If I Were a Movie Director

There are many movie ideas I've thought about, and if I were a movie director I would probably make the movies on this list.

1) Modern day prophet: Genre would be drama, thriller. In this movie, the protagonist would be a person who comes up with theories about certain biblical passages. The first theory the protagonist would come up with is a possible explanation for the tree of knowledge which he believes is the bible's way of explaining Evolution. He would explain it by saying that before Adam and Eve took the apples, they were naked, after they took the apples they felt shame and put on clothes.

Eventually he comes up with a theory for the rapture. He would say that rapture symbolizes a nuclear war. He explains that those within the blast radius would be instantly vaporized(raptured) in his theory. He then realizes that he is the only one who can prevent that kind of catastrophe.

If I Were a Movie Director

2) Song to end any war: Genre would be War, romance. The movie would take place present day, during a fictional major war. The main theme song of the movie would be Lili Marleen. The main character is a man that is drafted into the army, he just wants to go home to his girlfriend. Throughout the movie, the song Lili Marleen is heard in various Languages which reminds soldiers on every side of their lovers. Eventually, the song gets played on a large speaker during a major battle. The battle stops as both sides listen to the song and realize that the war is pointless.

3) Alternate history movie: This movie won't be following one specific scenario, it will show different alternate history scenarios such as what if Genghis khan lived longer, what if the Mongol Empire never fell, what if the Roman Empire never fell, what if Attila the Hun overthrew the Roman Empire, what if Germany Won WWI/the Great War, what if Germany defeated the Soviet Union, what if Japan didn't attack Pearl Harbor, what if the US Won the Korean war, What if the US won the Vietnam war etc.

If I Were a Movie Director

4) All fronts: Genre is War, thriller. In this movie, you'd see WWII from the perspective of every major country during WWII. The US perspective would feature the 442nd RCT, 82nd airborne division etc. German perspective would feature various Wehrmacht divisions and the fallschirmjäger, the Soviet perspective would feature: some rifle and tank divisions, Finnish perspective would feature various infantry divisions etc.

If I Were a Movie Director

5) Two powers: Genre is Action, thriller and sci fi. In this movie a group of racist Misandrists and Misogynists manage to take over Australia and divide it in two. The protagonists are a man and a woman who build a resistance to battle the misandrist and misogynist regimes. Just for fun, I'm writing a story like this.The misandrist villains would use the tune of "Augen Geradeus" with different lyrics and with a female choir

While the Misogynist villains would use the tune of the song "SS Marchiert in Feindesland/Grüne Teufel" with different lyrics. Below is the modern non-Nazi version.

If I Were a Movie Director

6) Army of ogres: genre is horror, sci fi. In this movie, a ambitious scientist manages to mutate some ogre faced spiders by making them the size of a truck. It's up to the protagonist to contain the abominations.

If I Were a Movie Director

7) The new era of mankind: Genre would be Sci Fi thriller. The movie would be about two different species of Aliens fighting for Earth. One of those species wants to help Mankind while the other wants to exploit Mankind.

If I Were a Movie Director

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