The Difference Between Sims 3 and Sims 4

I'm sure you're all (and, yes, I mean allllll of you) wondering what is the difference!?! What could possibly make Sims 4 different than Sims 3 and why should I pay for Sims 4 if I already own Sims 3...

The Difference Between Sims 3 and Sims 4

Well...the main and only difference is...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

You will pay for the same things...same 'expansions', same 'new' abbilities, same 'new' potentials...

Everything is the same, you're just starting it all - all over again. Meaning you're not going to be able to swim, have toddlers, go on vacations or do anything specifically fun that you can do in Sims 3 with expansions installed.

You can, however, go to work with a Sim of a medical, police or science profession. That is...IF you buy the expansion for it.

You can go on 'vacation' on a camping grounds IF you buy that expansion...

Only thing that's a tad bit different, and it's purely aestetic, is that you can change your Sims' body in a bit more detail, and that's about it.

Graphics are a bit improved, but that's a given each time they 'reinvent' the game.

The prices are high, even after a few years of when the 'new' Sims 4 were released, and even on a discount...not positive they're worth it.

If you feel you'll still get a kick out of Sims 4, then so be it.

If you feel you're more than happy with the entire and complete set up of your current Sims 3, more power to ya!

IF, however, you feel you'd rather save your money for something actually a coat or a car...then I gotta say:

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  • The Sims 2 is still the best :D.


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  • I was expecting a list with this myTake. You know the major differences between the games? You said some, but you didn't hit the significance of the difference.
    1) TODDLERS. I read somewhere that they're not planning to add toddlers at all, or at least not anytime soon. The game has been out for two years and it still lacks a transition between a baby and a child. They've made hundreds and hundreds of updates to the game to tailor it to everyone's "liking," but they won't add the one thing people won't stop talking about.
    2) Expansion packs. The base game itself doesn't have much you can do. I messed around with it for a while and I got bored. Yet, they still release a bunch of expansion and stuff packs. Things that should just come with the base game, but they don't, so you have to pay at least 10 dollars for some extra stuff. Most of it doesn't seem worth buying.
    3) GRAPHICS. Of course they're improved. Sometimes when I'm looking for mods, I can't differentiate between Sims 3 and 4, but there is still a huge difference. You can now change every little detail about a Sim. You can drag them into a "perfect" shape or a hideous, unreal shape with weird body proportions. Some people get pretty crazy with Sim making. You can also replicate someone in real life perfectly.

    With the change in graphics comes a need for better computers, too... I don't know specifically how Sims 3 runs, but I know there can be compatibility issues with Sims 4 if you don't have a perfectly smooth computer with a ton of available ram. If I run Sims 4, my laptop overheats in under 10 minutes.

    Just felt the need to say those things.

    • And Sims 4 is faster but the worlds are a lot smaller.

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    • If you read my MyTake - yup, I mentioned all of those... (I didn't, however, know they'll never add toddlers. I mentioned there aren't toddlers now, though.)

    • I know you did. I still wanted to point out how important it is. I'm upset that we can't have toddlers.

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  • I don't know. I liked that you could do a bit more with Sims 3 (as far as creating a story), but it crashed on me too much and took extremely long to load. Sims 4 is faster and the sims look better, to me at least. And if I get bored on it, I do the challenges other users post. Just to keep it exciting.

  • I do like your friends gif I love friends.. ILL BE THERE FOR UUUUUU WHEN THE RAIN STARTS TO FALL... >.<

  • Sims 3 is better