Three Movies I am looking forward to seeing this Summer

This year is promising some big hit releases. Beauty and the Beast has managed to become a huge hit while Fifty Shades Darker has flopped. But, the real blockbusters come at the Summer and Holiday Seasons of the year. This time around I am going to talk about three movies I look forward to see this Summer. Spoiler Alert: They are all sequels or remakes.

Cars 3Three Movies I am looking forward to seeing this Summer

The Cars franchise is back at it again for another go round. But, this is rumored to be the last movie of the franchise as it will possibly have the storyline of Lightning McQueen getting injured, retiring, or both. The majority of the cast is returning for this movie such as: Owen Wilson, Larry The Cable Guy, Bonnie Hunt, Cheech Marin etc..

Despicable Me 3Three Movies I am looking forward to seeing this Summer

One of my favorite Animated movie franchises is releasing it's fourth film. There will be more Minions plus a new villian based off 80's pop singer Prince whom will be voiced by South Park co creator Trey Parker. There will also be more of Steve Carell's character Gru and his three adopted step daughters.

ITThree Movies I am looking forward to seeing this Summer

The remake most horror fans and Stephen King fans have wanted. The TV movie in 1990 was not so much a true adaptation of the book, but a more toned down story altogether. Though this part of the movie will be set in 1989 rather than 1957 like in the book and first movie the cast and crew have promised this adaptation will be gorier, scarier, and more true to the book. Granted if you have ever read the book there will be some parts left out for obvious reasons (There was an underage sex scene in the book so naturally they will leave that out,I hope). But from the looks of the trailer IT is bound to be a lot scarier than the miniseries before.

What are some Summer Movies you are looking forward to this summer?



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Most Helpful Girl

  • I still need to watch the original of IT! i'm very behind lol.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm really excited about seeing Cars 3! The three I really want to see are
    -Beauty and the Beast
    -Pitch Perfect 3
    -Back To The Future IV

    • I saw Beauty and the Beast and it was awesome! I was almost in tears when Gaston shot the Beast! But it's really messed up when she said "I love you" after the last rose petal fell.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I am SOOOO ready dor DM3!!! My family is really big on all the Despicable Mes!!!

  • I'm looking forward Despicable Me 3


What Guys Said 3

  • i only seen the first cars movie,
    i haven't seen any Despicable Me's, & i dont know what it is

  • All three are lame

  • So your into children's movie.


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