10 Reasons Why Heavy Metal is Great, And Debunking Stereotypes

Metal often gets a bad reputation for being associated with Satanic worship, Aggression, Suicide, Satanism, Occult, and Depression.

But here are 10 reasons why metal can be positive and clear up some of those misconceptions.

10. Metal has classical influences and origins


During the early 1980's when rock music in general was evolving into Heavy metal guitar virtuosos such as Ygwie Malmsteen, Rhandy Rhoads and Van Halen took from Baroque Classical chordal progressions and modes, composers such as Bach and Mozart Heavily inspired 80s metal guitarists.

Much of Heavy Metal Chord progressions are based off the Aeolian Mode, Which is the natural minor scale commonly used in classical music.

9. It's a diverse genre

10 Reasons Why Heavy Metal is Great, And Debunking Stereotypes

When you think of rock or metal music in general, you think of generic rock music. But metal in general is a very diverse genre, unlike rock.

Metal spans from a wide range of sub-genres that use experimentation. From progressive rock like

Deep Purple, which mixes blues rock with jazz.

There's Folk metal, that mixes rock music with folk instruments and Celtic or Norse mythology.

There's Progressive metal that mixes rock music with Jazz, and there's technical metal that mixes jazz and classical; bands like Necrophagist mix classical music with metal.

8. Lyrically it's philosophical and creative

10 Reasons Why Heavy Metal is Great, And Debunking Stereotypes

Most generic death metal bands get a bad reputation for slasher gore lyrics, Satanism, Death, Occult, and anti-Christianity, and while that is certainly the case with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Slayer and Morbid angel, there are a lot of Bands out there that have very philosophical lyrics with deeper meaning, such as Meshuggah, whose lyrics deal with Philosophy, Afterlife, Buddhist concepts and Death. Nile's lyrics are about Middle eastern mythology and ancient history and ancient Egypt. Death's lyrics are about Philosophy and finding deeper meaning within life.

Then there's bands with anti-Islamic lyrics such as Seeds of Iblis, Janava, that have raised awareness for non-Muslims in Arab countries. They have raised awareness for women and gays within their Muslim countries, where it is illegal to be homosexual or speak out against misogyny or Islam, where all women must wear veils or being oppressed or killed by sunni muslim goverment.

Lyrically Metal is about freedom and embracing enlightenment and atheism, No restrictions or Gods to oppress you, Although there are many satanic themed and occult bands with negative lyrics, it can be positive too..

7. It can be an outlet for anger and aggression

10 Reasons Why Heavy Metal is Great, And Debunking Stereotypes

In life we all need an escape from life's hardship, and metal can be a positive way people can let out aggression and anger without hurting or harming anyone.

Self-harm and depression can be a serious issue, and this includes "wristslitting" which is a common trend in emos and core genres. Death a tragedy within life, which is a subject matter is not in popular music. The music can be a positive outlet to release pain and anger, instead of harming oneself or others, you can put your \\m// horns up and headbang.

6. Metal is about non-conforming and not caring what people think

10 Reasons Why Heavy Metal is Great, And Debunking Stereotypes

There are more important things in life than popularity and materialism; society is conditioned to follow the masses of people. Religion and politics brainwash the masses just as much as popular culture, fashion and the government control people.

To be called the "weird kids" or "metalheads" is a compliment to metalheads, who don't want to be brainwashed Illuminati puppets that worship celebrities, sexy women, fast cars, bling and lust over materialism and are just clones of society. Pop music and Hip Hop videos often feature over-sexualisation, clubbin' and banging the hoe in the club, sex, money, gangs and promote gang or ghetto lifestyles or criminals.

It's equal to say Both Pop/Hip Hop and Metal Both have negative aspects, so you can't draw a comparison.

5. It's technical and takes a lot of skill

To play fast and clearly, or keep a constant beat tempo of 200bpm is very hard too. Often Metal musicians are very talented and it takes a lot of skill to be able to sweep pick arpeggios across six strings or tap.

That and the vocal style of screams and growls or even melodic singing, takes a lot of effort to pull off; take Corey Taylor who uses screams and melodic singing. To be able to scream or exhale and growl perfectly, requires you to use your diaphragm and requires you to use your vocals chords.

Take this cover of Rihanna's Diamonds as an example:

Not only that, guitarists often study music theory and classical music and have to use alternate picking and runs across the whole neck, which is not easy.

4. Metal musicians often write their own material

10 Reasons Why Heavy Metal is Great, And Debunking Stereotypes

Unlike pop musicians who just steal of others works and sample beats, Metal musicians study music theory and write their riffs and songs, and it takes years to master a instrument.

3. Metal musicians can perform live


Unlike pop singers who have a manufactured auto-tuned voice and sampled beat, and lip-sync their live performances to the recordings of their digitally enhanced song, metal musicians can actually re-play and perform their set live just like the studio recording. Rock/Metal guitarists often aim to sound like studio recording when playing live.

2. Composition can be quite complex

10 Reasons Why Heavy Metal is Great, And Debunking Stereotypes

Metal often uses complex time signatures, unlike pop or rock music. Most pop music is in 4/4 common time, while metal makes use of unusual time signatures and experiments, time signatures such as 3/4 or 16/4. And because metal is diverse, it can mix with classical music and Jazz, and writing metal riffs can be technical and challenging, harmonizing and composition.

1. Metal is expressive and has no boundaries

10 Reasons Why Heavy Metal is Great, And Debunking Stereotypes

Metal is a niche genre and was always about experimentation and pushing the limits, with shocking lyrics and technical and fast solos and drum fills. Metal is always evolving, just now 8 string and Baritone guitars are especially used in Djent metal, which is technically very low pitch for standard tuning. Double bass drums allow fills to be fast and technical. Much of metal is in Rubato, a musical term for no time signature, as well as what most jazz is in.


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  • Music is about insanity not calm steady rythems, that's how Beethoven, Mozart and bahk music is

    The better music the deeper emotionally it feels and emotions is just a powerful thing , metal suits the state the music gives me

    The contrast between calm music and powerful feelings made me nervous and uncomfortable , I hate violin


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  • Actually I agree with some of this, metal actually isn't all that bad I listen to the heavy rock band SABATON and they sing about war, famous war units, battles, etc history basically, they're really good.


    Skillet is also a good one they kind of alternate between normal rock and hard rock.


    Not sure if Thousand Foot Krutch can be considered hard rock or not but I think they are, really great band.


  • Another reason to love metal.

    One of the few genres where they can actually perform. their music. live and not rely on tech to correct mistakes

  • You know, I LOVE all that metal is and stands for, but I seriously just don't like how it sounds. XD

  • I'll pass, bruh 👍

  • I started to listen to metal nearly 50 years ago. I aimed for the non conformity bands. I got into psychedelic hippie metal, Black Sabbath style of metal, Funk metal, Punk metal, Rap metal, Speed metal, Thrash metal, Grind core, Death metal. and combinations of the styles I just listed.


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