Cartoon shows 90's (and some 2000's) Babies Will Never Forget

For all the 90s babies out there and even 2000s, remember when cartoon kids shows use to be soon good? These are the top cartoon shows I miss so much as a child and I wish can replace all the shit the kids are watching nowadays.

Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

First off is Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. I love this show so much and it was funny, nice Halloween and darkish vibe, and something that has to be on this list

Kim Possible

I'm sure EVERYONE who use to watch Kim Possible knows every word to the theme song. I love this show.

Codename Kids Next Door

Definitely one of my favorites and an unforgettable one too. These kids were not only extremely creative but very intelligent as well. All their adventures were definitely one worth watching over and over again.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

So much freaky shit happened in this show that gave me chills when I was a kid and it still does despite being 18. It was a dark show but very entertaining in a freakish weird way. I will never forget the episode about the slab, I had nightmares!!

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

This was such a heartwarming show that I loved so much! Blue use to really crack me up. It's definitely something that is both funny and warm, but also entertaining and beautiful.

The Proud Family

The Proud Family HAD to be on this list. My childhood would not be complete without it. Besides who could forget Suga Momma.


Anyone remember this one. Chalkzone is a really underrated show that I enjoyed watching as a child. It is basically about a little boy who can alternate realities just using special chalk.

Lilo and Stitch

Do I really need to explain?!

Powerpuff Girls (Original One)

I loved the original Powerpuff Girls and watched it all the time as a kid. I was so excited hearing they were bringing it back until the new one actually aired...


I will never forget Rugrats, I mean it's a show told through the perspective of babies! Also a very heartwarming show as well.

Jimmy Neutron

I watched Jimmy Neutron all the time! I was always curious where his adventures would lead him.


I remember loving this show so much as a child. One thing I will never forget about Recess is that Snitch.

My Life as a Teenage Robot

I have distant memories about this show, but I remember watching it and enjoying it a lot. Any one else remembers this one???

Totally Spies

I was absolutely obsessed with Totally Spies as a kid. It's a complete throwback and I wish it can be renewed for at least one more season.

Danny Phantom

This list would not be complete without Danny Phantom! Like who doesn't like Danny Phantom???


I'm not sure if a lot of people remember this show but it was seriously a very underrated show in my opinion. It's basically about kids who would alternate their reality from virtual reality to actual reality and fight monster that would come to life from the virtual reality world in the real world. Seriously great show with a great concept.

Teen Titans (Not Teen Titans Go)

I loved this show so much. Their adventures, the humor and everything else. Just like Powerpuff Girls I was excited to hear they were bringing it back until I actually saw it...

Avatar the Last Airbender

This show has such a special place in my heart! I loved everything about it and it is one of my definite favorites. It had such a beautiful ending and the plot was far from boring. I love Avatar so much!!!


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  • These are great shows from the past. But there are some great ones today like Star Vs The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Loud House, and even some modern SpongeBob is pretty good. While there are quite a few duds too.


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  • Scrolled down looking for Rocket Power. Did not find.
    Is sad.
    Glad Recess is on there though. One of my favorite shows. Digimon though. Was my favorite from that time.

  • ı remember some of them

  • You are forgetting Spongebob...

  • I honestly haven't even heard oh half of these before and I was born in 1993