Anachronisms and Bloopers in Fiction

If there is one funny thing that happens every once in a while, it's anachronism. That means a item, person, place or song that is depicted in fiction in a wrong period of time(usually unintentionally). For example, if you make a movie that takes place in the 1990s a anachronism would be to feature characters using smartphones. Most of the anachronisms featured in this take are guns that are anachronistic. Even in the final product there are still some mistakes and anachronisms.

1.)Wolfenstein series: Although this video game takes place in a alternate sci fi universe, one funny anachronism is the clothing of some of the female elite guard. They are wearing tight black vinyl or leather clothing combined with cleavage and bare midriffs. Another female character wears tight cargo pants. Very odd clothing for a game that takes place during the 1940s. Also, females in the third Reich were not allowed to fight in the war. However, since it's not meant to be a realistic WWII video game, nobody really cares. It isn't till the 2014 video game in the series were anachronism doesn't matter anymore.

Anachronisms and bloopers in fiction

2.)Indiana Jones: There are a couple of minor anachronisms. In the raiders of the lost ark which takes place in 1936, the MP40 and Walther P38 firearms weren't around in that year. The P38 would be produced in 1938 while the MP40 would be produced in 1940. In the last crusade, which takes place in 1938 the MP40 makes another appearance. However, these are minor anachronisms that most people would miss. So it's no big deal.

Anachronisms and Bloopers in Fiction

3.)Call of Duty series: Since this series tends to include a large array of weapons, there is bound to be some errors including anachronisms. In Black ops which takes place in the 1960s, there are weapons featured in the game that weren't produced till a few years later. For example the Walther Wa2000 wasn't developed till the 1980s. There are many other anachronisms in black ops but there too many to name here.

Anachronisms and Bloopers in Fiction

4.)Hurt Locker: A war movie that takes place in 2004. One of the characters is getting filmed and mentions "Youtube". YouTube wasn't around until 2005. Gears of war, Xbox 360 and a iPod make cameos. None of these items were around til a few years later.

Anachronisms and Bloopers in Fiction

5.)Battlefield series: The video game series has a very positive reputation for it's gameplay, graphics, physics and story. It's also praised for being nearly realistic and historically accurate. However, there are still some anachronisms although they are minor. One of the anachronisms are in it's most recent release called Battlefield 1 which takes place during WWI. In this game, there is a lot of house to house combat. While there was some of it during WWI, it was not as common as it is shown in the game. Urban warfare would become more common during WWII.

Anachronisms and Bloopers in Fiction

6.)Unknown Chinese WWII movie: I've heard of a chinese movie that was about WWII. It had some major anachronisms, such as the Chinese soldiers using AK47 assault rifles. Ak47s weren't designed until after World War II. The closest thing to AK47 that existed in WWII was the STG44 which was used by Germany. Not only that, the Imperial Japanese army is equipped with M3 grease guns. Last but not least, they make the villains look completely stupid.

Anachronisms and Bloopers in Fiction

7.)Braveheart: More like bloopers but since they were not spotted, they can be classified as anachronisms. In one scene, a film crew member is seen with his baseball cap. In another scene, a white car is seen.

Anachronisms and Bloopers in Fiction

8.)Invictus: There are some anachronisms but like always, they are easy to miss. One of them is in a scene where the stadium(Ellis Park) is being referred to as "Coca Cola park". The movie takes place in the 1990s, the park got that name 13 years after the events in the film.

Anachronisms and Bloopers in Fiction

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  • the Raiders of the lost ark gets a pass on the MP-40 and is one of the few movies to do a certain thing right about it.
    That Thug with the MP-40 is one of the very few in fiction to actually hold it properly

    • the arab ninja thug uses properly unlike the trained german villains

  • Braveheart was unrealistic because Australian Anti-semites didn't exist back then.


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