Random Facts and Unpopular Opinions About Live Action Superhero Movies

I've written already written many takes about comics, so I thought I would write one about the live action films now. As the title suggests, this is going to have both facts and opinions inb4 someone comments saying "That's just your opinion". I'm aware that other people feel differently, and that's perfectly fine.

Scarlet Johansson isn't a good Black Widow.

I'm not hating on her acting skills since she's a good actress and I loved her in some of her other movies. I just don't think she's the best choice for the role of Black Widow. I was a little disappointed that she couldn't pull off a Russian accent, but that doesn't bother me as much. She just doesn't seem like a deadly assassin to me. I do think she did a good job portraying a spy and a double agent, but not an assassin.

Apparently, Marvel's first choice for the role was Emily Blunt, but she turned it down. I do think she would have been better but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hugh Jackman is too tall to play Wolverine.

I already mentioned this in my Wolverine take, but thought I'd share it here too.

Now this doesn't really bother me, but I just thought I'd point it out. It's hard to imagine someone else playing the role.

Chris Hemsworth is still too small to play Thor.

He actually did bulk up a lot for the role and apparently they had to make a new outfit for him since the old one didn't fit. He's 6'3" and 201 lbs, but he's still not like comic book Thor. I'll just post a screenshot from Marvel's website.

His weight might surprise a lot of people since he doesn't look that heavy even in the comics. One of the reasons he weighs that much is because his skin, muscle, and bone tissues are several times more dense than that of a human being. This is also one reason why bullets and sharp objects usually don't hurt him. That being said, I don't expect him to actually weigh 640 lbs, but they still could have made him look more muscular.

He did seem really big in Thor since he towered over almost everyone in the movie. This didn't seem to be the case in The Avengers though, since he was alongside Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson. He was still the tallest among the entire cast, but he didn't look like someone who could bend steel with his bare hands.

Christian Bale's performance as Batman was mediocre.

I did enjoy the trilogy and The Dark Knight is arguably my favorite superhero movie, but very little of it had to do with his performance. It was good because of the script and the villains. I did like the majority of the cast, but he was just average. He did make a good Bruce Wayne but not a good Batman. One of the reasons was his facial expressions. His expression for the entire trilogy was something like this.

I do think he has the serious look for the role of Batman, but it doesn't make sense to have that expression pretty much all the time. The same applies to his voice tone too. It was just hard to say what he was feeling and he did a bad job at showing his emotions.

I feel the opposite about Ben Affleck though. He had the best live action performance till now but his character was written terribly and wasn't in the least bit likable. He would have been my favorite live action Batman if the writers did a better job. Right now it's Michael Keaton, but my favorite Batman is Kevin Conroy.

Flash Thompson is now Deathstroke.

Yes, I'm talking about Joe Manganiello. He played Peter Parker's bully, Flash Thompson, in the 2002 Spider-Man film.

He's been cast as Deathstroke in the DCEU. He might be playing the role either in Suicide Squad 2 or the Batman solo film.

Green Goblin is now Vulko (and sadly not Joker).

William Dafoe is a pretty well-known actor and people really liked him as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin. He's confirmed to play Vulko in the DCEU. For those of you that don't know who Vulko is, he's been an on-again-off-again confederate of Aquaman in the comics.

I'm surprised he hasn't been the Joker though. I think he would be perfect for the role. He has the look and talent for it. He represents the exact, insanely crazy Joker I've always imagined.

J Jonah Jameson is now Commissioner Gordon.

You heard that right. J. K. Simmons is playing Commissioner Gordon in the Justice League movie.

Batman is now Vulture.

It was confirmed a long time ago that Micheal Keaton would have a major role in Spider-Man: Homecoming. There were rumors that he would be the villain and also that the primary villain in this movie will be Vulture. These rumors have been confirmed now. For those who don't know who Vulture is, he was the second supervillain that Spider-Man ever fought.

Iron Man's Hulkbuster suit in Avengers: Age of Ultron was named after a character in one of my old profile pictures.

That might be confusing to understand by reading just that, so let me explain it. In the movie, Tony says "I'm calling Veronica" right before bringing out his armor to take on the Hulk.

This is a reference to Veronica Lodge from the Archie Comics. I loved reading them as a kid and they were among the first comics I've read (which ironically isn't about superheroes but more of a teen comedy). The series is usually about a love triangle between the characters Archie, Betty, and Veronica. If you're a fan of Hulk, you probably know that he's in love with the character Betty Ross. I'm just going to quote Joss Whedon directly to explain the rest.

You know, I just decided to call it Veronica because he used to be in love with a girl named Betty. And Veronica is the opposite of that.

Veronica used to look like this for the majority of the series.

That's the look I'm more used to. However, they rebooted the series last year and gave her (along with many other characters) a new character design.

A lot of people have been asking me who that was in my profile picture, so there's the answer. If you wanna know who the one in my current pic is, that's Betty; Archie's other love interest.

Jared Leto isn't the most attractive Joker. Heath Ledger looked so much hotter (even with his Joker makeup).

I've been hearing so many people say that Leto's Joker is the most attractive but I don't see it. Heath Ledger is gorgeous though. Just look at that face.

I can't really comment on Leto's performance though, since I haven't seen Suicide Squad yet. But from what I heard, he hardly got any screen-time and his relationship with Harley Quinn is actually romantic (which is just wrong on so many levels).

It's good that Captain America: Civil War didn't follow the comics.

There are a bunch of reasons I feel this way but it all boils down to this: Tony was a dick.

I was actually Team Iron Man in the start of the Civil War comics since I agreed with him only because of the situation they were in, but he was just very out of character. A lot of villains used the Superhero Registration Act as a get-out-of-jail card and he even let them do it. He also started hiring villains to fight for him and hunted down anyone who opposed the act. I was able to look past all of that but I ended up switching sides after the "Thor" incident. I knew he had gone too far. I lost respect for both Tony and Reed. The only pro-registration character that I agreed with was Deadpool, and his reason was "It's for people like me!" (although I wouldn't be surprised if Tony was paying him).

Thor himself was pissed when he found out after the war what really happened and gave Tony the beating he deserved.

Now I was Team Cap in the movie, but I could see where Iron Man was coming from and even felt sad for him towards the end. The movie did a much better job showing both the sides. There were a few things that I do think that they should have taken from the comics though, like more characters besides the Avengers. I could see why they chose not to do that though, especially since Marvel doesn't have the movie rights to all the characters.

This is probably another unpopular opinion, but I was disappointed with Spider-Man in the movie. He had a much bigger role in the comics but only made an appearance for one fight in the movie. I don't think the movie was perfect and it definitely did have its flaws, but I still enjoyed it.

Jason Momoa should play Lobo rather than Aquaman.

I haven't seen him as Aquaman besides a cameo, so I can't really form an opinion yet. He does fit the look of Lobo more though. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Captain America and Bucky are the only characters in the MCU who are stronger than their comic-book counterparts.

A common complaint I hear among Marvel fans is that many of their characters are portrayed as less powerful in the live action movies. This is actually true for characters like Thor, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, and Ultron. However, Captain America is actually stronger in the MCU.

For those of you that haven't read comic or didn't know about this, he does not have superhuman strength in the comics. Marvel's official handbook describes him as peak human. Here's a scan directly from it.

He definitely can't toss motorcycles or stop helicopters from moving in the comics.

Warner Bros. should stop trying to make all DC films "dark and edgy".

That was my biggest problem with Man of Steel. We got a Superman that rarely ever smiles, which is very unlike him. He seemed more like Batman with powers to me. I thought that would change in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but nope. It seems to me like they're trying to make all their characters like Batman. I love Batman too but I'd really like for them to focus on other characters.

Let's not forget that even Arrow is a Batman rip-off since they can't have a Batman show. Even many of the villains are Batman villains.

Kilgrave is the best villain in the MCU yet.

I do think Loki is a close second but even he doesn't come close to Kilgrave. Kilgrave seems more evil and I got a more scary vibe from him. For those of you that haven't watched Jessica Jones, Kilgrave is the primary villain in the first season.

He's called Purple Man in the comics and is played by David Tenant, who is one of my favorite actors. I loved him as the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who, so it was weird seeing him as a villain.


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  • DC really hurt themself when they made the batman v superman film it was a net loss


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  • I've never heard of that Vulko guy, most of the Aquaman villains are yet unknown to me, I know only about Fisherman, Black Manta, King Shark and Ocean Master.
    Funny story about Hulk and Betty/Veronica :)
    Hugh might be too tall, but I liked him as Wolverine.
    No info about the new Doctor Strange?

    • I don't know much about the movie that most fans already don't. I'm going to watch the movie today though, and don't want to spoil

    • So I actually added 2 more to the take.

    • I can't wait to see the movie too.

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What Guys Said 22

  • 1) Scarlett is super hot, but yeah, they should have asked the directors/hirers for James Bond films for a good Black Widow. They should have used Emily Blunt, she's awesome!
    2) Yes. I was checking this out and maybe Daniel Radcliffe might work. He kind of looks the part when he's scruffy and he's a pretty good actor. But he's a bit too young.
    3) Almost impossible to find someone that size and those Thor looks to act good (640lbs of muscle)
    4) The voice was the problem for Christian, but he wasn't that bad of acting. I still like Keaton's Batman, even though he was short for the roll.
    5) William Dafoe is the most insane character in Hollywood. He would be a great Joker. But to overcome Heath's legendary portrayal will need a different type of Joker. One like the tried and true ones from the older comics that was more of a crazy clown than a lunatic per say. I liked those best. More like the Jack Nicholson type.
    6) He will always be J Jonah Jameson
    7) Veronica will always be the bratty bitchy hottie to me. Archie had it good! He had the naughty, sexy, brunette and the girly country daisy type.
    8) I think Captain could life a motorcycle, depending on the weight of the ride, some only go up to 700lbs, and it was more of a crotch rocket he seemed to be riding in the pics. Yeah and I was simply amazed when he was holding the helicopter. I was like, CAP? Nahhhhhhh...
    9) Fucking Kilgrave (David Tenant) WAS AWESOME!!! I loved hating him so much. I hope they hurry up with Jessica Jones 2.

  • Agreed about Black Widow. Emily Blunt is a fantastic actress. And she can definitely elevate mediocre scripting too lol (which was needed for some of Black Widow's lines in the MCU movies xD ): you can see this in a movie like "The Huntsman: Winter's War", which had a mediocre script, but Blunt's acting really made her scenes come off a lot better than they had any right to do, hahaha.

    I could see why she was Marvel Studios' first choice. From what I read, I think it was even reported that Emily Blunt had a convincing Russian accent in her auditions (?) too.

    And another point (which I know that the majority of the population doesn't agree with), but Emily Blunt is just simply way more attractive to me than Scarlett Johansson is, whose appeal I never got to be honest.

    The Black Widow casting was a missed opportunity for the MCU, in my opinion, considering how often the character has appeared in these movies. All the other main actors fit their characters to me except for Black Widow, and it always bugs me a little. xD

    • Oh and apparently what happened --- that cause Marvel Studios to have to go to their second choice --- is that Blunt was tied down by contractual obligations to make a movie for Fox Studios at the time. So she was busy with... Jack Black's "Gulliver's Travels". =/ Yeah.


      The MCU didn't want to wait, of course, so they went with Johansson.

    • Ah, so that's the reason! Well, at least the majority of Marvel's casting decisions have been good.

  • Nice take, I would have to say I really, really, REALLY liked Heath Ledger as the Joker, to be sure he wasn't quite as funny as Jack Nicholson, but I felt he had a darker edgier and ultimately more realistic style. Like you have enjoyed many of the Avenger series and the special effects are almost always very nice. I must say though the one little clip of Captain American throwing the motorcycle while impressive was just a bit over the top for me. I get it that he is strong (a good thing), but I just don't see that he would have the needed mass to make that happen, the Hulk could do it because well he's the Hulk, and I could even see Thor doing it too because of his density. No don't get me wrong I'm not hating on Captain America at all, and Chris Evans does a wonderful job with it, just saying that particular stunt was a bit too much.

  • Another great Take, what can I say, good work...
    Personally, I don't care about Joker's "hotness", Jack Nicholson was the best Joker of all times, just like Michael Keaton was the best Batman... that's why I completely agree - Christian Bale's performance as Batman was mediocre.
    Scarlet Johansson wasn't perfect as Black Widow, but she looks hot, so I can't complain.
    Another thing in which I agree... Jason Momoa was utterly wrong choice for the role of Aquaman.
    I was hoping to see some more new facts about Wonder Woman, but I can wait a bit longer :D

  • I've run into these issues myself just finding models for my own OCs.

    - Lee Loo La is actually two inches shorter than Candi Flippo (5'2" vs. 5'4",) and needs artificial tanning and digital eye shape alteration to truly look the part. (The rest of her looks perfect for the role.) Nanada Soebagio still portrays a better Miriam, though her legs are too long.

    - Mihaela Voicu is not the same age as Lemon Witch, and would probably need voice coaching to sound the part, so her native Romanian doesn't shine through if portraying someone from Delaware.

    - Susan Coffey's personality in real life is almost the opposite of Anita Hallot.

    - Likewise, Patrycja Dorynek is not likely to be building Strawberry Pilltar droids any time soon in real life. But she can show you a hundred unique ways to paint your nails.

    - Newer designs and ideas for appearance for Chris "Purge-Flare" Kennal have opened up, since original actor Chris Wilson has now pretty much abandoned the part forever. (With his involvement now with BET and VH1, it's not like he needs it.) Which may be a good thing: Kennal has a lot fewer tattoos than Wilson. And trying to get the real Chris to cover up all those tattoos would be time-consuming. So if a future BoW remake/reboot film is ever made, recasting is the logical choice.

    It's similar to why, whenever Power Rangers has JDF make a guest appearance, he's always so modestly-dressed: because Saban doesn't want to spend extra money to cover up all his MMA fighter tattoos. That's also why Disney for PRDT was always having weird things happen to him, and also made him a professor: so he'd never have to be seen in a tank top with all those family-unfriendly tattoos. Somehow, Tommy with tats is a no-no. Ruins the "clean" image.

    Speaking of Power Rangers, I might do a take like this one of yours here after the new Power Rangers reboot film is released. I'm sure some already have opinions about the new cast. I want to see them in the actual film, before I reach a verdict.

    Sandi Sellner (Alpha 5) has already voiced approval of Bill Hader taking over her old role. And many are already overjoyed that Bryan Cranston is playing Zordon. From Walter White to floating wizard head: What can't the man do?

  • Nothing on The Punisher on this take. But what are your thoughts on those live action Punisher movies? I know he's not exactly a "super" hero since he does not have superhuman capabilities, and he's an anti-hero. But some characters you mentioned on this list aren't exactly superheroes either.

    • I haven't seen Ray Stevenson's version so I can't comment on that, but I liked Thomas Jane more than Dolph Lundgren. But I think all of the movies could have been better. I liked the Punisher in Netflix's Daredevil season 2. I'm hoping he gets his own series.

    • In Punisher War Zone, they borrowed various elements from Garth Ennis's Marvel MAX version of the character as well as some plot similarities. The 2004 version is based on "Welcome Back, Frank" series of comics.

  • I can definitely agree with you on Christian Bale being a horrible Batman/Bruce Wayne in the The Dark Knight Trilogy. He overacted his deep Batman voice (hence why a lot of people make fun of him for it) and the only reason why the The Dark Knight was such a beloved movie, especially among people who aren't comic book readers, is because of Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker (he pretty much stole the movie) and even then, Ledger's Joker still wasn't quite true to Joker's character in the comic books (Jack Nicholson's Joker from the Tim Burton's Batman movie, actually came closer to the comic book Joker). Don't get me wrong, Ledger's version of the Joker (which is supposedly a more realistic take on him) wasn't bad, just not quite true to the comics.

    I honestly never understood the hype with The Dark Knight movie. Ledger was the only great thing about the movie. As for everything else, it wasn't that good, thus making The Dark Knight in my opinion, the most overrated live-action comic book superhero movie of all time.

    • Well I personally did enjoy the movie. I know it wasn't accurate to the comics, but that's also not what they were going for. They wanted to make it seem more realistic so it would appeal to a larger audience rather than just comic book fans. People were only just getting into the superhero genre. Same goes for Ledger's Joker.

  • I though Scarlet Johansen made a good black widow though there were a few scenes in the original Avengers were she's running around shooting two pistols at invading aliens that made me cringe then in age of ultron she was fighting killer robots with her bare hands when she has zero powers but thats a writers fault.
    Im glad im not the only one who thought Bale was a mediocre Batman, but then I thought the three Bale movies were very badly written, produced and directed. I thought his Bruce Wayne was too much like Patrick Bateman. Affleck was so amazingly good as Batman and convincing as Bruce Wayne I was shocked at how good but u thought the reason Daredevil tanked was because of the script and producer not Affleck.
    William Defoe should be the next Goblin as the Goblin in the Amazing Spiderman2 was terrible. Glad to hear Keaton is working he was always a favourite actor. Hemsworth looks the part and plays thor well for the record.
    Cap and Bucky aren't the only ones whos power levels are different Thor is way weaker as is the Hulk, Iron man should not be able to go toe to toe with Thor and the Veronica hulkbuster suit should not be able to take the Hulk down.

    • Yeah I mentioned the last bit in the take. I didn't say they're the only ones whose power levels are different. Just that they're the only ones who are stronger. I even said that Thor, Hulk, and Scarlet Witch are a lot weaker.

  • Every time I see Lobo...


    Or is it every time I see the Dragula video?

    I agree, Team Iron Man had a much better case in the movie.

    And FWIW, I always pictured Betty Cooper looking like this:


    So Archie was a fool to chase after Ronnie IMHO. I am yet to be convinced by the new character designs.

    • Yeah I always liked him with Betty more than Veronica. I feel kinda mixed about the new design, especially Archie's https://i.imgur.com/p1IMyup.jpg

      They actually made him attractive, which kinda bothers me. He's never been "hot" before. I always knew him as the boy next door.

      That looks a lot like Betty by the way

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    • Did you see the little Jinx reboot? I haven't read all of it but it's meant to be a really good story, even if they've made her a teen.

    • No I haven't. I'll check it out :)

  • As much as I love Nolan for his film maling, he SUCKS at choreographing fist fights.

    I hated batfleck, but at least we saw the ninja and not a brawler.

    Everything else I agree with. I think Scarlet Jo is overrated anyways. They should do to deathstroke what they did with darth vader: someone else to voice him, and a stunt guy to do the acting. I'm thinking Ron Pearlman voices him, but another guy just wears the suit for all the stunts.

    Willem Defoe would be the greatest joker ever. Thre trailers fir Aquaman make him look barbaric and brutish rather than noble and king like. It's Synders way of messing things up.

    Though I can't believe you're not upset about them not casting the TV show flash and keeping the universes separate. Some Flash and Arrow cast members hate Zach Snyders guts for not including then

    • I agree with that. Nolan's fight scenes were meh and even the fight with Bane was disappointing. They should get Snyder out but keep him for the action sequences. That was the good part about both MoS and BvS.

      And I heard that the DCEU pretty much killed Arrow. Deadshot and other characters were supposed to appear but they bailed on that since they were in Suicide Squad instead. But Arrow is pretty much a Batman rip-off since they can't have a Batman show. They really could do with a shared universe

    • Show All
    • I haven't seen Supergirl yet but I've heard bad stuff about it. Is it good?

    • It's cheasy, but it's decent. I binged on it. The season 2 premier which had superman was amazing. Give. it a. shot, and if you don't like it, oh well lol

  • As someone who actually can speak Russian, watching Scarlet speak it was the biggest cringe that took me out of the movie. I dunno if you know it yourself, but to anyone who was wondering, she sounded fucking horrible.

  • "Scarlet Johansson isn't a good Black Widow"

    About time somebody said it. :)

    But if Chris Hemsworth isn't muscular enough to play Thor, I don't know who is! He'd have to be all CGI or played by Mr Universe, neither of which would serve the character very well.

  • On the last point, to be fair a motorcycle can be as light as 300 something lbs.

    Jason Momoa as Lobo would be fucking awesome.

    Wow Willem Defoe would make one creepy ass Joker.

    And thank you for also hating Christian Bale's Batman. I always felt out on an island about that.

  • What's the matter with people? Scarlet was hot as the Black Widow, who could replace her? I don't see any other candidates...

  • I agree with you on the Aquaman part. Really, as of lately DC has just killed their core characters.
    Wonder Woman participates in a war.
    Batman is a complete dumbass with more brawn than brain.
    Aquaman acts like he's going to murder someone any second.
    Superman going around snapping people's necks like it's nobody's business.

    • I agree. The biggest disappointment for me though, was Lex Luthor. Apparently they had considered Bryan Cranston (the guy who played Walter White from Breaking Bad) for the role but instead decided to go with an awkward teenager. I have no idea what they were thinking.

      And Green Lantern and Manhunter aren't going to be in the JL film and Diana can't fly in this universe, so I guess Superman is the only one who will be able to fly.

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    • I think Cyborg is in the movie. Pretty sure I saw him in the trailer (although he didn't look the way I want him too)

      And I'm not sure. They said that she won't be flying in the movies. She might have her invisible jet but I'm not sure.

    • I just hope they redeem themselves at some point soon.

  • I never even got why Tony was the one who wanted the registration I don't read cap or iron man titles but I thought cap was meant to be like the boy scout out fighting for the government working with shield and following the rules.

    • Yeah Cap is usually patriotic but he believes that people's freedom is the most important and everyone should be able to make the same choices. Iron Man had a bunch of reasons why he supported the registration.

  • As usual your attention to detail is impressive

  • This was dope. What a nice read. My fav part was the flash Thompson being deathstroke. And the last part

  • You know what spider man said?

    "That thing doesn't obey the laws of physics at all"

    Well you see, there's a lot of things you're gonna complain about if you pick on petty things like these

  • I don't think you can blame Hemsworth for not weighing 600 pounds, I guess they could've made him look bulkier though.


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What Girls Said 11

  • Hell yeah, I could have played Black Widow better than Scarlet, my Russian accent is perfect :P
    Still, I think Jared Leto <3 is way hotter than Heath Ledger.

    • That Japanese robot, Mark 1, with enough improvements, could probably replace the need for ScarJo to actually show up on set at all. Just dress that thing up as Black Widow, program it what to say, and voila! (I expect viewers would be totally creeped out by that though.)

  • What's the most ridiculous is that Thor actor should be 300kg?

    No person in the world can look just buff at that weight - no matter the height. It would be a morbidly obese person. o. O

    • Of course he shouldn't be that heavy. As I said, one of the reasons he weighs that much in the comics is because his skin and bones are more dense. They still could have made him look more muscular though.

    • Show All
    • More than that. He's a naval officer, an excellent cook, and has spoken out against bullying a lot of times since he was bullied too as a kid (Yes he wasn't always considered such a heartthrob).

    • (But he's not an actor. See the problem?) If he had the skill then awesome, but obviously no one wanted to risk it. It's not even about talent - a lot of the time it's also about popularity, and back then, as you said, he wasn't that famous, while Chris was... So that helped the movie.

  • Interesting opinions. I don't know the comics enough to have a preconceived notion of what they should look like. But I do really like that Chris Henswirth as Thor😜

    • Oh I like him too, especially his Thor voice. But I was just trying to point that out.

  • Yeah I agree, Momoa totally looks more like Lobo, not like Aquaman. By the way, I was team Iron Man too.

  • Haha my brother told me that Jared Leto wasn't that good Joker as Heath exactly today, tbh I still like Jared Leto, he has his own charm.

  • Love this! Jason Momoa as lobo instead of aquamn is a great idea

  • bravo

  • The Thor one is pretty nitpicky.

  • I'm excited to see Michael Keaton as the Vulture (if the information is correct), intriguing facts.

  • Love this! Cap is still mine though ;)

  • Unpopular opinions? Maybe, but some of them are pretty much true :P