DeviantArt Stock Models I Know, and Would Recommend to Anyone: Part 3

As I've stated before, I've used a ton of stock models to bring my creations to life. And this is part 3 of my chance to honor those models - and recommend them to you for your work. While I don't have anywhere near enough models to simulate everyone I'd like to, these models are exceptional for helping me bring an air of legitimacy to my own concepts. And I believe they can help you too, if you're artistically inclined.

So without further adieu, let's get started...

Djwar Dusky

DeviantArt stock models I know of, and would recommend to anyone, part 3

Character portrayed: Eric Stanley Opendi / Extirpon - Extirpon, Extirpon 2, Extirpon 3, Sodality, Sodality: Battle for Metheel, Swappernetters

Djwar is especially good if you are looking for one of two expressions: angry tough guy, or Mr. Introspective. He does not usually portray the human face of Extirpon. Rather, he is the makeup template for the Negative Battery Monster Mode when the character gets particularly pissed off at someone.

A good action hero stock model that portrays the human form of Eric Opendi more accurately would be Jason Aaron Baca, whose massive library of stock makes him almost the spear counterpart to Jessica Truscott.

Djwar was chosen instead of Jason because Djwar has fewer restrictions on the use of his stock.

He doesn't mind as much what you turn him into, so long as it's not used for anything racial, pornographic, or anything of that nature. Jason, however, is very strict about the "nothing demonic" rule. Since an angry Extirpon arguably looks like an incarnate demon, this goes right out the window.


DeviantArt Stock Models I Know, and Would Recommend to Anyone: Part 3

Orphaned in his early 20s, Eric moved to St. Louis and tried to get by. He worked jobs wherever he could, and lived alone in an apartment. He had a sort-of girlfriend in the form of Vanna Kerling - though it was clear to him she was just using him and had no real love in her heart for much of anything.

He spent his nights oftentimes alone, miserable...angry. The world around him was filled with raging douchebags that needed someone to teach them some manners - or kill them, if all else failed. Or trap them in their own worst nightmares. Or torture them to compliance. Whatever. This anger burned inside him, with nowhere to go. He wasn't a total weakling, but also knew that he couldn't just simply walk up to any situation and take justice into his own hands.

That's when the Great Marlquaan Storm of 2012 happened. The Gray Champion was sent to the 21st century by Marl-Q Industries owner Dereck Johnson - who had accidentally transformed himself into a demonic pegasus terrorist! A pulse was sent out from the storm's center, randomly turning others around the globe into Marlquaanites.

This happened to Eric while he was calling in early one evening, trying to sleep his misery away. The sudden surge of power through his body awoke him, and he soon discovered he could turn invisible the closer he was to his apartment door. He could hear a couple arguing outside - with what sounded like the guy about to push a girlfriend down the stairs to fall to her death!

As soon as he thought it, he was right behind her - still invisible! But breaking her fall wasn't enough. He trapped off all escapes for the abusive man, and then turned a floor fan on the first floor into spinning blades of doom! The arrogant abuser continued taunting and being defiant, but his forearms were soon sawed off by an angered Eric.

"You'll NEVER push ANYTHING ever again!!!"

The man almost bled to death from his injuries. Realizing that the pride of his enemies fed his Marlquaan emotional energy power source, Eric soon accepted that his normal life had just ended. He fled into the night. He was reincarnate a short time and a quick education on Marlquaan bonds the Harbinger of Harm to Hubris Himself...Extirpon!

The kinds of jerks you might see guest star in an episode of CSI? Extirpon's Spectre-like penchant for terror and ultraviolence with reality warping soon made the next moments of these offenders' lives a living Hell. Anyone too big to fail or jail...was Extirpated instead!

He toppled regimes, slaughtered entire private armies, and even got to battle beings almost as powerful as himself! In spite all the innocents he'd saved, however, all his feats ever earned him was notoriety. He became the most wanted thing on the planet, wanted dead and that's that!

However, being able to kill anyone in almost any imaginable way wasn't bringing him what he really longed for: a heart to belong to. He became less deadly and more manipulative after acquiring a new girlfriend in the form of Pam Marcones - a Filipina that fell head-over-heels for him. The two would eventually have a child together, and he'd move to find a way to legally marry her.

Yet, anyone who thought this took the edge off him completely was soon proven a fool. Extirpon's one true weakness, apart from MPF generators that can freeze him in suspended animation, are robots. Because robots don't have pride that can feed him!

Joining the Sodality - and later the Navyrope Society - further put a moral leash on the otherwise psychopathic anti-hero. He's the bad boy you call when you're screwed otherwise. He's stopped counting a million deaths ago.

To top it off, Extirpon drops the TItanic on a corrupt judge - and later topples an entire kingdom on an alien world! He's one deranged BAMF you'd better not get cocky around!!! He makes Spawn look like Barney and Friends!


Digitally inserting effects onto Djwar to make him Extirpon in Negative Battery Monster Mode was a fairly daunting task. The creature had to look like it had molten black rock skin with purple lava crevices in the cracks, as well as being a creature with a distorted head shape and triangular glowing blue eyes. He needed also to have an appearance that was still quasi-human, yet able to be wreathed in purple flame. His distorted fingers need to resemble a sort of mixture of regular fingers with demonic talons, as he sometimes lashes out at enemies by impaling their chests with his bare hands.

By the time the digital effects process is done, it's hard to tell at all that Djwar is the foundation behind any of the end result!

Aleksandar Demitrijevic

DeviantArt Stock Models I Know, and Would Recommend to Anyone: Part 3

Character portrayed: Barry Navoz / "Ion Boy", Camelorum Adventures

Aleksandar hails from Serbia, and was as much a surprise to me as a fit for a Camelorum character as was Mihaelia - the face of Lemon Witch.

Don't let this Shia LeBouf near-look-alike fool you: he's quite a bit tougher and more of a deal than his much-more-famous visual similarity.

He's known more for his photography of cats than for being a stock model, but don't think he can't be useful for one of your projects.


DeviantArt Stock Models I Know, and Would Recommend to Anyone: Part 3

Barry was a clumsy, not-at-all-confident college student attending Bactrian University in Dromedary Heights. He was tripped up by some frat boys at a party, and this led to a Rube-Goldberg-esque chain reaction of events that led to a phone pole getting knocked over.

Just one small problem with that: the pole fell on top of a car being driven by a man in a gnat costume, nearly killing him!

Everyone else culpable fled the scene, leaving Barry to be the prime suspect in this act that almost killed "the Gnat" (an obvious Batman wannabe.) The Gnatmobile was destroyed.

Barry was too young, and it was an accident. It didn't seem fair or right that such a strange case should lead to him being thrown into Llamalorum with rapists and murderers. So Stan Woudean took Barry's case, and lobbied for him to be sent to Camelorum.

After the evil Xiboruty attacked Camelorum and kidnapped Carly and Emily, Barry was face-sucked by the evil alien and awoke with the ability to levitate, manipulate ionic chemistry, and make others throw up - all while his skin turned green and his eyes glowed.

Barry soon was a lot less clumsy, and instead rose to prominence as "Ion Boy." He helped the Camelry rescue Carly and Emily, and also worked as a mercenary for much of his sentence in order to win back the public's trust.

When the mayor needed a cure for a disease but also needed to have one Camelry strike team go after Tobey the Toilet Monster while the other went after Xironooti, he decided to use it to try to turn Camelry members against each other out of spite. Alas, the Camelry didn't comply with those wishes. Instead, they set up a contest to see which strike team could complete their mission and report back to Stan sooner. The winning team decided whether Stan would build a zoo or a homeless shelter first.

Lightning Hobo: Friendly Competition saw the Camelry split into two strike teams: Team Hobo and Team Ion Boy. Hobo, Lemon Witch, Huss, Shrapnel, Jenny Kay, and Cherry Babe went after Xironooti's base in Europe; while Ion Boy, Belf, Androida, Maddening Rod, Semaphore, Pink Dodo, and Mauve Puma went after Tobey.

Semaphore eventually teams up with her dad to find extra funding for the projects, so they can be completed at the same time - meaning both teams win!

While timid and lovestruck in his crush on Carly at first, Barry soon becomes confident enough to win her heart - without fear that Candace has to turn him into a horseradish for his own safety! He later marries Carly once they are both free from Camelorum, and changes his hero alias to Ionic Mercenary.


Turning Alek's skin green proved the hardest challenge of putting him in Barry's role. The other effects were mostly very easy lens flare or burn/dodge effects in Photoshop that a beginner can do.

His ion particle stream is depicted with the same process as Cherinob's mesh, designed to help her block excess radiation from herself leaking into the atmosphere and killing others. In his case, the stream lets him alter the chemistry of most things in his vicinity, turning him into a walking chemistry lab and the chemist all at the same time!

In-story, the stream - and him pointing his hand like that - indicate he's gonna induce vomiting in you.

Barry's "Ion Boy" alias is derived from Ukinojoe's Irod Bad 2 spoof video on YouTube, referencing Iron Man misspelling his own name as "Ion Man" on a tax form.


DeviantArt Stock Models I Know, and Would Recommend to Anyone: Part 3

Character portrayed: Luin Kim, Camelorum Adventures

I don't know her real name, but this Asian-Austrian model has the look to pull off quite a bit with her growing library of stock. At the very least, look her up.


DeviantArt Stock Models I Know, and Would Recommend to Anyone: Part 3

Driven mad by her father's unreasonable expectations, this Korean-born would-be supervillain rebelled when she came of age by way of drinking and sex galore to rub in the shame to her family...until she decided she'd prove herself by taking over the world!

Her Megamind-like world domination schemes, however, routinely failed. After a particularly bad failed attempt, she was left to die in a collapsing building by a not-so-great "hero." She was saved by the friendly-and-nigh-invulnerable-but-incredibly-dimwitted Beatrice Index, who became the Pinky to her Brain from that point onward.

DeviantArt Stock Models I Know, and Would Recommend to Anyone: Part 3

Above: The real OGs.

Luin: "I can be just as proficient as you!"

Brain: "Be careful what you wish for, my sweet Asian knock-off!"

- Conversation that never happened

Inside Camelorum, the two of them gradually grow to care about the others and consider other options for their lives besides conquest. However, they also find themselves in a friendly rivalry with the Jens over which group can be the superior scientists.

Luin also believes she is entitled to a refrigerator in her cell, though her plans to get one always fail. Her archnemesis amongst villains is the Spatula - a blatant Shredder knock-off who is just as much a failure at world domination.


Other than her orange uniform and some mild touch-ups to her face, FreeStockSwirls looks almost like the splitting image of Luin. Her hair is longer than Luin's is normally kept, but this was seen as a mild detail.


DeviantArt Stock Models I Know, and Would Recommend to Anyone: Part 3

Character portrayed: Beatrice Index, Camelorum Adventures

This mysterious model from Germany doesn't shy away from controversy. Her library is filled with baldness and nudity, providing artists with quite a lot of blank canvass to project whatever clothing or hair they desire on. Very little is known about her, except that she's revealed she likes razors.


DeviantArt Stock Models I Know, and Would Recommend to Anyone: Part 3

The nigh-invulnerable Beatrice Index is a second-derivative Xomified Human. Her ability to take ridiculous amounts of punishment and keep going is mitigated only by her limited vocabulary and ditzy demeanor.

She speaks with a thick Cockney accent, and went missing only for her parents to not bother looking for her. They just assumed she would kill herself one day, and that it was no big deal.

Instead, she wound up getting mistaken for a henchwoman working for Luin after saving the latter's life one day. And left with no other options after society wrote her off as such, became an actual henchwoman for Luin.

However, she is nowhere near as evil as her title and appearance might let on. She is actually quite sociable, and can make friends with almost anyone.

She is quite literally named after Pinky, with her last name of Index being a mere finger swap. Her debut image is quite possible "Street-Sweeping Team," by DA artist Anghel Irina ("AnirBrokenear"):

DeviantArt Stock Models I Know, and Would Recommend to Anyone: Part 3

Original work by AnirBrokenear.

In the captions for this image, I pitched some early ideas for characters. The reporter on the far left becomes June O'Reilly later on - complete with four large Iguana friends that are obvious Ninja Turtle parodies. The small Asian standing to the right of Beatrice became Luin. The girl third-from-left became Gwen Indot.


The model's pink mohawk was painted in using the three-stalk grass brush in Photoshop CS2. An orange shirt was painted onto the model's nude frame. Other than a background change, little else was altered from the original photo.

Jessica (AmethystDreams1987)

DeviantArt Stock Models I Know, and Would Recommend to Anyone: Part 3

Character portrayed: Gwen Indot, Camelorum Adventures

Little is known about Jessica, but the account is primarily that of her associate Sarah Job - who also has her own blog. Sarah is blind in one eye, but with Jessica's help, that matters little. Bear in mind, this is not Jessica Truscott (Faestock, Cherinob) - who is a whole other set of interesting and was covered in my first take in this series.


DeviantArt Stock Models I Know, and Would Recommend to Anyone: Part 3

Gwen was pet-sitting for a family; and then the ferret pellets were tampered with by Rita Rigatoni, the world's most notorious prankster, while Gwen was off getting a soda and was none-the-wiser.

The ferret exploded violently after consuming the tampered-with pellet, and also ignited a gas can. The garage caught fire, and Gwen ran away scared. She was homeless, having been rejected by her father after her mother died. Life on the streets was tough for Gwen. Alas, she tried to flee when she knew the family she was pet-sitting for would not believe her story.

Unfortunately, neither did the judge. The only one who believed her, was Stan Woudean - the warden at Camelorum. He took her in and placed her with another young woman that he believes may have been framed: Anita Hallot, who allegedly shot a plane out of the sky and it crashed into a cotton candy factory.

Since then, exposure to Carly's Xomian radiation has given Gwen an aura that causes all ferrets and weasels to explode if they get too close to her, earning her the nickname "Ferretslayer."

She dreams of becoming a copyright lawyer, and realizes how hard that will be to do with a felony record for "arson." Stan encourages her to not give up. She has the secondary uncanny ability to pop up behind anyone about to say something that could get them sued, and stop them before they can finish saying it.

Her name is a play on the expression "when in doubt." She is also chosen with that name for looking like Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man's early big crush.


Jessica's stock photo was cropped and the background changed, obviously. Other than a few touchups to the face, however, she looks enough like the cartoon character to pass. Her suit was painted on; the rest of her just naturally looks like Gwen.


As this list, and the two before it have shown, DeviantArt has a plethora of good-looking (and very useful) stock models just waiting for you to give them some attention. Each one of these could be what you need next for your latest artistic project, and I would recommend you look into them all.


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