Top 10 Male K-Pop Idols I'm Totally in Love With

1. Seo In Guk

Solo singer and amazing actor, In Guk first got my attention as the lead male in the D rama Reply 1996. From his amazing acting skills to beautiful singing voice and silly charm I totally fell for him. And that cute little eye mole is to die for! πŸ’“

2. Hongki

What can I say? Lee HongKi actor and lead singer of FT Island, he is my number one kpop crush and I could talk about him for hours. I first became a fan when he was on We Got Married with actress Fujji Mina, and he decided to propose to her with a song. I totally fell in love with his romantic side and sweet voice. Not to mention he has a cute boyish charm with his sweet baby face and his goofy attitude. And I just love a man who even if it can cost him his job isn't afraid to stand up to his boss and fans who harass people he cares about

3. Ren

This beauty is none other than Nu'est gender bender Ren. His feminine looks got my attention with that gorgeous blonde hair and beautiful face. I mean he's more of a pretty girl than I'll ever be and I adore him for it lol

4. Nichkhun

Aw Nichkhun, what can I say about him? Originally I hated this hotty of 2pm, how could someone be so good looking, perfect and super nice? But as I started to like him more I realized he's just a sweet guy, from being a great virtual husband to Victoria on We Got Married to being nice and funny to everyone. And my God look at that body...I can't help but wanna touch πŸ™Š

5. L

Those amazing eyes come from Infinite's L. This group got my attention with the wonderful sad song " Paradise" with the sad and dramatic lyrics about death. L stood out to me as a innocent boy who understood the lyrics he was singing and made me feel the sadness in his eyes

6. Jackson

Cute and adorkable Wang Jackson of Got7. I first fell in love with this sweetie when he was a member of the show Roommate and and developed a cute little sibling relationship with fellow castrate Youngji. He's the ultimate sweetheart and gentlemen and even if he's younger than me this noona has a massive crush

7. Kim SooHyun

Solo singer and actor Soo Hyun not only acts amazing staring in one of my favorite dramas Dream High but he also sings like an angel! Those cute boyish charms you find in his smile and personality only add to his adorable appeal

8. Leeteuk

Not the cutest or sexiest idol but his family history is what drew me to him. The similarities to my childhood growing up just made me understand him. This SuperJunior member grew up with an abusive father who would beat him constantly and left him in fear even as an adult. And to add to that pain his father not only killed himself but Leeteuk's grandparents as well. And that similar history of abuse just makes me want to hold him and make the pain go away

9. JB

That smile belongs to Jackson's group mate and leader of Got7 JB. Also a star of Dream High 2 this little one got my heart pounding with his sweet and innocent boyish looks paired with an amazing singing voice and I've been fangirling ever since

10. Jaejoong

Again those eyes!! Member of JYJ he has stolen my heart with his lovely voice, and youthful face. Those piercing eyes just make me wanna know what he's feeling, and has my heart beating fast.


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  • They are very good looking guys.


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