How Sausage Party Seriously Failed My Expectations

How Sausage Party Seriously Failed My Expectations

SPOILER ALERT: The following Take will incorporate spoilers from the movie Sausage Party, currently in theaters.

This is basically a movie review. Please read if you're considering wasting your money on this movie..

I'll be honest, Sausage Party, is entertaining.. if I was high this might have been WAY better, so tip, if you can get some green in you before you go, do it. But aside from the novelty of seeing "life" in the perspective of your groceries, this was a lot less funny. But even then, it really wasn't even must about life as a sausage or bun. Sausage Party was perverted, raunchy, and somewhat insane but just not very funny. Arguably it can even be seen as a strong commentary on religion.

The food in the grocery store think that humans are Gods and pick foods to go to the "Great Beyond" which is some amazing mythical place, but which turns out is a completely made up idea by the "Unperishables", Firewater, Twinkie, and Grits.. there's only about 15 minutes of the entire movie of what happens in the trailer where the food get to see what really happens to them when they get chosen.

How Sausage Party Seriously Failed My Expectations

So the story really follows this hotdog named Frank who goes to seek the answers to what actually happens to the food after they are selected by the "Gods", along with his girlfriend, Brenda the bun, and a whiny donut, and Middle Eastern pita pocket. All along the way they're being chased by a douche who wants to kill them because they caused a aisle spill and the lady was too embarrassed to admit she was actually going to buy a douche. Yes, a douche, a vagina cleaner. They also meet up with a lesbian taco who has the hots for Brenda and helps them along the way. Frank searches for proof of the "Great Beyond" and finds a cookbook, rips out a page and tries to broadcast this to the entire store. But of course everyone refuses to believe it, until the dumpy sausage who gets bought comes back from the "Great Beyond" and tells them the truth.

Side story of dumpy sausage's adventure in the Great Beyond, he gets bought, sees everyone get eaten and cooked and jumps out the window, and hangs onto the shoelace of some guy who does bathsalts.. dude gets the munchies after the druggies but the bathsalts allow him to see and communicate with the food.. but then it wears off and tries to cook dumpy sausage, something happens and bathsalts dude gets DECAPITATED, and dumpy sausage and the rest of his food along with a Steven Hawking gum character, brings the head back to the grocery story to be like "We can defeat them!!" and then they inject everyone in the store with bathsalts and wage war. The douche sticks himself up the ass of the male clerk and basically puppets him around the store and almost catches Frank but fails and falls into a trashcan.

How Sausage Party Seriously Failed My Expectations

The last 10-15 minutes of the movie, after they've defeat the humans is a full on orgy. Lesbian taco eats out Brenda the bun, whiny donut eats pita bread's ass, you see a beet getting a blowjob, Frank gets skewered through all the breads while they moan. I don't know man, watching cartoon food have sex is just disturbing. The movie is vulgar just for the sake of being so, overtly sexual, and follows an already overdone religious diatribe.

⭐🚫🚫🚫🚫 for me. Seth Rogan has also teased his hopes of making a sequel.. my face adequately represented by toilet paper when I read that..

Side note.. don't google "sausage party orgy" with Safe Search turned off on Google...



Most Helpful Guy

  • I hate that platform for movies. U kinda get what u expect through most of it, maybe a little extra thrown in for shock value along the way, and then toward the end, the entire movie goes down the gutter. And it's not that their making a quality plot twist for the movie... they're throwing in things that humans should never see, just because they can. rofl. It reminds me of the dark dark twist that the movie The Life of Pets took. Completely uncalled for in a kids movie in my opinion. With Sausage Party, u knew it wasn't a child's cartoon, but they still found a way to make it way too much. :( This is why I can't go to movies anymore unless I've read the plots. haha. I don't like those kinda surprises

    • Sameeee. It felt like they were just throwing shit in just for the sake of it. It shocked me with how vulgar it was within the first like 5 minutes actually. I thought there would at least be a better attempt at a story if that's what they were going to try and do. Ahh I haven't seen the Secret Life of Pets, but that's still on my list. It definitely looks funnier though.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Great Take! I agree. I did think the movie was entertaining HOWEVER some parts were unnecessarily raunchy. It wasn't funny as I thought it would be. I thought we'd see more food being murdered at a party or something but no, it only lasted a few minutes.


    Omg the orgy. People in the theater were screaming. At first everyone was laughing but then the laughs turned to wails and OMG and ewww and wtf? It was a really loud and long food sex scene and everyone was writhing in their seats. I was wondering when it was going to end. It just kept going and going and going and I'm like uhhhhh is there anymore movie or can I walk out now?

    I'm not squeamish about sex scenes in movies but it just went on forever. Like Okay I get it. Food having sex but GEEZ!

    And the Steve Hawking gum was hilarious.

    • Thanks! Ugh I felt exactly the same way. Like it just went on for SO LONG.. and every time you though it was over it'd be another food doing some perverse thing..

    • Hahah, I didn't think there wolud be any actual food-sex scenes, BECAUSE there are obvious innuendoes on all the bus-stop ads around here (LA). Oh brother.

      Jess, I like yr writing. (:

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What Guys Said 2

  • Saw take title... i need to drag my mind out of the gutter 🙊

    You description of the last 15 mins though #dead 😂😂😂. Will suggest it to the crew based on that alone

  • Didn't read because I want to see it, but it got pretty good reviews. Was it really that bad?

    • I personally wasn't a fan of it at all lol. I think it will depend on the person an the type of humor they have.. there were certain parts that were definitely funny/clever, but for the most part I really didn't get much out of it.

    • I mean it's a Seth Rogan film. What did you expect? Anyways, at least it's better than the alternative 😑

What Girls Said 2

  • I didn't read all of this because I still want to see the movie, but it's good to have someone else's perspective on movies.

  • Boo, i really wanted to see this. Maybe ill save my money and see Ben Hur instead.

    • Haha sorry chica, thanks so much for reading! In my opinion, something not worth spending money on, but maybe to watch at home when you have nothing to do.

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