7 Reasons Why Depeche Mode Sucks (From A Former Fan)

I'm the kind of guy who likes to discover music beyond the mainstream. And this year I have been listening to lots of Rock-related music, unlike the previous years. That made me change my musical point of view by a good degree, leaning towards a more Rock direction musically. Whether it might be Progressive Rock, AOR or just Hard Rock.

Now listening to some Depeche Mode albums again after many months, I'm like How I was listening to this shit? These guys are overrated to the core.

Someone might wonder why I chose Depeche Mode. As I said above, the reason is those guys are praised more than they deserve. And I have a thing with such bands.

Let's see why they suck and they don't deserve their fame:

(In alphabetical order)

1) I listen to their music in the summer beach bars

7 Reasons Why Depeche Mode Sucks (From A Former Fan)

Especially Enjoy The Silence. I just cringe! It's one of the songs that I know all the lyrics, because they are overplayed. Among all the classic hits you choose to play this. That's why DJs suck and have no idea about music. See below.

2) Most DJs are Depeche Mode fans

7 Reasons Why Depeche Mode Sucks (From A Former Fan)

How is this bad? Because most DJs have no idea about music as I said before. They just play what they were told to play, even the most successful ones. They are just puppets. A guy told me once Ask any DJ if they like Depeche Mode. 99% among all, will tell you they adore them.

3) Their frontman cannot play an instrument or write the lyrics

7 Reasons Why Depeche Mode Sucks (From A Former Fan)

He just sings. Martin Gore writes the lyrics. And Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher plays the instruments. Dave Gahan technically does nothing. Isn't it overrated? Artists like Rihanna and Justin Bieber receive lots of shit because the songs they sing are written by others, but Depeche Mode are considered quality. Quality my ass! A singer that cannot write his/her own lyrics (at least) just sucks!

4) They are one of the few 80s bands that most youngsters recognize and listen to as well

7 Reasons Why Depeche Mode Sucks (From A Former Fan)

So figure out about what kind of a band we are talking to. The average youngster nowadays, isn't notorious for his/her good taste in music.

5) They are sellouts

7 Reasons Why Depeche Mode Sucks (From A Former Fan)

Any 80s band, who had commercial success in the 00s and 10s, they are sellouts in my opinion. They try to adopt the modern sound, just in order to have a piece of the pie. It would be better to remain as 80s legends, than trying to be acceptable in the current music industry.

6) They didn't invent Industrial music

7 Reasons Why Depeche Mode Sucks (From A Former Fan)

Don't make me laugh. They attempted to make pseudoindustrial music with their song Pipeline from the album Construction Time Again, whilst Industrial Music existed before they existed themselves. Ultravox made an attempt at this genre in 1978, with the song Dislocation from the album Systems Of Romance, making Depeche Mode sounding like ridiculous bad copycats.

7) They didn't invent Synth-Pop

7 Reasons Why Depeche Mode Sucks (From A Former Fan)

Many consider them also as Synth-Pop pioneers, but they are not. They came two years late. Yellow Magic Orchestra and Gary Numan were the true pioneers, in 1979. Depeche Mode made their debut in 1981.


Most Helpful Girls

  • Another shit mytake by the guy who thinks he's the connoisseur of music. If you're such an expert, why did you provide such shitty reasons as to why YOU THINK this band sucks. Because supposedly DJ's like them? Young people like them? So fucking what lol? Because you think it's a fact those groups of people you mentioned can't have good taste in music? Also, why in the fuck would you compare them to singers like Rihanna, at least the band itself writes their own music even though the lead singer usually doesn't. Just because they didn't "invent" any genre, doesn't discredit the fact that they were an extremely successful and have played a major influence on other genres and bands.

    • Successful band**

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    • imho D. M. and Rhianna are both shit , but at least Rhianna is more catchy ( Sia wrote some of her catchiest stuff however), where as D. M. are boring and uncatchy and uninspiring a. f.

    • In Addition to my last comment in the same era was the Smiths who I loike much more and Morrissey didn't buy into the hype either he actually said at age 22 ''“hilariously unimaginative, peddling every murderously monotonous cliché known to man.” Its so fucking true. Only people with two brain cells would find the song writing imaginative. Only the synths themselves are interesting , they could have done way more with the instruments they possessed. F***** boring as , sorry !

  • I love depeche mode. I don't care if they're overplayed (I don't listen to the radio) and I don't care if I hear them at a bar (better than hearing Kanye or Beyonce).

    I listen to them a lot, they're a fun band to see live.

    Maybe I just defend musicians more because I used to date one who is very famous who gets judged by others a lot... and really.. every single musician with a record label is already a sell out.

    • Fortunately I didn't see them live, when they came to my country a few years ago (I found tickets really expensive). And I was listening to them at that point. I would really regret it if I did.

Most Helpful Guys

  • I don't know much about the band but I DO remember Depeche Mode being huge when I was a teen. They were what the "cool kids who actually 'know' music" listened to, or so they wanted everyone else to believe. ;)

    • Cool kids who actually know music my ass. Just mediocre and heavily promoted, especially in the 80s. Like Michael Jackson and Madonna.

  • Man... why should their frontman play an instrument or write the lyrics? He is the lead singer, it's not his job to do other stuff, would you expect a common football player to assist his team's trainer in creating some new strategy for their team?

    • For me if a singer plays an instrument during his live performances is a plus.

      It's harder to both play an instrument and sing at the same time, than just sing or play an instrument.

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    • Check New England's Explorer Suite full album. An interesting mix of Power Pop and Symphonic Rock.

    • I will thanks for the info mate

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