Every Batman vs. Superman Fight Ever in Comics

So I hear fans argue about this all the time. I've heard many of them say stuff like "Batman always beats Superman" or "Batman can never beat Superman". So I decided to write a take on every fight that they've had while being as unbiased as possible. I'm usually not a fan of seeing them go at each other, but I figured a lot of people would be interested ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm probably gonna get asked why mind-control only counts in some cases, so let me clear that up:

If the losing character was under mind control, the fight is thrown out because you can reasonably argue that the character would have performed better in his right mind.

However, if the winning character was under mind control, the fight counts toward their win because defeating your opponent while you are not even thinking right is the equivalent of winning with a handicap.

Canon fights

These are all the fights that happened in the comics and are actually canon to any one of DC's continuities (including Pre-Flashpoint and Pre-Crisis stories).

1. JLA: Tower of Babel

Batman has always got contingency plans to take down the entire Justice League, which get stolen and used against the League. Superman is exposed to a special kryptonite that Batman's been experimenting with which turns his skin clear, forcing him to absorb solar radiation even faster than usual.

This comic does suggest that Batman can defeat Superman, but it wasn't him who defeated Superman in the comic.

Winner - Nobody

2. Batman: Hush

Batman lures a mind-controlled Superman into a lead-piping system filled with flammable gasses to incapacitate his X-Ray and heat vision. He then takes out a kryptonite ring and manages to get just a few hits before Catwoman distracts Superman, bringing him back to his senses.

Winner - Superman

A lot of fans consider this a win for Batman, but I fail to see it since he wasn't even close to winning. I'm giving this one to Superman for 3 reasons.

• Batman admits he would've broken his hand if he punched Superman harder.

• Batman says "I can't stop him, but I can stun him", which he does but Superman gets back up quickly.

• The fight ended when Superman was going to throw a car at him. Batman only survived since Catwoman saved his ass by distracting Superman.

3. Superman: Sacrifice

Superman is mind-controlled into thinking he's fighting Doomsday, but he just ends up nearly beating Batman to death. Batman only survives this because Wonder Woman shows up. This is where Batman ends up.

Superman even feels bad about hurting his own teammates.

Winner - Superman

4. Countdown To Final Crisis

Both of these characters are from completely different universes. They're just like the versions you know, except this Superman is evil and this Batman has no problem killing people. Batman did have a contingency plan but evil Superman punched his head off.

Winner - Superman

5. Justice League: Origin

Batman and Superman meet for the first time but Batman's been studying Superman from afar, which does no good. He uses up his entire utility belt but Superman just walks through it.

Winner - Superman

6. Batman: The Dark Knight (A Handful of Dust)

Batman gets Super-Strength from a modified version of Scarecrow's fear toxin and becomes hostile towards Superman. He gets a few hits but Superman knocks him out in one punch. Not counting this one because Batman wasn't in his right state.

Winner - Nobody

7. Batman: Endgame

The Joker infects the entire Justice League with a special toxin that pretty much turns them into the Joker. Batman prepares a super-suit called the Justice Buster, which is customized to utilize every Justice League member's weakness. Superman makes a building collapse on the suit, tears it apart, and flies with Batman high into the air before Batman spits a substance called kryptonite gum in his eyes.

A very impressive showing by Batman but I'm not giving this to anyone because

• The Joker toxin powers down everyone it's used on. So Superman wasn't at his 100%

• Superman was literally insane, negating any of his usual intelligence.

• Batman himself admitted that nobody won this fight.

Superman could have just dropped Batman when he spat the gum out. If he can see the Flash when he's moving faster than light, I'm sure he can see gum being spat at him.

Winner - Nobody

8. Batman/Superman: Endgame

Batman gains superpowers, has enhanced strength and agility controlled by nanotech, and his body is being controlled by 90 million gamers all across the world. Superman doesn't want to fight him and intentionally lets Batman win, so they could later team up to fight the real villain.

Winner - Nobody

9. Batman/Superman: Cross World

A younger and weaker Superman is from another universe is transported to Prime Earth and comes into conflict with an older and more experienced Batman. Batman has a kryptonite force-field as well a special armor, but Superman breaks through it and knocks Batman around, even though he was weakened. I'm not giving anyone this one since Batman was confused the entire time and didn't take this fight seriously. He thought this was the Superman from his universe.

Winner - Nobody

10. Batman/Superman Annual: Arena

They both get trapped on another world and are forced to fight in an arena. Batman uses kryptonite so his punches would actually work, but no one wins here since they weren't trying to defeat their opponents and only wanted to keep the fight going for as long as they could.

Winner - Nobody

11. Justice League: The Amazo Virus

Batman is infected with a virus that gives him superpowers but also puts his body under the virus's control. He can't manage to beat Superman, but he's also not in his right mind.

Winner - Nobody

Results for the canon fights:

Superman - 4 fights

Batman - 0 fights

No winner - 7 fights

Silver Age stuff

So DC did have plenty of comics during the silver age where they would make heroes fight each other. I don't really wanna spend time explaining what happened in all of these, but most of the results were pretty straightforward. Here's who won each fight:

1. Battle of the Superheroes - Nobody

2. The Bewitched Batman - Nobody

3. The Mirror Batman - Nobody

4. The Negative Superman - Superman

5. The Fued between Batman and Superman - Batman

6. The Caveman of Steel vs The Batman of 800,000 A.D. - Superman

7. The Saga of Batman vs. Superman - Nobody

8. The Court of No Hope! - Nobody

9. Superman And Batman - Nobody

10. Supermans's Perfect Crime - Superman

11. The Galactic Gamblers - Nobody

12. The Krypton Curse - Nobody

13. The Universe of Evil - Superman

14. Superman and Batman (Second fight) - Nobody

15. Superman and Batman (Third Fight) - Nobody

Results for the silver age:

Batman - 1 fight

Superman - 4 fights

No winner - 10 fights

Comics not canon

1. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Superman has been weakened by a nuke. Batman defeats him with the help of a super-suit and a kryptonite arrow, and a lot of other tech. Some fans don't count this as a win for Batman since he had help from Robin and Green Arrow, but Superman had more help than him since the entire US Army was backing him up. It's true that Superman was weakened, but he still had the ability to fly and walk straight. Batman started the fight with a damaged spine, so the odds were in Superman's favor.

Winner - Batman

However, I'm not counting Batman's victory in the next fight.

2. Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again

A sequel to The Dark Knight Returns, this fight basically had Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, and Atom against Superman... Basically an overkill. Also, this comic sucks!

Winner - Nobody

3. Superman Annual: Execution 2001

Superman starts killing people, stealing from governments, and dismantling the world's weapons. The president asked Batman for help. Superman defeats several Justice League members before Batman steps in with a super-suit and a kryptonite ring that Lex Luthor once used.

Winner - Batman

4. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

This one's kinda complicated... An evil Superman from the future shows up in the Batcave and slaps both Batman and current Superman around. This should be the perfect time for Batman to use one of his contingencies, but nope. Batman only survived another car being thrown at him because this Superman disappears back to the future at the right time.

Winner - Superman

5. Superman: Red Son

Batman lured Superman into a room filled with red sunlight and knocked the snot out of him. Superman only gets out of this because Wonder Woman saves him. Scared that Superman was going to lobotomize him and turn him into a robot, Batman ends up killing himself (Yeah it's a pretty weird story).

I'm not giving this to anyone though, because Superman didn't know red suns weaken him in this universe and everything about this plan came from Lex Luthor; not from Batman. We also don't know if the guy here was actually Bruce Wayne.

Winner - Nobody

6. Mythology: The Trust

Superman goes berserk because of mind-control and Batman manages to remove the mind-control while Superman didn't even realize he was there. This isn't exactly a fight since Superman wasn't even trying. This comic was more famous for the art style though. It looks pretty darn real for something originally drawn with a pencil.

Winner - Nobody

7. Superman/Batman: Smoke and Mirrors

Batman is possessed by Kryptonite Man, who wants to kill Superman. Superman managed to paralyze him and force the kryptonite out, even though Batman was glowing with kryptonite. No one wins here since Batman wasn't in control of his actions.

Winner - Nobody

8. Superman/Batman: Enemies Among Us

Same as the previous one, except Batman gets possessed by Blackrock this time. Batman gets powers and loses his brain, but Superman punches him back to normal.

Winner - Nobody

9. Lex Luthor: Man of Steel

Batman is convinced by Lex Luthor that Superman is evil, kinda like in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. He makes a plan and grabs some kryptonite, but Superman blows the kryptonite away, drops Batman in an alley, and stops his hand just before punching Batman's head off.

Winner - Superman

11. Justice

Batman and Alfred attack Superman and Captain Marvel while under control from microscopic mechanical worms. It's a long story, but there was kryptonite involved and it didn't end well.

Winner - Nobody

12. Superman/Batman: Torment

Superman gets mind-controlled on another planet and Batman goes to save him. It doesn't go well. Superman would have killed Batman if Bekka didn't arrive on time.

Winner - Superman

13. Superman/Batman: Super/Bat

Batman and Superman have swapped powers and the unbelievable strength has caused Batman to go mad with power in order to take over the world. He beats up Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern before a Superman without any powers lures him into a trap and gets Zatanna to switch their powers back. I'm not giving this to anyone since Zatanna technically defeated Batman but Superman did outsmart him.

Winner - Nobody

14. Superman/Batman: Nanopolis

They're both in a miniature universe and some nanobots have caused Superman to go insane. Batman knows that he can't do anything to defeat Superman but he does manage to turn him back to normal.

Winner - Nobody

15. Smallville Season Eleven: Detective

Yes. Smallville got a comic series after the show ended. One of Batman's investigations requires him to break a criminal out of jail. Superman confronts him to find that Batman already knows he's weak to red sun and has equipped his suit with weapons. It lets him hit Superman a few times but that's about it.

Winner - Superman

16. The New 52: Future's End

In the future where the DC universe is at war, Batman makes some questionable decisions which ticks off Superman. He flies straight to the Batcave, knocks Batman around, and completely destroys the place.

Winner - Superman

17. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Even though this happened in the video game, I'm counting it since the prequel comic is connected to it. The game developers pretty much said that this game would answer the question of who would win in a fight - Batman or Superman?

In an alternate universe, Superman becomes a dictator and recruits a number of other superheroes and supervillains to help him. Batman forms a resistance with the characters opposing him, but he needs to use technology created by Lex Luthor to pull parallel universe versions of himself and the rest of the Justice League to fight Superman's regime. It doesn't escalate well. Batman ends up going to the one man he believes is capable of defeating Superman in a fair fight.... Superman.... From a parallel universe.

Wtf am I supposed to get from that??? ಠ_ಠ Does it mean Batman wins the fight since he pulled over the other Superman (using someone else's technology btw)? Does it mean Superman wins because he's the only person capable of stopping himself?

Winner - Nobody

Results from comics not canon:

Superman - 5 fights

Batman - 2 fights

No winner - 9 fights


It seems like Superman has won more fights and there seems to be a huge difference between the numbers, but is that really a surprise? I personally love Batman, but he was originally written as a detective who fights crime. They only started showing him along with the rest of the DC characters much later. But the fact that a man with no powers whatsoever managed to defeat an alien who can move planets even 4 times is impressive. But as I said in the start of the take, I'm not a fan of seeing them both go at it. I like seeing them as bros... Or even better, as lovers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Overall results

Superman - 13 fights

Batman - 4 fights

No winner - 16 fights


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Most Helpful Guy

  • All batman needs is magic though.
    Why not use some sort of enchanted sword or something


Most Helpful Girl

  • Superman is by far my least favorite DC hero. Superman just gets knew powers whenever it's convenient for him. It's like playing a video game with someone who constantly uses cheat codes and hacks whenever they start losing. One moment Superman could be getting his ass kicked, and then the next moment he suddenly has the power to freeze time or something. Superman is just too powerful in my opinion. He only has one weakness and on numerous occasions his one weakness has failed to stop him. It's like Superman has a mild allergy to kryptonite. All of the other Justice League members have weaknesses. Martian Manhunter can't be near fire. The Flash has a super fast metabolism and needs to eat to keep his energy. Batman is literally just a human man without super powers. However, Superman somehow always miraculously overcomes his one weakness through sheer force of will or some random new super power.

    • They stopped giving him major powers a long time ago. The last time they did that was during the silver age.

      And he doesn't have "only one weakness". His weaknesses include kryptonite, magic, red sunlight, lack of yellow sunlight, lead, and a few more. But you don't even need any of these to hurt him since anyone strong enough can do it. Characters do it all the time with brute force.

      And you say Superman is overpowered but then mention Martian Manhunter? Manhunter has pretty much all of Superman's powers and many more, but he has less known weaknesses than Superman

    • Martian Manhunter does also have way too many powers. But Manhunter's weakness is so common and effective at stoping him. Even a cave man could light a fire. Starting a fire is something anyone can do. Kryptonite is a rare space rock that few people have.

    • Yes. But that's pretty much his only major weakness and it's more of a phobia, which he managed to get rid of with Batman's help. Superman has MUCH more weaknesses than him. Superman can still be hurt in a physical fight even without kryptonite (or any of his other weaknesses). Just hit him hard enough and he'll bleed. That won't work on Manhunter since the attack would just phase through him.

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What Guys Said 23

  • I love the ending. "Or even better, as lovers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) "
    Great take

  • There's never going to be a final clear winner, because they always have to keep making more of these type of products to "sell" to those that want to keep reading about the fights between these two characters. Besides having a clear absolute winner would piss off their fanbases.

    It's just like Freddy vs. Jason or Aliens vs. Predator. They never exactly have a final clear winner. And even they have things like interference instead of having the fight occur from beginning to end one vs one without anyone or anything else interrupting their battles and affect the outcome of their battles.

    When it comes to both of those two superhero characters, it's more believable by default that when and if the fight took place on Earth with a Yellow Sun the odds are in Superman's favor since Batman is still a mere mortal and would get killed if they both seriously gone up against each other, despite Batman being able to use Kryptonite, or have access to various powerful technology like special armor, equipment and weapons.

    And even then, there is no clear winner. Even in the movie Dawn Of Justice, neither of them clearly won. Superman could have killed Bruce quickly and easily ended the fight when it began, but he didn't. Bruce could have killed Superman after weakening him enough with Kryptonite and he also didn't, so once again, they left it as expected: "No Clear Winner."

    It's just marketing here. Just to sell something to the public that are interested in this type of duel between two very well known superhero characters.

    Just going by the overall results, you made your point:

    Superman won about 40% of all those fights
    Batman won about 12% of all those fights
    No clear winner in about 48% of all those fights

    • Yeah pretty much. They've also done this a lot of times with Hulk vs. Thor. They've had many fights but there's almost never a winner. They're fighting again in the next Thor movie but it won't be for long. The confirmed that it's going to be more of a buddy cop film.

  • The Fued between Batman and Superman is my favorite fight here, closely followed by Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.
    Batman is a very interesting character, while Superman was mostly overhyped during the golden age, but I'm sure Batman would be able to defeat him even then.
    Your conclusion is a bit controversial - to put it mildly. 🤔
    If we consider the facts... Batman has no superpowers, but he managed to beat Superman, several times, that is quite admirable.
    However, they are both good, therefore, they should be friends, but nothing else ✌🏾

    • Yeah I did say that towards the end. The fact that Batman managed to beat him multiple times is pretty impressive on it's own.

  • Although I don't dislike Superman, but as a character he wasn't made to lose barring the most exceptional circumstances. The only reason he ever loses is the 5% chance that the author will come up with a compelling story in which it really is possible for him to lose somehow, or the 95% chance that the author pulled the reason out of his ass.

    I mean, exposing Supes to kryptonite should never work - because there is no way anyone could bring the canister/dispenser/whatever and release it fast enough to not let Superman react in time. His reaction is the second fastest only to the Flash (whom also should NEVER be possible to surrpise in any way). The time it takes for the thumb to press the trigger would have been like hours of thinking and planning to Supes and the Flash.

    Batman in any of his suits is nothing to boast about either - in those fights Superman always holds back.

    And these stories about mind-controlled or [insert any different from the norm Superman] aren't notable because they're not the real characters that we know and love.

  • No mortal (and Batman is the closest) can defeat Superman. Maybe Flash... But Superman is an all powerful weapon who is ALWAYS holding back. When not holding back, he can destroy anything and everything he wishes. I love how Batfans always say that he would kill Superman. Yes, if he had a way to inject Superman secretly or without knowledge with Kryptonite or something, then he would definitely have a chance, but even then, because comics don't want Superman dead, they'll find a way for him to get out of it. But that is the only way that Superman would ever be defeated by a human Superhero like Batman. Batman may be one of if not the smartest Superhero in DC, but going up against Superman on pure strength and powers and all out death match? He'd get smeared all over Gotham, and I mean a messy, bloody, innards everywhere kind of smear. Or just vaporized.

  • No Soviet Batman beating the shit out of Russian Superman?


  • Great take, however like you, I really don't like to see these two characters fighting each other, and given the tally it just proves that they shouldn't be fighting.

  • Wtf? Lovers? Come on, they are superheroes, not perverts 😵
    The rest of the mytake is alright but still, kids are reading this 😩

  • I still believe that Batman will win here. He is holding back just like superman is and Superman in Smallville got beaten so many times by normal individual and enhanced who simply carried Kryptonite. If Batman is going all in without mercy, he would build a kryptonite armour, cape, sword, ring, boomerang, and possibly turn it to gaseous state and liquid state like they did in Smallville. That would be too boring to see now won't it?

    • Batman only holds back to avoid killing. Other than that, he's willing to do pretty much anything to defeat his opponent and is one of the most brutal fighters. He doesn't care even if it involves incapacitating them for life. Superman avoids hurting people in any way though. And there was a time when Batman did fight with intent to kill and even had a contingency, but Superman still got him first.

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    • And also they didn't give a crap about who dies or not except for the main characters ofc

  • Superman has actual super powers. Bruce is nothing without his technology. Get them in a simple arm wrestling contest, and Superman could quite easily break Bruce's arm off.

    Also, I think Superman defines the word "superhero"!
    (And no, I'm not saying this because of the fact that he kicks Batman's butt. lol)

  • From what I remember of the dark knight returns (not much prefer marvel tbh) I thought it was a fairly even conclusion I mean batman basically passed out at the end.

    • He actually planned that. He used a pill that decreases his heart rate at one beat a minute, pretty much faking his death.

    • shit yeah I remember that now, Clark saw through it anyway. I still think superman could have won that fight and should have.

    • Yeah he had many chances but didn't do anything about it.

  • The winner in the dark Knight returns was Green Arrow

    Let's be real here.

    And THANK GOD you didn't put the Bvas movie, or at least I think youdidnt, I'm a little tired and scrolled theough,

    • Lol that is true.

      And yeah I thought of putting stuff outside of comics but decided not to since I knew I was gonna miss something

  • Both of them are as adept as the writers feel like making them.

    It's why sometimes Metallo is played off as a joke, and other times he's a legitimate threat, when you'd think he'd be the latter in most circumstances.

  • Really enjoyable take - Great read

  • Your talents are wasted here. Bravo.

    • This was superb. All your superhero stuff is. The amount of research and insight you provide in these takes is amazing. You should be getting paid for this and getting more exposure.

    • Oh okay lol. Thanks :)

      Well I actually develop video games. Comics are something I do for a hobby

  • I never understood this. Why do they fight achieve other?

  • Don't care who you are. If you consider the silver age canon, you have a mental disorder.

  • Well, for a simple human to beat someone who can move faster than light and move planets, 4 wins is plenty.

  • At the end batman will win because he's fucking batman

  • Great Take I mean Its so long...

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What Girls Said 11

  • Batman won in the movie, that's the most important fact in my eyes.
    Err, I know most superheroes wear tights or leggings, but Batman and Superman are not homos, they both have girlfriend (s), so they can't be lovers, I believe most of their fans would be offended.

  • Wait what? As lovers 😳
    To be honest I'd like them better being bros. one can fight at night while the other one fights in the mornings 😅

  • That's interesting. It's cool how you broke everything down and had tallies at the end to summarize. Nice job. :) I learned a few things today, haha.

  • Where do you go for your comics, ffs, I can't even find half the ones I want in comic stores anymore.

    Logically speaking, superman should win.
    But I dont even fuqs with this particular argument cuz people still be like
    "Batman could win, with enough

    😨 like what.

    • Lol it's usually at https://readcomiconline.to/ but I do know a few other ones.

    • I'm not denying that Batman can win though, since he has won before. It's true that Superman has won many more times, but the fact that Batman even won 4 times is impressive considering he's just human. But yeah some of his fans can be annoying.

    • Lol ty ty, wish I'd had this before I went ham on Amazon. Hawkeye was worth it though.

      And yeah, no, I agree, you're right batman can beat superman sometimes. But like, only with prep. If batman and superman were to just start brawling, like, Bruh. Unless batman just keeps kryptonite on him. Atomized kryptonite field. A goddamn fairy circle.

  • Lmfao!!! I like the way you think Clar ;)

  • Ironically, if they were fighting on the planet Krypton, Batman would have won every time ;)

    • If he can survive in the environment, yes he would :P

    • Show All
    • The problem is inconsistency in explaining Kryptonian superopowers on Earth. Some people say their powers are given by solar radiation of yellow stars, others say it's because of Kryptonian cellular structure, which is more dense, resilient and biologically more effective than human tissue, due to evolution in hard conditions of Krypton's gravity (but that wouldn't require them to absorb energy of Sun to be stronger, yet they are no stronger than humans when situated on Krypton, and lack any power).

    • Yeah that's true, but your point still stands. If Superman didn't have any of his powers, Batman would kick his ass

  • Meh, I was cheering for Batman :(

  • good job,

  • Alright, I get the point, but the last picture is confusing, you want Batman to be raped by Superman or what? That's disturbing 😕

  • I killed them both :P

  • Sorry Superman, but Batman is my ideal type of man