Can someone beat my birthday bad experience?


So up until being an official adult all of my birthdays have been grand, even had a limo to bowling for my sixteenth. Until I was 18 that is, before that they always ended in a smile and left me feeling happy and joyious for the next couple of weeks.

Can someone beat my birthday bad experience?

My eighteenth Birthday
So I decided I wanted a meal with the family, and my aunt and uncle wanted to me to get drunk so they Brought me alcopops, ciders and I hated the taste of all of them I couldn't ever get over that alcohol taste. After about 15/20 mins of this I said I wanted the unlimited Coke and it took a further 20mins before dad just went and got me one as they kept arguing no and that I needed to drink alcohol, it was my right of passage. Also to top it off nan got me a cake made one vanilla and the other chocolate, but thing is ever since a bad experience durning Easter when I as nine, I haven't like chocolate in big amounts and I just didn't like the massive amount of it in the eight, loved the one but not the eight, so I got moaned at for that too.

Can someone beat my birthday bad experience?

My Nineteenth Birthday

At my 19th, it was first year of uni and decided that I was gunna drink with some housemates and there was four of us and had a small cake me, Joe, Catherine and nelly. After awhile nelly left and Joe was smoking weed, then it was me and Catherine (my lovely trans friend I had, who obviously didn't have the hormones or anything) and I'm a hugger so as normal I went to give her a hug and she kissed me. In hindsight I guess I was being me, but in a way that could have meant more. And I was soo shocked and I said sorry and ran away 🙈. I was a wreck for the next few days wondering when did I lead her on and what could I have done differently, have I ruined our friendship, what a lovely birthday week to have.

Can someone beat my birthday bad experience?

I'm the mr burns in this picture but you get the idea lol

My twentieth Birthday

So for my 20th my housemates (different ones) played a bunch of pranks on me: I struggled to open my door as they decided to tie a sheet around the door handle and the banister (despite knowing I had class at 9), they hard boiled my eggs and then told me to bake a cake for myself. This foregin dude called me up several times a day and literally shouted abuse at me. Then we did a drinking game and they put shots of absinth, and thinking they were sours I downed it only to projectile vomit. Then decided that wasn't enough and mixed wine, whiskey, rum in my own heavy vodka /coke (I used to pour half and half Coke and vodka the more drunk I got), anyhow I remember crying my eyes out after my 7/8 time in the toilet. Then thought it'll be funny to hide behind my door when I was utterly drunk and wanted to sleep, that I started to shout abuse at my door and kicking it, that it was propbably the one time they all got scared at me, she said she hid under my bed and waited till I started snoring to come out again.

Can someone beat my birthday bad experience?

Come to think of it my 19th makes it into my top five worst days of my life

My tweny-first Brithday

This one wasn't neccisarily bad but I was working the following night, so couldn't really go out drinking it up and I really needed the money as I almost didn't make the rent for that month. So instead, I ended up talking to my parents high, while trying to not be high and played a small but fun drinking game that ended up dragging loads the later it got, also cooked a buffet for everyone so we all had plenty to eat.

As for my 22nd and 23rd birthday, well they werent bad, just kinda boring I suppose, nothing rememerable happened, for my 24th I did want to go out drinking with my one good friend, but thats a pipe dream. there's a smidgin of hope of that happening for my 25th but oh well thats life I supppose the older you get the less magical your birthdays are.

ps: sorry for any spelling mistakes seen, I have no excuse I'm just bad at them lol

Can someone beat my birthday bad experience?
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  • Wow... Sorry to hear that... 😔 Hopefully there is something in the future where you can try to do something that is harder to mess up... Maybe a group on activity and a dinner reservation 🤔

    For me, I've mostly had good ones.
    But one that stood out was a birthday where my mom did not buy anything for my birthday as she was going to get everything on Sunday when our bank was closed. She tried using the credit card and got the number wrong three times. So... The card locked. We had at least 5 people coming. There was no way to get the money... So we had nothing for the birthday guests. To my understanding, my mom and dad had an argument and my dad refused to pay for things and that was even more awkward when people asked about what happened...
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    • 19magic

      I think it was my 8th Christmas when I realised my mother truly didn't care about me and when I turned nine (birthday is 12/01) so when she didn't turn up to either of those I realised she never cared about me but instead the money one would get from having a child. Tbh it was probably after that time as I help out hope for around a year believing I would see her again.

    • 19magic

      But yeah most of my birthdays has been good probably the best one was going to this massive soft play area used to call it the ball place, in reference to the giant ball pit

    • Jjpayne

      It's sad to have mom that does not care like that... I think that's when it's good to find moms in other places. I have at least 3 other types of moms other than my own. Older Women that have been supportive of me. I hope you have at least one in your life.

      And the giant ball pit sounds like a blast!

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  • KingDio
    Not sure if I can beat them as mine were fine... when I had them or people remembered I had a birthday on that date and not 2 weeks later... some birthdays while I was a kid was just my mum, sister and i so no bad experience... just sad ones
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    • 19magic

      Mines just over two weeks after Christmas so kinda hard to forget lol I am sorry to hear that normally I have a good amount of family and friends round. I think it was why those birthdays ended up being fairly bad as I only had 4 uni friends to spend it with

    • KingDio

      Mines 2 days after Christmas and you'll think since goes with that people would remember but nope.. too busy worrying about Christmas eve, day and boxing day that when it comes to mine they are too mentally exhausted or on holidays

    • 19magic

      I know what you mean dad's is on the 23rd and everyone's always talking about Christmas and even give him presents wrapped in Christmas paper rather than bday paper

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  • OlderAndWiser
    For most people, adult birthdays are not the fun, magic, and excitement that birthdays often are when we were kids. However, you have had some particularly awful birthdays since you became an adult!
    • 19magic

      I dunno is it the fact that as adults we just don't know how to have fun anymore, or the joy we had for presents don't matter anymore or is it something else 🤷🏻‍♀️tbh most of the things I did as a kid I would probably still like now so is it a matter of perspective or the way birthdays are percieved. I think I would happily go to an adult soft play if there was one or go down slides and waterparks, themeparks but for me my birthday is in January so not much is open

  • douride2
    Try my sixteenth birthday. My mom forgot about it altogether. Nothing not a card or even a happy birthday remark.
    • 19magic

      I feel for you I dunno what I would have done if it was my dad who did this, my mother I haven't seen since I was 8

  • Heavenly_
    Sorry to hear that but you had some adventure though! You will remember these moments several years later and smile to them.
  • Hangry22
    Well at least your birthdays were eventful and memorable. I had to spend my 18th birthday all alone which was 1 week after i moved out into a hostel run by nuns. We weren't allowed to use phones for study purposes. My roommate at the beginning had a thing for a girl and changed rooms which made me alone there. On top of that, i got a fever that week and my fever was the highest during my birthday result in me sneezing and shivering under a blanket all alone with no phone. I got no birthday wishes
  • mrgspoter
    What was bad though, yeah I'm disaster I've never really done anything for my bdays after like 14 lol
  • Iron_Man
    I can in PM only the 18th
  • lonewolf1999
    Leave alcohol alone you aren't a match
    • 19magic

      It's alright when I'm not drinking to impress people or fit in, last couple of times I drank I got to a happy tipsy state, with those girls I usually drank half a bottle of vodka or even 3/4 of a bottle in a single night

    • Well hopefully next one is better best wishes

    • 19magic

      I'll have my little girl singing me happy birthday :)

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  • Flakey-Flake
    yikes 😬
  • Anonymous
    try not getting one birthday card or a happy birthday on your 41st birthday from anybody
  • Anonymous
    At least people acknowledged your birthday. I've never in all of my 33 years had a single person acknowledge any birthday of mine in any way.