New Anticipated Releases March 2017

Anticipated Releases March 2017

Iron Fist (Release March 17, 2017)New Anticipated Releases March 2017

A man who can summon special martial arts powers. This new show is starring Fin Jones and Co Stars Jessica Henwick. It sounds like this show will be pretty entertaining.

Ghost In The Shell (Release March 31, 2017)New Anticipated Releases March 2017

This Action Movie has the beautiful Scarlett Johansson in it. It has mind blowing visuals.

Mass Effect:Andromeda (Release March 21, 2017)New Anticipated Releases March 2017

Hopefully it will be action packed and has tons of unbelievable scenes.

Beauty And The Beast (March 17, 2017)New Anticipated Releases March 2017

The new live action of the 1991 movie Beauty And The Beast it stars Emma Watson as the Beauty and Dan Stevens as The Beast.

Hope Your Looking Forward To March With These Things


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  • Looks like March will have a few good ones like Andromeda strain or ghost in the shell seems good

  • I probably won't see any of them in the cinema.


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