Why I support Drag Queens

Why I support Drag Queens.

Probably now 4 years ago I stumbled on complete accident on a show called RuPaul's DRag Race. If you guys haven't seen it then I highly recommend it. It is a show about drag queens competing to win the crown and 100,000 dollars along with some extra prizes. Each week it is a new challenge which can range from acting to making extravagant dresses. I got hooked on to this show not because of the competitions but because of the queens.

This show is currently going on to its 9th season (not yet released). And I could not support this show enough. Bringing all these queens who make a living performing in clubs and then exposing them on TV for more opportunities. Everyone has something extremely unique about them in terms of their looks and personality. On the show they obviously go by their drag names instead of their real boy names.

These female personas they have created for themselves are just so intriguing I could not get enough of it. The host of course, RuPaul, is seen as a mother to all these Drag Queens because of her vast majority in this industry and from starting from nothing to being known as one of the top Queens in the world is pretty impressive.

These Queens also get a bad wrap for you know, being men dressed in women's clothing. The more religious see it as a sin as majority of the queens are also gay. This does not mean that all Drag Queens are gay, which is a huge misconception about this form of art. Over the years these women have really transformed the world of drag and have made more people open about it. Yes they all have gone through some tough times to get to the point they are now. Mostly including family issues and rejection from the world as it is. These sort of back stories give you an insight to the real humans behind the extravagant ladies you see on stage.

They are just like us, they have emotions just like us. Their job is to entertain just like a lot of people do but they do it while being dressed as women.

I won't lie, I would see them all dolled up and wearing heels and dresses and makes me want to be more girly. I would see them dance or sing and would make me want to learn how to dance and sign. They are so talented and so expressive that I think the world should know more about them, even the ones who don't get the chance to come on the show.

I cannot count the amount of arguments I have had with ignorant people when they do not know about the drag lifestyle. I would get extremely offended when they would refer to them as "it" instead of "she". It is as if I was a drag queen myself.

I hope this little article thing would encourage others to view this show as well. Trust me you will fall in love with these personalities.


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  • Why should I watch drag queens when I can see Mike Pence any day of the week?

  • Women like when men act gay and dress lady like
    But i'm not into that @Kgbmafia


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