Harper's Island: One by One

I'm not sure how many of you remember Harper's Island, it was a T.V. mini series on CBS. It aired from April 2009 to July 2009. The plot of the show was this, quote:

The show takes place on Harper's Island, where John Wakefield went on a killing spree and murdered a number of people before supposedly being killed by the island sheriff, Charlie Mills. One of the victims was the sheriff's wife. After her death, Sheriff Mills sends their daughter, Abby, to live with family in LA and she hasn't returned since. After 7 years, Abby is finally returning to the island for her best friend Henry's wedding but now the killing starts again and everyone is a suspect. The guests manage to unlock secrets of the island and of Wakefield as the series progresses."

I thought it would be fun to list all of the characters and instead of giving anything away, maybe make you interested in checking it out. It's a very good show, lot's of twist and turns. By the end, you'll be totally shocked at who the killer is and that when they say "one by one" they really mean it because almost every character except four get murdered. It's very interesting, suspenseful and has more elements to it than just murder. It's a good show and something worth checking out.

So, let's begin.

Abby Mills- The Good Girl

Henry Dunn- The Groom

Trish Wellington- The Bride

Chloe Carter- The Flirt

Cal Vandeusen-The Outsider

Jimmy Mance- The Old Flame

Charlie Mills- The Sheriff

Christopher "Sully" Sullivan- The Best Man

Shea Allen- The Maid of Honor

Madison Allen- The Flower Girl

J.D. Dunn- The Black Sheep

Danny Brooks- The College Buddy

Beth Barrington- The Single Girl

Shane Pierce- The Townie

Here's the entire list of characters, including the ones that aren't mentioned above

This concludes myTake, not sure if this made you interested in the show or not. If it did, hope you enjoy it! :) Thanks for reading


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