7 Roles That Actors Are Not Known For

Actors and actresses play various kinds of characters on screen, eventually they play some characters that are closely associated wity them. However before they got those roles, they also played as characters that are not well known.

1.) Keanu reeves

In the movie little Buddha, he played a man named Siddharta, it's funny to think that eventually he would go on to play Johnny Mnemonic, Neo and John Wick etc.

2.) Harrison Ford

One of the most iconic actors has played various kinds of characters, most of us know him for his roles as Indiana Jones and Han Solo, however most people have forgotten his role as captain Alexei Vostrikov.

3.) Daniel Craig

Most of us know him for his role as James Bond, however he also starred in a minor role in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles as a man named Schiller. His character engaged in hand to hand combat with Indiana Jones.

4.) Mark Dacascos

He is best known for his lead role in the movie called "The Crying Freman". What many people don't know him for is his role as Kung Lao in Mortal Kombat Legacy.

5.) Sho Kosugi

Most people know this actor for acting on a lot of Ninja movies. The one role that everyone forgets he played, is his role as Ken Taniin the movie "Black Eagle" in which he is the protagonist.

6.) Harold Sakata

Most people recognize him as "Oddjob" from 007 but what a lot of people may have forgotten about him is that he was also a professional wrestler and Olympic weight lifter.

7.) Jean Claude Van Damme

Most of us know him for his martial arts movies and his famous splits but what a lot of people have forgotten about is his first major role. His first major role was in a movie called Monaco forever.

His character's name in this movie according to some websites is the "Gay Karate man". He also starred in a reality tv show with his wife and children called "Jean Claude Van Damme: behind closed doors"

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