When David beats Goliath (Final part)

Whenever I find a topic interesting and if I write I take about it, I'll break it up into parts. Here is the final part of my series of takes that talk about "little person beating bigger person". I've actually written two other takes similar two this and one take giving a thorough explanation to how little people defeat larger people even if both fighters have equal skill.

When David beats Goliath (Final part)

1.)Sergei Kharitonov vs Cory Peterson: The 6'4" 260lb Sergei single handedly defeated the much larger Cory Peterson who stands 6'11" by using a arm bar.

2)Josh Barnett vs Semmy Schilt: Josh is 6'3" and weighed 244lbs in 2003 defeated the 6'11"(announcer probably got his height wrong) 286lb Semmy Schilt by using a armbar submission. Notice how the armbar is effective against larger and stronger opponents.

3.)Vitor Belfort vs John Hess: The 6'0" 185lb vitor annihilated the 6'7" 245lb John Hess.

4.)Igor Vovchanchyn vs Paul Varelans:

The 5'8 235 lb Igor defeated the 6'8" 300 lb Paul Valerans by knockout.

5.)Anna Barone vs Charmaine Tweet.

The 5'6" Anna managed to knockout the 6'0" Charmaine. I'm not sure how much the two fighters weigh but I think Anna had the weight advantage even though she was shorter.

6.)Felicia Spencer vs Calli Paquete: The 5'6" 155lb Felicia managed to defeat the 6'3" 176lb Calli Paquete by using a armlock in a MMA fight. No video is available online but that's what the result of this fight says.

7.) Ryushi Yanigasawa VS Semmy Schilt: The 6'3" 227lb Ryushi managed to win a MMA fight against the 6'11" nearly 300lb Semmy Schilt in 51 seconds by using a ankle lock submission at the event called Pancrase truth 7.

People always say that tall people have a reach advantage and can use their long legs and strength advantages but they always ignore the advantages that smaller people have that I've already mentioned in one of my previous takes. Also, tall people are susceptible to submissions that target their limbs; such as Achilles locks and armbars. If small joint manipulations were legal in every MMA promotion, they would probably be used a lot by the smaller fighters against the bigger fighters. Also, the reasons why some of the bigger fighters occasionally win against some of the smaller fighters is because those bigger fighters have more skill than the smaller fighters they beat and or those smaller fighters make mistakes. When it's two fighters of different sizes and strengths but of equal skill, the fight can go either way but in MMA and in some other martial arts competitions; the smaller fighters usually find a way of winning against their larger opponents if they are of equal skill. There are many more occasions when the smaller fighter beat the larger fighter, It would just take too long to add more to this list.

Well, that wraps up this series of takes, hope you enjoyed them.

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  • David never actually existed according to historians. He was most likely a metaphor for the small penises of the bible writers.


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