6 Underrated Books for the Avid Reader: Try a New Genre!

6 Underrated Books for the Avid Reader: Try a New Genre!

Reading new books helps you discover new facts, learn more about other people (and yourself, sometimes), and create new interests!

Similarly, reading books from completely different genres can also help open your eyes!

Here are six underrrated books from six genres across literature that you should definetly read!

Note-- Genres Mentioned: Contemporary, Fantasy, Juvenile Fiction, Horror/Thriller, Sci-Fi/Futuristic, and Classics


6 Underrated Books for the Avid Reader: Try a New Genre!

For Contemporary, we have 'Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery', by Keren Davis.

This book is about sixteen year old Lia who wins millions of dollars in the lottery, while she still tries to desperately become the girlfriend of Rafael, a mysterious boy at school who Lia is convinced is some paranormal being.

This book is mostly fun and light, and definetly worth the read!


6 Underrated Books for the Avid Reader: Try a New Genre!

For fantasy, Cinder by Marissa Meyer is a great book to read! (No, I'm not just obsessed with books that have red heels on the front, I promise)

Cinder is a futuristic book about a world after World War III, in which a girl named Cinder lives with her adoptive (and slightly abusive) step-mother and two step-sisters. Sound like a story you've heard?

There's tons of twists on each page, and the futuristic elements (spoiler alert: Cinder is a cyborg! A metal leg and metal arm, yep!) keep you guessing. It's one of my most favorite books of all time, worth the read!

Juvenile Fiction

6 Underrated Books for the Avid Reader: Try a New Genre!

While most of you guys might not consider Juvenile Fiction (a.k.a. 'kids books') worth you time, I can tell you that no matter how old you are, Andrew Clements will make you hang on to his every word.

While I love almost all of his books (almost, since I've still got a few I haven't gotten my hands on) 'No Talking' is one of my favorites. It's a simple story about a competition and a school story, yet it'll have you immersed and not wanting to put the book down.


6 Underrated Books for the Avid Reader: Try a New Genre!

(Sorry about the bad picture, I couldn't find a picture of the cover that met the size requirements of GaG)

Under Horror/Thriller, I have 'Penpal', by Dathan Auerbach. Largely unheard of, this book made its debut as a creepypasta, but after being immensely loved, was self published.

'Penpal' is about a man (who throughout the book, remains unnamed) who remembers short snippets of his childhood in random order. Placed as short stories in this novel, he realizes by the end of the book that all of the odd or strange events of his childhood connect, from his mother's weird behavior, to his missing best friend and missing cat, to the sudden move when he was a child and his dead girlfriend-- all the events are connected by something mysterious, creepy, and more dangerous that he could've thought.

It's amazing, and I couldn't sleep for days-- evidence of a great horror book!


6 Underrated Books for the Avid Reader: Try a New Genre!

'A Long Long Sleep' by Anna Sheehan is largely based around the fairy tale 'Sleeping Beauty', but adds a slight thriller/sci-fi/mystery feel to it.

This story is about a girl who was placed in a age-preserving coma for decades by her parents, trying to fit into the modern world. Complete with twists to satisfy any appetite-- there's also a sequel!


6 Underrated Books for the Avid Reader: Try a New Genre!

I'm aware most people don't like to read classics, and most of the time, they're forced to read them because of school or something of the sort.

Well, for those that DO like classics (me) I would suggest 'A Little Princess', by Frances Hodgson Burnett, a heart-breaking story about a polite and kind girl who's thrown into an abusive cycle when she's forced to work as a maid in a rich boarding school she used to attend. Through all the hardships, she persists, and she's the kind of character that makes me feel embarrased about myself!

I hope you enjoyed this selection, and please list any other books you love from the genres mentioned!

Note: I'm aware that I didn't include all genres-- I don't read books from every genre, so I assumed that would be more difficult. Thank you for your consideration!



Most Helpful Guy

  • Geez, all your books are so girly. I have read penpal though, it was a good one. I don't like the first three genres.
    I like influential books, that has potential to change one's life. One that lives up to this standard , is "built to last" by Jim Collins.
    But not many people share the same interest xD

    • Ha, well I AM a girl-- I don't TRY to read girly books, but those are the ones that fit my interests.

      I don't really like most non-fiction (though there are some examples that are pretty good), but as long as you enjoy what you read, I don't think there's anything wrong with reading whatever the heck you want. :D

Most Helpful Girl

  • A nice list!! Will check them out.
    If you like unusual stories, you should check out the Fynian Fable series by Yalmact Swillirs. It's strange but I was completely gripped and loved it.


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  • Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy are my favorite genres, excellent Take :D

  • Great!

    Everyone needs to read a looooooooot more than they do. :)


What Girls Said 2

  • love books, and love this take~ thanks for the recommendations!

  • Is the last one a sad story or has a happy ending?

    • Well, I don't want to spoil completely, but it's a fairly happy ending, though the story doesn't have a 100% happy ending where everythign automatically falls into place. (for example, her father's still dead...)

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    • Nope, not that I remember! It's a fairly innocent book about childhood, haha!

    • Lol awesome I will check it out

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