My Predictions for the Next Season of Game of Thrones

My predictions for the next season of Game of Thrones

I think Jaime is going to kill Cersei

Jaime killed the mad king because the mad King was planning on blowing up kings landing. Jaime took action before people could be killed. If Jaime still holds himself to those principles and morals, Cersei could be next. As Cersei was crowned queen, the camera pans to Jaimes face. He is pissed. Cersei completely left him out of the loop and as a result his heroic act was canceled out. As Cersei was continuing on her revenge streak, she tortured the nun instead of comforting her son. Her son killed himself which was no shock. Now Jaime has tons of motives. These articles explain why even further and even explain Cersei's prophecy and how her "volanqar" plays into it.

I dont think Sansa will betray Jon. Sansa has come a long way from the naive girl in season one who thought life was a fairy tale and she still has a long way to go. When Jon was pronounced king of the north, she smiled because she was happy for him. That smile faded as she looked at Petyr Baelish because she knows he is up to something.

I think Sansa never telling Jon about Petyr Baelish's army was a good move on her part. If Jon knew, he would've put some troops in reserve and Ramsay would've known something was up and probably would've done the same. Also it makes Petyr think he is dominant over Sansa. I agree with Sansa. Petyr Baelish is definitely up to something. I think he is going to convince Sansa to betray her brother. Sansa is getting more and more cunning. She may surprise us and make everyone, including Petyr Baelish think she betrayed her brother when really, she had a hidden plan against Petyr Baelish. Sansa even said it herself. "Only a fool would trust Littlefinger." Either way, there will definitely be a power struggle between Lord Baelish and Jon as well as, Sansa and Jon's relationship will be tested.

Also, I think Lyanna Mormont, (the little fiery lady of House Mormont who is Jon snows number one fan and who gave an entire room of men the ultimate verbal smack down and got them to rally behind Jon) will definitely have a bigger part in the coming seasons.

Who will Arya kill next? Here's who is left on her list. I don't know why I clicked, no opinions but you can leave opinions here.

Melisandre was exciled by Jon and is heading south while Arya is presumed to be heading north to Winterfell. This may be the perfect opportunity for Arya especially since Melisnadre said they will meet again.

I am hoping for a Stark family reunion but that could be wishful thinking. We never get what we want on Game of Thrones. But this is how I picture the Sister Stark reunion going. If we get one.

Arya- so how have you been Sansa?

Sansa- I married a lord

Arya- ugh again? Not much has changed I guess.

Sansa- and then I released his own dogs on him and allowed them to tear him apart.

Arya- You had your first kill? *eyes tear up out of joy*

It was a great season to be a Stark. Unless you were Rickon.

I think the wall will come down and it will be Brans fault. Most likely because he will cross the wall, messing with all the magical enchantments. Which means Jon will have to fight the White Walkers.

It may have been a good season to be a stark. But the Stark's have trouble. It's likely Cersei will seek revenge and we all know Littlefinger has something planned. Cersei already blames Sansa for the death of Joffrey, I think she will have a very violent response.

The War to end all wars is coming. This war will either unite them all or make them all perish. Either way, things are going to get crazy. Especially since this is Game of Thrones and we won't get happy endings.

Based on how quickly the plot will move, Dany will arrive in Westeros, in early season seven. Soon after that, Tyrion will meet his siblings again- in battle. We last saw Tyrion with Dany headed to Westeros wearing his new Hand of the King pin proudly. Cersei still blames Tyrion for Joffreys death and Tyrion will have to fight against them in battle for the kingdom. But I don't think Jaime supports Cersei so, Cersei might be alone on this.

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  • Great take. I admit I'm not a big watcher of the show, but its always good to see what fans predict about the shows futures.


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  • YUS! I've been wanting so badly to discuss my theories with someone!

    Okay so Cersei and Dany squaring off sounds all well and good but I think it's too predictable and way too soon. There's still so many unsettled things going on in the North that it's just not going to happen that quick methinks. As it stands Dany has everything she needs to steamroll her narrow rear onto that Iron Throne, but that's TOO predictably simple!

    Keep in mind, Cersei doesn't give two shits about the White Walkers or anything happening up North at or beyond the Wall. Understandably she nor anyone else has had time to mention it since her brat son died. When Tyrion and Varys mentioned it and Dany's impending arrival, she was like "eh w/e." She'll use Yuron Greyjoys ships and the Lannister armies.

    Arya will be captured by Cersei during her attempt to assassinate the Mountain. Jon will make the tough decision not to rescue her (as he tried with Rickton) because the North cannot wage war on two fronts leaving the Brotherhood without Banners, Gendry, Melisandre, and Lady Brienne open to do it.

    Everyone believes Jaime will kill Cersei, but that's TOO predictable. Brienne might get captured and Cersei will try to inflict a slow and painful punishment on both girls that Jaime will not agree with. He witnesses his sister become an even colder woman before his very eyes. The Brotherhood and company assist in their rescue as the Clegane brothers finally square off with the Mountain being defeated and Jaime ending up dead.

    The North will join forces with Dany. Sansa has good ties with Tyrion, the only person that was kind and protective of her while she was being held hostage. Theon was forgiven by Sansa and will help him face Jon.

    Lord Baelish will go after Dany. She is the largest threat to his dream. Varys and Tyrion will definitely know something is up when he learns Baelish brought the Vale to the North. Varys might die for his supreme knowledge. Sansa will marry her cousin to seize control of the Vale forces and tell Robyn about his mother so Lord Baelish can fly.

    In grief, Cersei will set fire to kings landing. Or Dany will be forced to burn it down, possibly by Tyrion on a dragon. Ayra will marry Gendry, Baratheon (the only boy she don't mind) creating the link between the north and the south. Jon keeps WF. Dany will die in battle with the WW and return to her family or go back to Maureen where eggs will be found in the catacombs where she tied up her dragons.

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  • One problem I have with the jaime will kill cersei theory is this. The prophecy stated that the valonqar shall wrap his hands around Cersei's neck and squeeze the life from her. Notice the "hands" part. And also notice how Jaime only has one hand. The prophecy has proven to be accurate up until now, so maybe that seemingly unimportant detail, might actually be very important.

    • Yes. I think Cersei will die soon anyways. She made a ton of enemies in the last episode.

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    • @WillowTree I think the hound will be near cersei when she dies. He has to fight his zombie brother. Sandoz might be the only one in Westeros who's able to kill him. Or Drogon just melts him with fire. That's also possible 😂 arya might be the one to kill cersei, but I really really hope it's gonna be Tyrion who kills her.

    • It's not going to be Jaime whom kills her. Maybe Arya or the Hound, both of whom are little siblings, but I doubt it will be Jaime.

  • I think Jaime will definitely kill Cersei - I came across a reference to the prophecy that Cersei will be killed by her "Little Brother", everyone thinks that it will Tyrion but the way he look at Cersei at the end of series 6 and he has killed one mad king, why not a mad queen who has been doing increasingly crazy things to keep power with Tommen committing suicide, the last thing that humanised her is gone.

  • There's a generally theory that the story will end with one final battle between Jon and a by then power hungry evil Dyneris. After that, Jon will broker a peace with the White Walkers and will be offered the throne which he will decline, thus breaking the cycle.

  • I'm not so sure about your theories about Sansa and Jon, or Cersei & Jaime, but I'm definitely cheering for Arya, great Take ;)

  • Good call on Arya and Melisandre. Just the excuse I needed to rewatch it all from the beginning again.

  • I think the most feasible one is Jamie killing Cersei. It will surprise many fans even though we see such plot twist throughout all six seasons.
    In the end, with Cersei dead, we will probably see everyone united against the the army of the dead. Jon and Daenerys are related to each other so that means they will work together well, at least once Jon finds out the truth about himself.
    And the one to sit on the Iron Throne will be Daenerys since the producers have already shown us how politically correct they struggle to be and it must be a woman to sit on the damn thing so that feminists can have it their way.

    • Not everything is trying to be politically correct. Sit back and enjoy the show.

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    • Ok cool. I like this show because it's a good show. I won't stop you from having a stick up your ass and just being uptight in general. If you did research I think you will realize that the author gives zero fucks about you thinking it's being politically correct.

    • What has the author got to do with it? They hardly follow his writing anymore.

  • AND King Stannis will return and destroy the WW's AND all the usurpers to his rightful throne.

  • I have strange theory but Sansa and Jon were cousins after all and barn will tell Jon about his father. Sansa will marry Jon to make him official Lord of Winter-fell and warden on North.


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  • Jaime is going to kill Cersei? I doubt that, they are both siblings and lovers.
    Sansa will betray Jon? That's even less likely, they grew up together, and they are cousins raised as half-siblings... yeah, Sansa is not naive anymore, but she is also not treacherous.
    Who will Arya kill next? Yup, I guess you are right about that, Melisadre is going to pay, eventually, but I think Ilyn Payne should be the first in line.
    Too bad Joffrey and Tywin are already dead... that would have been an epic revenge.

    • Cersei's prophecy said her little brother will kill her. That can either be Jaime or Tyrion. Jaime and Cersei are twins but Cersei is older by a couple moments. And Cersei just majorly pissed off Jaime. According to the books, Jaime doesn't love Cersei anymore. I wished the show showed that more but I guess that can be hard to do. The only thing that can be a problem is that the prophecy said her volanqar wil wrap his hands around her throat and squeeze the life out of her. Jaime only has one hand. But I guess he can have a medieval prosthetic.

      I don't think Sansa will betray Jon. But it's a popular theory which shocks me that people can go so fast from thinking Sansa is naive to thinking she is a backstabber. But I don't think Sansa will betray Jon, a big reason I think, is that I don't think she has it in her and like you said, she is not treacherous.

    • Yeah, well, Tyrion is he little brother, in the true sense of the word ;)

  • mmmm I hope for Khaleesi and Jon to meet!!

  • Lyanna Mormont and Jon Snow will probably marry lol

  • Cersei is definitely dying in the next season.