A Single Man!!!

A Single Man!!!

A single man is novel written by Christopher Isherwood. From the first publication it’s called by many a masterpiece and Isherwood has said it’s his favorite of his works. The novel was the basis for the movie starring Colin Firth.

A single man is the story about a day in the life of George, an English professor of midlife age, who’s heartbroken after the death of his lover, Jim.

What I like so much about this novel is the lyrical use of language, here below you can’t find some of examples of that.

Someone has to ask you a question”, George continues, meaningly, “before you can answer it. But it’s so seldom you find anyone who’ll ask the right questions. Most people aren’t that much interested. ---

Time must have become a very odd kind of mirror-maze for her, now; and mazes can change, at any instant, from being funny to being frightening.

'What’ll I say?” ‘Anything. Anything that seems to be important, right now.’ ‘That’s the trouble I don’t know what is important and what isn’t. I feel like my head is stopped up with stuff that doesn’t matter – I mean, matter to me’.

I’m like a book you have to read. A book can’t read itself to you. It doesn’t even know what it’s about. I don’t know what I’m about…

The moment he get’s passionate during his class when he discuss a book with his students is my favorite part.

It's the best book I have read this year and so I recommend it to everyone, to the ones who don't like reading very much the number of pages isn't high.

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  • Beautiful lines... haven't read the book but enjoyed the film adaptation.


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