My Review of Glasslock Containers

Given that Fathoms77 is looking for product reviews, I decide to make a product review on these glass containers. It may not fit under Entertainment & Arts, but I suppose it would fit under "Culinary Arts", which may be interpreted as a type of art.

I am making a product review of these Glasslock Containers. I recently bought them, and they were delivered to my door on Tuesday, 9/20/2016.

Glasslock does not pay me to endorse its products. I make these opinions out of my own free will.

The money used to purchase the product is from writing Featured/Promoted myTakes on GirlsAskGuys and accumulating $20 gift cards. Thanks, GirlsAskGuys!

My Review of Glasslock Containers

I already have a similar box, but that box has The Food Network logo on top of the lid. The other box looks very similar to the large blue box in this set, but the other box has a clear lid. The other box is not oven-safe; it says so on the lid. There is a bit of partially cracked area on that other box's lid, but the box still closes firmly and seals tightly. I love my old lunch box very much, but I can use some more boxes to store more food!


- Good value. This set had a limited-time-only reduced price on Amazon. At the time, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to buy these colored boxes or the bigger, clear set. The clear set was manufactured by the same company, Glasslock. It had four additional pieces (2 containers) and was sold at four dollars greater than this set's regular price. I left those two in my shopping list for weeks, until recently, I saw the discount and decided to buy this set.

- High ratings. These Glasslock containers have high ratings, even more so than the plastic Bento containers that are featured on YouTube meal prepping videos. I didn't want to buy plastic containers, because I already had saved a lot of them from regular grocery trips. I kept the glass jars, plastic bottles, yogurt containers, and the like, and reused them. Yogurt containers could be used for art projects or small snacks. So, in shopping for microwaveable food storage containers, I wanted something high-quality, durable, long-lasting, versatile, BPA-free, and suited for my needs. Ever since I learned about the health risks of plastic containers in microwaves, I vowed to myself that I would only put ceramic or glass containers in the microwave. Having more microwaveable glass bowls is one big reason why I bought this set.

- Bright-colored lids. I really like the bright-colored lids. They look so cute! I wonder how the factory has made them so brightly colored. The only thing that concerns me is the toxicity level of the colored plastics. Is the tinted plastic really safe? What material is used? But oh well, it's not like the food will touch the lids all the time.

- Versatility. The company says that the containers can be used in the conventional oven, microwave oven, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher. I typically put my old lunch box in the refrigerator for next day's lunch. Having more boxes of different sizes is good for more meal prepping, while saving space in the refrigerator. Hopefully, the leftovers will no longer have to be placed on open plates anymore, which can be somewhat unhygienic due to the accidental touching of the bottom of one plate on top of the food of another plate. Ew.


Dishwasher Problems. One reviewer said that s/he spotted a crack after putting it in the dishwasher. Another reviewer had a problem with cleaning the lid in the dishwasher. The problems seemed minimal to me, because I always wash by hand, with or without the dishwasher. I think washing dishes manually is a sign that I am turning into my Asian parents as I age. (Actually, I have never used the dishwasher in my life.)

Broken Glassware. Some reviewers who commented negatively about the product had broken glassware, but I suspect the broken glassware is due to negligence. The instructions explicitly say that the glassware cannot handle drastic changes in temperature. I have never had this problem with my old glass lunch box, because the lunch box would be sitting in my big purse bag at room temperature. These glass boxes look exactly like my old glass lunch box, so I don't think I will expect the same problems. I know a Chinese girl who carries a lunch box every day. Her lunch box looks exactly like my lunch box, but hers has some kind of Chinese character printed on top, so the manufacturer may be different. I don't think she ever has a problem either, because she always brings home-cooked food for lunch in the same lunch box and reheats it in the microwave.


Overall, I really like this product. I think they have a lot of potential for food storage and meal prepping. The containers would save a lot of space in my refrigerator and keep the refrigerator clean and organized. The colored lids may come in handy. I may color-code breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals this way. Who knows? I may even use these containers like how some people on YouTube use Bento containers to prepare ready-made meals for the week. The possibilities are limitless!


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What Guys Said 1

  • I didn't even realize that it was bad to microwave plastic 😱 I've known it, but it never clicked


What Girls Said 1

  • Very detailed reviews. Thanks for sharing. I agree with you that glass containers are better. But, as far as I know, not all plastic is toxic. I have a food container that bought on
    and it's made of PET material. It's non-toxic, lightweight and 100% recyclable.

    • Personally, it's not just the toxicity that I'm concerned about. I also want a good, long-lasting, sturdy container; and I think glass containers are strong and sturdy enough. Plastic may be too malleable.

    • in some ways glass containers are good (for microwave) but some of glass comes with plastic lids and it's much more heavy

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