It's not the fault of the Game Company that your son is playing violent video games, it's YOURS!

Its not the fault of the Game Company that you're son is playing violent video games, its YOURS!

I've met a lot of people who bitch about how companies make really violent or games with sexually explicit content and their kids end up playing them 'because of that' REALLY!? YOU'RE KIDS PLAY THINGS THAT AREN'T APPROPRIATE BECAUSE OF THE COMPANY.

Do you have any sense of personal responsibility?

And here's the thing, Kids who go around doing things like this on Xbox live.

That, Generally, unless they play a very specific handful of video games that they probably don't play, they DEFINITELY did not learn that from the game. THEY LEARNED IT FROM YOU. That means that you are casually throwing around racial slurs and saying horrific things about women and gay people.

Now lets get to the other huge thing, people who get pissed when they find out that their kids are playing something inappropriate. Let me put it this way.

To buy an M Rated game in Gamestop, you need an ID, proving you are seventeen or older. These are games you bought them, and you'll protest I didn't know that it was like that I trusted my kid.

This shows some of the shittiest parenting out there. See this

That is the Rating on the Back of Grand Theft Auto Five. I've met a bunch of parents who have freaked out when they see their kid playing the game THEY BOUGHT FOR THEM AND WHAT IT CONTAINS. Now the content rating on a game is always on the back of the case. YOU DIDN'T TAKE THE TWENTYFIVE GODDAMN SECONDS TO READ THE FUCKING RATING AND TELLING YOU'RE KID NO AND INSTEAD TAKE THE FIVE SECOND TO GET YOU'RE DRIVERS LICENSE OUT AT PURCHASE.
You are a fucking pathetic, absolutely completely and utterly pathetic, excuse for a parent.

A good parent doesn't take their kids to see the lastest SAW movie, they don't let their 8 year old Watch the Sopranos or Game of thrones. They don't buy their 9 year old a freaking Penthouse magazine. This is no different. YOU ARE BLAMING THE GAME COMPANIES FOR YOU'RE PATHETIC EXCUSES FOR A PARENTING SKILLS


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  • many years ago, i encountered someone on facebook who was upset with ea (or maxis, back then) because of something that happened IN A FREAKING SIMS GAME.

    apparently, her kid recreated their family in-game, but sent them to cook with low skill and half the sims burned to death. apparently the child was traumatized and the mom was going to sue the company... to people like that, i say:

    shoulda quit without saving or used the resurrect-o-nomitron. sure, you'll lose some progress, but your "family" will be intact.

    also, more importantly:

    YOU are the one who let her play, ergo the outcome is YOUR FAULT. if your kid is that traumatized by a fake death, she clearly lacks the emotional maturity to play a game that is RATED T FOR TEEN and obviously SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING, YOU PIECE OF SHIT.

    how does anyone get so fucking stupid?

    • Oh my gosh! This can actually happen in a game? I've never played this game but I had no idea that the Sims could be so dark!

    • @jp612612 yes, 10/10 can confirm. there are safeguards in place so that you can recoup your losses if it does happen.

      the sims is a life simulator, and part of life is death.

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  • I've never understood why people blame violent games for people going crazy.


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  • Yes, people should be monitoring what their kids are doing. Especially if they are young enough for it to be a problem. That is the whole reason games are given different ratings. Not everything is suitable for kids, and nor should it be.

    That is why ratings even exist. So that consumers know when a product may not be suitable for small kids.

    Even if there were no ratings, it's still up to parents to monitor what their kids are doing.

  • I completely agree with this. That's just like retarded SJWs trying to blame violence in youth on video games. It's nothing more than bull.

  • Nice rant. I agree.
    Kinda relates back to the whole issue with Deadpool and its rating.

    • Ausralia could really learn this lesson, you guys are basically the second most censored nation in the western world, behind germany

    • Fuck even I own video games that are banned for sale in Australia and I don't even fucking own grand theft auto

    • Not too aware of that sorta thing, yeah, sometimes Aus can be a bit backwards like that though.
      Deadpool is only rated MA 15+ here though...

  • Yes the rating system exists for a reason. Don't want kids playing video games or apps with violence or sex then don't get it for them. Much of the censorship arguments are well, "What about the children?" your in charge of what games you kids play. Why should my content be censored because you can't do your job as a parent.

  • Note: There are some spelling mistakes.

  • *sigh* SMH...


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  • exactly. my parents limited the amount of and content of tv i could watch. and only let us play certain video games up to a certain age. if parents have an issue with the video games their child plays don't let the kid play those games

  • 1. Many games get traded or shared and parents can't control that behavior because they probably aren't even aware of it.

    2. I am not trying to take bad parents off the hook for their lack of supervision and lack of involvement in their kids' lives. However, there is enough blame here to be shared with the video companies. These companies are not doing anything illegal but they are profiting from the games which they promote. They could produce and promote more responsible games.

    3. You should not invoke the name of God if you want to bring damnation upon someone. You may be agnostic or atheist and I will not try to preach to you on that subject, but Christians don't like hearing that language and don't we have a right to not be offended? You'd be all over it if somebody said "queers" when talking about homosexuals, right? :)

    • "You may be agnostic or atheist "
      I'm not I'm actually pagan.
      " You'd be all over it if somebody said "queers" when talking about homosexuals, right?"
      Not really if its meant in jest, my biggest problem with its use is that queer means strange/creepy, and it has a nice old timey ring too it and now they've ruined it
      I myself like to tease texans with the full metal Jacket Quote, "Only two things come from texas, steers and queers and you certainly don't look like a steer to me. "
      "Many games get traded or shared and parents can't control that behavior because they probably aren't even aware of it."
      Not as often as most people think, These things cost 60 dollars new.

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    • @BaileyisDarcy
      I'm not anti-gay by any means,
      I support gay rights but nope,
      Queer dates back to the 16th century and it was only in the twentieth century that it started to be used to refer to gay people

    • Definitions are not always correct.

      Why would the gay community pick up a word for themselves that literally mean weird?
      It was the 19th century it started being used to discriminate against gays, and it was taken and used as part the lgbt identity. Yes, its use did rise in the 20th century, but thats not where it started.

  • You are mostly right, I always liked "violent" games, but even when I was a kid, I knew that game is just a game... not a real life. What I do in games, I would never do in real life.

  • That's true it's like whatever happened to raising your kids, I mean it's true that there are some kids who turn out bad no matter what you do after all how you turn out is up to you, but if you raise your kids right they are much more likely to choose a good path as well all know and some parents don't realize that and as you say they negligent and then blame others for their kids problems you're right about this in your posting

  • There is nothing wrong with violent video games.
    Opposition to such games is part of the cultural Marxist agenda to turn Western men into wimps who behave as though they were girls.
    All three of my children (two male, one female) play what the leftards such as Anita Sarkeesian would classify as violent video games.
    As I write this, my youngest son is using a virtual M60 to do some building clearance. Both of my boys will join the Army Reserve this year, to learn how to do it for real.
    If the Marxist fucktards had their way, the gaming industry would be out of business, because real people do not want to play My Little Pony 24/7.
    Here in Australia, our cucked government is not far removed from that of Cuckanada. It uses its censorship powers to censor some video games.
    When one of my offspring wants a particular game that has been censored, I get in touch with one of my contacts in the USA, do a money transfer, then have them buy an uncensored copy of the game and mail it to us.
    I have been doing that since my children were in what Americans would call middle school.

    • actually, when it comes to video games, Australias's the second worst, the worst is Germany,
      Canada and the U. S are the only ones who really don't give a fuck

  • No matter how loud you shout this, Dumbness will always cover it. This kind of parents can't understand this. I tried to explain this once to an adult and they wouldn't hear reason... She kept blaming the content and the company because "She surely can't be a bad parent".

  • Ah your rage makes me feel nice with its unapologetic logic. It's like anything from gaining wieght to your example of games, people don't take responsibility

  • That's like saying
    It's not the fault of fast food restos that we eat bad food
    It's not the fault of swift marketing companies to persuade us to buy products we don't need

    The tale of the scorpion and the toad
    --> once there was a toad and scorpion. The scorpion needed the cross the river so the toad offered to carry him across in return the scorpion would help the toad catch food afterwards. The scorpion hops on the toad's back... the toad leaps into the water and starts swimming,, 2 mins later the scorpion stings the toad..

    Toad --> why would you do that, now we will both die
    Scorpion --> i couldn't help it, it's my instinct

    It is partly their fault because they do extensive studies on systems that easily target the human, exploiting our human nature

    • except the toad did not explicitly state what he was going to do, y'know like the game companies do on the rating.
      And the Toad didn't need to bring out his ID at checkout to get the scorpion for his kid after that

    • Do agree yes however expoiting the mind is a method of control

      The kid desperately want it, his friends have it, parents like seeing their kids happy. In fact it might even be incentive to do good in school or some thing else

      Then you might even have independent studies going around saying how gaming can actually help with reaction time and facilitate learning

      Maybe all this is true in small doses and moderation. But the mind is susceptible to become dependent

      The parents could be fooled too. And often times they are or see it as a minor thing and let it slip

      But i def do understand what you mean

  • I agree with this, I see this a lot during the holidays. Clueless parents wondering if silent hill is okay for their child, I never understood why parents are so lazy when it comes to gaming but on top of everything else

  • What else is there to say?

  • Yes, I totally agree. Parents use violent video games as a scape-goat for their negligence.

  • Sorry but I didn't read any of that to brain dead.

    • so the TL;DR version
      Shitty parents get their kids video games that are inappropriate without bothering to check the rating then complain about the companies when their shitty parenting skills become obvious

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    • Campaigns in general.
      boyfriend one was the first military shooter campaign that actually made an effort in a long time

    • I don't know most games now a days are marketed towards multiplayer, even though we always tell the companies that we want a campaign and it's usually 1-3 games later before they listen.

      O Titanfall 2 had a really good campaign as well really enjoyed that one.

  • I am going to be honest with you.

    You are almost not any better than those parents you have ranted about.
    At first you blamed the parents and their responsibilities for what their children play and the authors of the products - you got a point there and I agree with you.

    Then you come up with examples like these "A good parent doesn't take their kids to see the latest SAW movie" and I instantly disagreed with you there. Why? Because what's next, a good parent doesn't let their kids have condoms?
    At some point they will grow up and for everyone that stage reaches on a different age. Mine was my 11. th year.

    Perhaps you and me are not parents but I can still see flaws in regulating things, that CAN BE normal for the development and lives of adolescents, speaking of first hand experience.

  • Thank you. You have to provide a valid driver's license to prove you are 17+ to buy an M rated game.