Are You Bored Right Now: YouTube!

I don't think many of us can really remember with any real clarity what life was like before YouTube anymore than we can life before cell phones (if you are even old enough to have had a life before either!). There is immense value in a site that allows anyone, with few restrictions, to post content, an opinion, thought, teach, sing, dance, expose something, rate something, or just to connect with people on a really honest level. There have been very few days when I have not been surprised or delighted or informed by something I've seen on YouTube that I think, where or how would I ever have been exposed to this without this free medium of social media. I also love the idea that it has taken the power out of the hands of corporations from music, to movies, to some of the oldest institutions which prior to, would selectively pick and choose, and more importantly, reject anyone who didn't have the education, strict skill set or way of doing things the company way. Now it is often these same companies who must go to those on YouTube and audition for them which is a very powerful thing.

For good reason, many who post content still reject the corporate or business structure because they realize that without the money, without the control, without the handlers, they are in control of their own product, can market it the way they want to, have their own fan base, can book gigs or put out their work for profit, or reach thousands, if not millions, with a click of the mouse. So in honor of all this, I ask, are you bored right now? Would you like to revel in some YouTubiness? I dug of some of the things that remind me that the power of creativity and thought, should be in the hands of the people and those same people should be the ones to decide what they find worthy of views, not someone paid to sit in an office and tell us what we should be thinking and feeling about something.

1. There's your backyard water balloon fight, and then there's this epic-ness by the Slo Mo Guys

2. People are indeed..awesome

3. Mythbusters finally proved what we've all been thinking since 1997 about Jack vs. Rose vs. that door

4. Snow Day + Dog + Creativity

5. Mortal Kombat Fatalities...IRL

6. Key of Awesome's tribute to singers with ridiculous voices

7. That moment when you have too much time on their hands, but you make it awesome

8. The importance of taking a break

9. You've got 99 problems and the life hacks to solve them

10. Cops are terrible, the movie type that is

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  • Great take - I really liked number 2 People are Awesome and number 6 the impressions of singers


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