate minorities, it just means they weren't good enough to get the award.
    There are many minorities that have gotten Oscars in the past:
    Morgan Freeman
    Denzel Washington
    Halle Berry
    Jennifer Hudson
    Octavia Spencer
    Lupita Nyong'o

    This was just a list of Blacks who won. There are many others from other backgrounds that have as well.

    • While the thing about Denzel is that it took years for his well deserved oscar, it was actually a consolation oscaar as while Training day was a good movie, it wasn't his best.

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    • @orphan There are many more non-Whites that have made it I just didn't want to run out of characters so I posted a couple.

    • idris wouldda got nominated easy if netflix didn't pick up beasts early.

      wonder how people would have reacted w/ him in the run

  • so next year, let's make a racial quota for the oscars.

    then in 2 years blacks will be complaining that the quote is too small and no one cares about blacks who win awards...

    • I said the same thing :)

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    • doesn't have to be one or the other. Blacks don't play baseball in as high as numbers as whites. but they could. Culturally they are just into different sports
      Talent has nothing to do with membership to the academy, its a nomination process.
      The academy is who selects winners for the OSCARS

    • Also Art is subjective. Sport is not

  • A person who says that doesn't understand how probability works. Play some Texas Hold 'Em, and--I assure you--you will be screaming at the dealer, calling him a RACIST because your pocket aces ended up losing 6 times out of 10 when they should have lost only 2 times out of 10.

    Maybe if keeps bitching more, then we'll have some form of Oscar Affirmative Action so that at least 3 minorities are given Oscars per year, regardless of performance. Honestly. Someone actually bitching about no minorities getting Oscars 20 fucking years ago.

    Ever stop to think that maybe since there's 75% white people in there, that that huge number means there's a greater potential for greater talent?

    If I get a room full of students, right. Let's say 100 kids. Do you think I'm more or less likely to get a kid with genius level intellect in the 75 black kids or the 25 white kids? Then I pick only the smartest 4 (or however many oscar nominations there are). Which group do you think is most likely to have the top 4 smartest?

    More than that, why don't we get into basketball. Did you realize that there are significantly less white people than black people in basketball, even though white people are 76% of the population and black people are 13% of the population. What a TREMENDOUS inequality. I demand that there be an equal number of white people on basketball teams.

    Actually. Since 1960-2016, only 6 times have white people been player of the year. In 56 years. Black people have been player of the year in the NBA for 50 out of 56 years. What a glaring history of inequality, far surpassing that of the Oscars.

    What's your response? Probably "well, black people are just better at basketball." But white people can't just [possibly] be better at acting?

    • I want you to also keep in mind that in 1960, wanna know who was picking players of the year? I honestly don't know. But I'm guessing we can assume that white people were picking black people as players of the year for the last half-century. But this mother fucker thinks that LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD has a whitest bias? Come the fuck on and get the fuck off.

  • "Do You Think The Oscars Are "Too White?" Nope, and why not just start your/our own awards show then? Instead of complaining about it. Since I'm sure that "non-whites" have way then enough money to do just that. And heck the rating would be out of the roof in a couple of years after it gains popularity... sounds good to me lol

  • No, I don't think the Oscars are "too white." I don't believe in the concept of "too (fill in the blank with a race)". The reality is that minority actors and actresses have not only been nominated, but have won Academy Awards. But now, as it is elsewhere in society, people bitch because there aren't all these freaking "slots" filled automatically with "People of Color." It's an obsession with race that is really unhealthy. Just because no minority actors were nominated this year doesn't prove anything. If minority actors had NEVER been nominated before and won the Oscar that would be a different matter. But that's not the case. What quota of non-white actors being nominated would satisfy those who are so butthurt about this? If you start down that path you get to where people will begin to question whether or not a minority actor really deserved the nomination/Oscar, or just got it because they're filling a designated slot.

  • Very good take!

  • Well you pointed it out, if you look at the population 63% of the country is white, only 17% hispanic followed by 13% black. Now look at actors how many minority actors are their? Then factor in how many of them have been acting for awhile and how many have acted in good and more importantly popular, movies this year. In short the claim that since no minorites where nominated and their for they are racist is in fact racist as it immediately blames whites intentionally doing this while completely ignoring all data showing otherwise. Further more if its about equality then why would there need to be minorities nominated to begin with? After all isn't it suppose to be based upon the quality of the acting not the color of their skin. By reducing it down to skin color they have effectively created the very inequality they claim to fight. Its suppose to be about merit not ethnicity.

  • The best people should be rewarded. If that leads to more whites nominated for film awards than whites in the general population, or more blacks nominated for certain sports awards than blacks in the general population, or more Asians awarded university places than Asians in the general population, it's irrelevant. I oppose your racist agenda. Substitute "too Jewish" for "too white", and you would sound like a neo-Nazi.

  • What about the NBA? Couldnt we say that its "too black"?

    • I seen one article saying the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball team was too white and were implying they were a racist team for not having more black people lol.

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    • Yeah lol. It was a few years ago people were complaining about that. They also thought the golden state warriors and some other teams were too white lol

    • @ihatethiswebsite
      thats so dumb

  • And how many actors are minorities? If the majority is white, then it's very likely that the winners will be white also.

  • I don't understand what the fascination is with the ethnic diversity among the nominees. No, I think the award should go to the person who has worked hard for it and deserves it, not just distribute the awards between people so it looks "politically correct".

    • nwa and their actors should've been nominated, maybe will smith from concussion. it's not about being politically correct. they were literally great movies, regardless of the fact that they had black casting.

    • @Other_Tommy_Wiseau dude are you delusional? They were crappy performances not great ones.

    • @Cerenityy i love matt damon, but the martian was overrated as fuck. if he got a nomination, then the dudes from nwa should've gotten a bid. but then again, i bet you're 1 of the people who think johnny depp is still a good actor.

  • I just noticed u asked an opinion question then gave facts that only supported your belief

    I'm against racism but no I don't think the Oscars are "too white". I mean let's face it they're fucking stupid in every other regard, but there weren't a lot of minorities this year in film making. I mean some argue Will Smith Concussion but judging from the trailer even I, a movie nerd, didn't wanna see that.

    Is saying the NBA is too black, could I get angry at them for that?

    • touche. Saying that the NBA and rap industry are 'too black' is just as valid of an argument.

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    • ? I don't get what you're trying to prove to me? I agree that they're not racist. I was simply providing reason as to why not casting or awarding majority of POC isn't necessarily bad.

    • @kaylaS91 Lol I'm not proving anything just once again restating my opinion for the press that is definitely watching me

  • Really? Oscars are what you worry about? This is the very definition of first-world problems.

    • So I suppose to only issues that are on your mind- EVER- are things like starvation, genocide, war? You've never been concerned with any other sort of topic or problem?

      Makes me curious why you have an account, since you've clearly got big issues on your mind.

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    • " Just because we are discussing it doesn't mean we think its a huge deal that takes precedence over other matters. "

      I already explained to you.

      The whole concept of "first world problems" is stupid.
      If I complain that my bath water is too cold, I'm complaining about a legitimate problem, but we can all agree dying of starvation is a more serious matter. Nonetheless, that doesn't make my problem disappear.

      Someone can complain about being partially blind, and we will all agree that's a horrible thing to deal with, but not as bad as being completely paralyzed. Does that make being partially blind easier?

      No matter what your problem is, there are worse ones. A family in china can complain about their 3 yr old daughter being kidnapped (real problem there) but we can agree that her being brutally murdered is worse.

    • Don't pretend you never complain of any kind of issue unless its extremely dire. Please.

  • Does it escape you attention that most of the west is white? Why should they diversify? It's not a public entity. Most of the audiences are white. Maybe they just weren't as good as the people that got picked. Does the MOBOS diversify. There's tons of black award programmes you never see a white face in. You can't have different rules for everybody. Should they just pick minorities to balance the pc scales? I'm not being funny but I'd be even more insulted if someone told me you only got the award coz the liberals say we had to pick someone from your race

  • Maybe. And it's too American too.

  • I don't see why it matters. I don't think people would complain if no white actors/actresses were nominated. I think the best actors and actresses should get the awards. Race shouldn't matter. Otherwise you are taking away from someone else just to meet a quota. Otherwise we might as well nominate everyone and still only have the same number of winners. Because realistically, it'd be the same thing. Then we'd only be complaining about the people who won rather than who was nominated. I hate that people even see race. I just see a bunch of human beings. Some smart, others not. Some are good, some aren't.

    • No. There would be people who would complain. Trust me. Rush Limbaugh comes to mind.

    • @Araya True true. I forgot about that guy haha. There's always someone complaining about something.

  • too white? I don't know, I don't watch the oscars. I've seen like a few clips maybe.

    what I do know fosho, its another way celebrities can bask in self-admiration :P

  • The thing is, I believe people are complaining about the wrong thing here. We shouldn't be looking to the Nomination choices, we need to look at the castings.

    The only movies that had serious roles, with miniorities leading, with good roles are Concussion, Star Wars, and Straight Outta Compton. Only THREE movies. Mind you these are only black actors. There aren't enough minorities playing serious roles nowadays. Not to mention the white washing of Hollywood in movies. There aren't any black or Arabs casted in Gods of Egypt.

    So here lies in the problem. Although the black or minority actors in the movies I mentioned should have been nominated, the realization is that we don't have enough minorities to begin with.

    • yup!

      the pool of black talent is shallow. with the exception of washington, freeman, and not so much fishburne, samuel L, and whoopi, the entire black community has typecasted themselves for black film. i attribute that to many of them taking roles in black film early on in their career. also, their predominant point of entry isn't helping: sitcoms, music, or tyler perry.

      i judge an actor based on versatility (denzel, ed norton, etc). when you're typecasted you're not getting the opportunity to show your range, you're not acting outside of your typical typecasted character.

      the only dude i can think of who broke this mold was marlon wayans in requiem for a dream. no idea why he didn't run with it, must be his love for comedy.

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  • What bothers me is that the Academy is old white rich men, with basically nothing else. Let's get younger people involved, people of different ethnicities, more women, people of different cultures, varying socioeconomic background etc, and we will see the Oscars change for the better.

  • I think it's a problem within the industry. 70+% of the world are non-white; internationally, the film industry should represent this better. To my understanding, it doesn't.

    As of right now, there are fewer roles for non-white actors, which is dumb. There are very few stories in which the race of one character or other must be something in particular in order for it to be relatable. Studio executives also claim that movies starring women or people of colour don't sell; pretty sure the release of the latest Star Wars movie is some good evidence to the contrary.

    We need a paradigm shift in Hollywood. We probably need to wait for the current powers that be to die and be replaced by pekple who are more representative of our generation.

  • I didn't bother to read the content, but to answer your question.
    Other people just need to start making better and higher quality movies... I have seen movies from black people and at most, they are comedians and at best, okay... So no, I am not surprised they have NOT gotten an oscar.

    Create something worth watching, valuable, a good story line, good effects, good acting, good lines, and maybe then you will see them win an oscar.
    People are just mad cuz they aren't working as hard or landing the right role.

    • Are you saying that all minorities star in and create shitty comedies or just black people?

    • @vishna I'm saying a lot do, or aren't as widely known as other movies or only target to specific audiences... How is anyone supposed to find a movie that may be grandiose when the other people I'm targeting it to are x people?

  • It's not about the ability of acting but about the people who hire the actors in the beginning stages of making movies... They are more likely to hire white people than black people in the main roles... or in the more 'important' roles.
    Hollywood is racist, not the Oscars.

  • When 94% of the 6,000 academy members are white.
    77% male.
    And the median age is 62.
    And people are not expected to watch every movie.
    How many white middle aged men will watch all black cast movie or predominantly black cast movies?
    Call me cynical, but not a lot.
    Yeah, there needed to be an overhaul.
    And I'm not even calling the academy racist or the people racist.
    I'm simply saying, the odds were not in minorities favors because minority lead movies simply weren't getting the same attention predominantly white, especially Hollywood backed, films are/were. So, yea, a few films of those films might get some attention, but it's not at the same rate predominantly white lead films were.

    • Or any ethnicity, I use black cast because that's who people are blaming this on.

  • I think it's just the majority of actors being white that made things this way, it's not intended. And to the people that are putting this on blacks, shut the hell up!. We are not the only people of color in the U. S, I swear it's black people everything on this site and in real life. Excluding the fact that there are other poc who complain and generalizing isn't going to fix anything.

  • Yes. Is it really happenstance that minorities are rarely nominated and rarely win? Not just Black actors: Hispanics, Asians, Biracials, Multiracials, Arabs/Middle Easter decent, Hawaiians, etc.

  • 0|0
  • I think anyone who things the oscars are "too white" should be banned from life.

  • Perhaps the Oscars needs a token a awards for black Americans to be happy.
    What percentage of the film industry are Jewish?
    Also should the NBA not be forced to diversify due to its small number of white players. I mean last years player of the year awards were a complete black out.

    • Why do people continue to use that asinine comparison? The NBA chooses people based off of talent and millions of dollars will go down the drain if the scouting isn't taken seriously.

      Whereas in the Oscars someone could simply make a compelling argument for an actor to win an award.

      There is no comparison.

    • @Araya so what your saying is we should just accept that like the oscars tha best person won.

  • Nowaday, when we don't see each kind of "race" in something like Oscars, we directly say "It's racist".
    If we go to let say a tennis club and you only see white peoples,
    will you say this club is racist?
    Or just that the others ethnicity don't find tennis or this club cool? xD


      If things like the above is going on, one would have to wonder...

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    • No one said that it did. You stated that if someone went to a tennis club and saw white people, would it be called racist or would minorities just not be interested in tennis?

      As shown, there are still people who will purposefully segregate for no rational reason. To simply think that no black people want to show up to the prom would be pretty far-fetched and illogical (just like thinking that no minority would be interested in tennis or the club). But to deem it as automatically racist would be foolish as well.

      My point is that it COULD be and for people to think outside of their narrow-minded box.

    • @Araya
      Segregate yes, if this club wouldn't allow people who aren't white to subscribe.
      But nothing has been wrote about this.
      Plus at Oscars if I remember right, there was already black peoples awarded :)
      A short list maybe yeah...
      but this doesn't mean that there are racist everywhere ^^

  • Lol How many times will this be brought up? It's always been that way. Yes, the "judges" are using their subjective thought to pick the best Actors to win, but it's nothing new that the majority of them have been white.

    I don't think it's "too white", but I don't think credit is being given where it's due.

  • Have you seen Will Smith's interview it goes beyond the Oscars. Its the fact that there is no diversity in Hollywood, yet there are many minority actors. There are many white actors who play roles meant for minorities. Its white supremacy that minorities and whites are trying to end

  • This shouldn't be an issue centered around the Oscars. If you really want to make it an issue, its the issue that most people want to see white people on TV. That's what sells or it wouldn't be so. So why don't you blame the casting agencies.

  • white actors dominate the scene... and its extremely competitive

  • when your so frustrated and rant then delete everything

  • I don't pay attention to the Oscars.

  • Whatever happened to people receiving awards based on TALENT and not COLOUR? We want equality and diversity, but if there aren't enough ethnic nominees, it can't possibly be for any other reason than racism, and yet, here is a list of coloured oscar winners:

    Denzel Washington
    Jamie Fox
    Forest Whititaker
    Halle Berry
    Louis Gosset Jr.

    Just because there were some impressive white actors and actresses this year doesn't automatically mean that they were undeserving to win or that the oscars are racist.

  • No, if black have no oscar it's because white are better actor

    • I'm white and I call bull on that. Whites are good actors but there are some good other races.(blacks, etc...) but then again I don't watch American stuff. European films are better.

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    • lmao
      An acting preference. That's a thing now? Why do brown people even go to acting school, if their skin automatically makes them less than a person with white skin.

    • @vishna I JUST tell that in all the actor who were present in oscar, I find White actor better than black. Where is the problem, serious?

  • I've never watched the Oscars, I really wouldn't have anything to off of. BET awards might be too black, again I wouldn't know. I don't watch award shows, because they are a gigantic waste of time. Even more than being on this site.

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