5 Movie Speeches That Are WAY Better Than the Iconic Braveheart One

5 Movie Speeches That Are WAY Better Than the Iconic Braveheart One

The brave-heart speech gets a lot of attention when there are WAY better movie speeches out there. Here are a few of them

1. What shall we die for- Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Now its a fact that pirates are awesome. I honestly think this scene really just makes the movie. It was just an alright movie till that point then it just sunk in how awesome this battle scene was going to be. HOIST THE COLORS.

2. WE ARE CANCELLING THE APOCALYPSE- Stacker Pentecoste in Pacific Rim

Seriously, this movie is just the one of the most kick ass things ever made and that includes this speech, is it campy, sure. Is it hammy, as all hell, but goddamn did it get the blood pumping, TODAY, WE ARE CANCELLING THE APOCALYPSE.

3. Ride to ruin and the worlds ending-King Theoden in Lord of the Rings the Return of the King

I utterly love this scene, it just shows the good of humanity, these people knew that chances are they were going to die, chances were good that Sauron might actually win this war but goddamn were if Sauron was going to conquer middle earth, it was going to be over their dead bodies.

I mean fuck, ride to ruin and the worlds ending. That is an awesome way to end a speech.

4. That's my Mission- Captain Miller in Saving Private Ryan

Instead of a speech calling people to fight, This speech defuses the conflict in his group. Its just so heartfelt that you just can't help feel bad.

5. I aim to misbehave- Malcolm Reynolds in Serenity.

This may be my favorite speech in any movie out there. The whole Movie is about Mal gaining back some of his idealism and finding something to believe and have faith in and he finds it. A cause he is willing to die for and now he isn't running anymore, I aim to misbehave.

Tell me your favorite speeches below!

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  • GR13's speech in "Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning".

  • Lord of the Rings is pure epicness. That scene with the Rohirrims is just incredible.

    I'll add Aragorn's speech at the Black Gate, it's just as epic.

  • I saw all those movies but Serenity and Pacific Rim, and I vote for Miller's speech in Saving Private Ryan. Definitely one of the best.

    I also would've added Palpatine's ominous speech against the Jedi in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

  • LOVE Serenity and that was one awesome character. Nathan Fillion is the man, plain and simple; Castle is great, too.

    He's too old now but he would've made a perfect Nathan Drake for the Uncharted movie. Hell, he IS Nathan Drake.

  • LOL You are young...

    You need to see Patton. The entire opening scene is a big speech.

    Here's the scene with transcription.
    The audio is poor though, so here it is louder.

  • I'm not sure if television counts, but on season 5 of Supernatural when the Archangel Gabriel gives his speech to the Devil about humans being better than them, because we at least try to be good.

    • You almost forgot about the more recent ones between "Chuck" and Metatron, Chuck and Lucifer, and The Darkness and Dean. Technically "The Devil" is an Archangel also, but he is a "Fallen" Archangel.

      Oh, and Lucifer's speech to all of the Angels while he is in Castiel's body in "Heaven", that one was probaby the best one.

    • Show All
    • @JRICHARDS1996

      I actually liked Season 7 's introduction of a nearly unstoppable and invincible enemies that the Winchesters had to face. Things got even more difficult for them when Bobby died. Season 6 wasn't my favorite season either, as it seemed like they had to cram so many things in, it seemed rushed. I have to agree on Eve having more potential as a bid bad, but they decided to redivert the focus back to revealing what the hell exactly happened in heaven after the Apocalypse had been diverted, and why are souls constantly brought up throughout that season. As for soulles Sam, eventually it was revealed that when Sam was brought back without his soul that was a big fuck up that Castiel had made. I think it was there to foreshadow that Cas would eventually make an even bigger fuck up which is what lead to Leviathans being unleashed upon earth. I actually thought it was interesting for them to show the difference between someone with and without a soul in Season 6.

    • stupid autofill I meant when the Apocalypse had been narrowly averted.

      I do think that Eve really could have had more potential as a Big Bad Main Villainess. She died way too fucking easily but as I said before I think the season wasn't well planned and because Eric Kripke had left the direction just isn't the same anymore, and it was probably less organized. But you do have to give credit for Season 6 as being the firs Season where Jensen got to direct his very first episode for SuperNatural though. It all felt rushed because it seemed as if they were trying to figure out how to balance enough focus between what really happened with Cas when he returned to heaven as that was revealed he was locked in a bitter Civil War with Raphael that wanted to bring back the Apocalypse, and then they had the Monster Alphas, which also took up additional screen time, along with Soulless Sam so that could be why Eve was just killed of so quickly and cheezily.

      Which one was the professor's species?

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwMVMbmQBug I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!

  • no3 was the only one on you list that could rival braveheart. Come on Elizabeth Swan really?
    the Roosevelt speech deseves to be on this list from pearl harbour

  • This one has to be there


  • I was always partial to Tyrion Lannister during the siege of King's Landing: "Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them."

    Simple, direct, inspiring as hell.

    • I wish there was a spin off just about him, he's an excellent character but all the rest is too dull to keep track of and watch.

  • https://youtu.be/zxew7HJS_Zo The Best Ones Were Real

    • The music behind that one is the second movement of Beethoven's 7th symphony -- which was premiered at a charity concert for wounded soldiers.
      When that symphony was premiered, Beethoven himself dedicated it to the appreciation of "those who have sacrificed so much for us".

      Whoever picked the music for that one... seriously knows their shit.

  • Nah i dont agree
    Theodan is ok but aragons black gaye soeech is way better
    Mals soeecb is alright
    But the brave headt speech is better than every speech you have listed here in my opinion

  • I don't watch movies

  • 1,2 and 5 aren't that great


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