Dear AAA Game Developers: PC Ports Should Never Be Released With Awful Frame-Rates

Dear AAA Game Developers: PC Ports Should Never Be Released With Awful Frame-Rates

This has been bugging me for some time but the last straw came on Friday. Now for reasons that probably include the fact that a lot of people get the day off as its a federal holiday, and the fact that the holiday season starts soon after; Triple-A game developers often release big titles on Veterans Day.

To be honest I'd been hoping for a Dishonored 2 ever since I finished Dishonored 1.

Now after having the house cleaned and running to the store and all that because my siblings and I do that on veterans day because our parents served. I was finally able to load up Dishonored 2.


Dear AAA Game Developers: PC Ports Should Never Be Released With Awful Frame-Rates

The first Dishonored had 'merely' a twenty five million dollar budget; this is on the smaller end of AAA budgets. Now after the runaway success of the game. it can be assumed that the budget of Dishonored 2 is probably at LEAST 35 million dollars. So why, with a budget that big does the PC port have framerate issues that make it borderline unplayable?

This is not an isolated case in recent years. Mafia 3 released last month, Deus Ex Mankind Divided and lets not forget the gigantic clusterfuck that was Batman Arkham Knight. All games that everyone knew were going to be in demand. All games that had budgets well over 30 million dollars.

Now by all accounts, these games, Dishonored 2 included, are supposed to be AMAZING, according to people who have actually them properly playable, like the console players and the handful of very very lucky PC gamers. Which makes it worse, as we are having to wait more time for you devs to fix your shit with patches while console players have the time of their lives.

The Xbox One runs a primitive version of WINDOWS FUCKING 10 THE SAME OS I'M USING ON MY COMPUTER AND IT RUNS GREAT ON THE XBOX ONE. The fact is that while yeah, some issues are expected day one, you don't expect the game to be basically unplayable when they had a budget thats in the tens of millions of dollars. THIS ISN'T FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE PEOPLE, DO YOUR FREAKING JOB, I PAY SIXTY BUCKS FOR A GAME AND I EXPECT IT TO WORK.

Seriously, you should really remember what happened with aliens colonial marines.

Dear AAA Game Developers: PC Ports Should Never Be Released With Awful Frame-Rates

Seriously, I know that you are working on a patch, but one has to suspect that when its this bad, you probably had been working on the patch at least a couple of weeks before release.

Now go fix what you made and give me a playable game. I'm looking forward to that.


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  • Maybe you should try Kotaku, gamasutra, mcvuk or engadget? maybe?


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  • Companies continue to not see PC gamers as a profitable market. This can be seen in the number of games made PS4 exclusive.


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  • I am not a representative of said triple A game developer* but here is what they have to say:


    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting the technical hotline support.

    We already have your money and that's all that counts! We owe you NOTHING!
    You lose!

    If you have any other questions, please let us know.

    Technical hotline support.

    * EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, Treyarch.

    • That's pretty much how it always is these days. Once they made money of you they tell you to fuck off. Sure they may provide patches after patches and updates after updates, sometimes it takes forever and should have been released shortly after the launch date. I wonder what kind of machines those developers test their games on and how they would not discover anything wrong with their games before shipping it to the retails stores or putting them up for purchase online.

      You know what else sucks about those developers? They don't release SDK's anymore, it's always about the DLCs micro-transactions business model these days.

    • @JudgmentDay Exactly! I stay clear as much as possible from money hungry lazy ass developers and early access. :)

      I also TRY games for their working and fun potential before supporting the devs. I really do!

  • I am about to start play Deus Ex MD - is it good? Bad? Is the framerate issue bad there?

    • it was at release. probably fixed by now

    • All right, thanks, dude.

    • It was very unoptimized when it came out. It's a lot better now but it still takes too much VRAM for the graphics it delivers IMHO: Battlefield 1 and Crysis 3 have better graphics with less resources used.

  • Oh see, there's your problem. You're playing on a PC. ;)

    Just finished Mankind Divided last month and it played perfectly on my PS4 from start to finish, as did Batman: Arkham Knight, and I expect nothing less from Dishonored 2 when I finally get around to it (playing Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th Anniversary Edition now, and that plays perfectly, too).

  • Maybe stop buying PC games on release day? Thanks to Steam sales you probably have a backlog from hell and if you clear that first, those games will be half price and fully patched and modded up.

  • I suppose the silent majority market is consoles in the end.

  • Lol.

  • Oh the humanity lol


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