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This Take was long overdue, but here it is now.

So a good buddy of mine had recently left after asking me to create my own photography Take since he's a photographer himself. If you haven't already, try checking out his take here and there.

Anyways, he wanted me to post a bunch of photos that I already had, but I figured it would be way more fun to go out and look for some new ones, especially since there's been a lot going on outside, and back here on GaG. Common things, that you you'd possibly relate to.

Fun Guys

Alrighty, so I pretty much have at least 5 pictures of fungus plants in my disposal, but this is pretty much how I see people outside of the dark, and I actually don't really like taking pictures of flowers.

This photo in particular though had mushrooms growing in an open area, and so I figured this could be the best photo to start this off.

Specialized Photos

King Of Spades

The second picture goes out to that friend. Now right now, the King of Spades is the highest ranking card I have in that deck (ever since I lost the Ace of Spades for the second time in a row).

I wanted to have this picture out to him, because like all of my friends, he reminds me of all of my real life friends, and how I like to play cards with the people I'd like to meet and get to know. Even women for that matter, especially if they like playing cards too lol

This was fairly difficult to take, since this is the first time I've ever taken a picture of a random playing card. Though I figured out some way to do it, and here it is. Just be sure not to lose your Aces though.

Specialized Photos

Personal Computer

Many of you are either in school, or are starting school, and a computer was the first thing that popped into my mind when thinking about this subject. Now personally I took this photo a while back when I first got it, but I figured I still go on ahead and post it.

Now this thing is going to be pretty useful for when I start school soon. I just really wish I had it back in high school, since that could make things go so much faster...

Specialized Photos

Animal Brethren

Alrighty, so I find animals at my doorstep almost all the time, especially frogs when it rains. I remember about a month ago I saw this kitten after driving home, and god it was cute..

Though this frog isn't something I'd touch since it's obviously looking for food, but animals can really be your best friend sometimes. Sometimes during the day, there's nothing I'd love to do more than to spend a bit of time outside with my dog, especially when it isn't hot outside. Cool weather plus a good walk with my dog is my definition of an awesome evening.

Specialized Photos

Now with cats or other animals, it's really no different. It really all comes down to your personality and preference here, especially if you wouldn't be afraid to have exotic animals as pets, animals that are pretty likely to scare or freak out anyone else.


So this is the last picture that I had not taken within July or August. I probably shouldn't be posting this due to peoples' personal or emotional responses to the news of the attempted of the removal of honorable statues, but I mean no harm here!

This photo was taken back in May, right before I graduated, and this statue, like all are likely to have a personal meaning behind them, kinda like all memories do. The light and the fountain behind are just an added bonus.

Specialized Photos

If there's a pretty strong, personal memory you've got with people, it's unlikely for you to forget them very easily, logically speaking. Similar to how long a statue has remained in it's place, it's likely for you to hang onto those memories for a long time, good or bad. And if many of them are bad, you can always go out there, and eclipse them with better ones.

A Long, Long Walk

If there's any goal that you've got no matter how small it could be, you may have a long way to go to get there, even if it's just to get together with a crush and form a meaningful, happy relationship.

Specialized Photos

Now this photo was insanely difficult to take, since I had to wait until it rained, and I had to keep popping in and out in order to wait until sunset while hoping that the rain hadn't dried up all at the same time. Though basically, similar to how you may correlate rain with sadness or depression, you're likely to face similar emotion to get what you want, especially if it's something you really want.


You could probably guess where this was taken lol

Anyways, that iPod is what I use to listen to music, since I don't have a smartphone yet, and man.. I've heard some fabulously awesome songs over the years.

Not limited to music, but there are many artists out there that create visually appealing work due to their mind, or emotions. Now I'm a painter personally, and it'd be awesome for me to be much more creative with emotion so that the paintings could mean much more, kinda like songs or photos do.

Specialized Photos

I wish I could've had it face-up, but the screen is cracked.

Now there are a few people I know here that are actual musicians, or other painters.. so if you're an art lover, you'd probably find some here sometime.

Melting Point

There will always be a certain level of trust and respect that you can give to anyone, and once they're beyond that limit, you have reached your melting point.

There are also melting points in relationships, as gradually as you begin to trust a partner more and more, the ice (your walls) gradually melt until there's nothing cold.

Specialized Photos

Personally, my heart is frozen pretty much almost all the time, but can quickly melt the easier I'm able to either relate to people in a way, have high respect for a person, or am able to have fun with a person, and unfortunately for this reason, I've been constantly accused of pushing women certain women away.

You may be similar as far as friends go if you're shy and don't like talking to others around you, but gradually, you too can warm up to other people around you if they were to (possibly) offer you a game of cards, or anything like that.


In a way correlating to Melting Point, you also have personal growth. As people mature, or become more aware of anything that may concern them in the future, they begin to become more intelligent, and experienced.. possibly freezing their heart, or being more susceptible to awareness of possible harm to themselves or for others they care about, and that's really awesome if you ask me.

On the other hand, they could also be more knowledgeable of good things that happen, such as people you may crush on. Now I know it sucks to not know whether or not someone likes you back.. but the more you learn, the less insecure you are and are more likely to go after a person you want.

Specialized Photos

With a growing individual, they're definitely less likely to get stomped on by another experienced person, resulting in less pain. So the next time you feel as though your crush likes you for sure, or are suspicious on whether a friend is really going behind your back, well now you know better, right? lol


Likewise to growth, obviously you're going to be in darkness as soon as pain occurs.

I have a few people such as @OlderandWiser, @idonthaveausername, and @PrincessPie who have recently experienced pretty damn painful breakups, one of which had a two year marriage end, one who had their first relationship end in betrayal, and one who met a similar fate, so if you've recently gone through a breakup, you may decide to consult with one of these guys.

And there are also possible lifelong painful occurrences that are bound to happen as you age, like losing a dear friend or family member.. maybe even a huge group of friends you used to hang around with all the time.

Specialized Photos

Darkness doesn't exist without light though, and just like with anything bad that happens, pretty much something good is liable to happen along the way. You may feel as though you won't be able to make similar friends or to trust for love a person again, but that desire hadn't disappeared, since you're feeling this way. Your love for a memory may have faded in correlation with these people, but in a way, it's all set and stone, is inside, and is reborn in the form of new love.

Fair Game

These are the cards I used to play with my old high school friends. I used to lay with these dudes all the time, every other day at school, and honestly, I always have a lot of fun, even when they kick my ass.

What's special about them wasn't the cards, but the fun they had while they played. I find it absolutely adorable to see a smiles on a person's face, and it's part of the reason I play cards with the people that are likely to play along.

A person's enjoyment is usually special to me, because I know it feels great to be a light to someone else. It really should be great to be able to see more, once I hit the real world.

Specialized Photos

And this ends this take. Again, if you missed the previous links called "here and there", try checking them out sometime.

Unfortunately I didn't add any pictures of food, or other random objects, but that's alright. I just though it would be fun to find some new ones, and have them correlate to any personal experience you may have above.

Specialized Photos
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  • Idonthaveausername

    Thank you for the mention and all of the positivity in this Take!

    You're a decent photographer and I like the way you use lighting and water effects. I have to say the frog is my favorite because he's so cute, but I love the one with the fountain because it reminds me of the park by my aunt and uncle's house and I really like the effect the melting ice cube gave. The stone walkway is another favorite of mine as I adore taking pictures of stone and brick and cracks in concrete myself

    What kind of camera do you use and how expensive is it? I just found my old one and realized it takes crappy pictures compared to new technology

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    • Lopezz1999

      Oh yeah, I could definitely agree here. Unfortunately though, all I've got to work with right now is an 8MP phone camera, but it's really be nice to invest in a new one as soon as possible.

      Stones and water have always been my favorite pics though, and I always like to take pictures of the animals I meet at my doorstep. Since it's just a tiny phone camera, it's very inexpensive lol

    • Well that's a really good camera for a phone. I got my phone for $30 at Walmart, so the camera is basically worthless. I've taken a few grainy photos that are passable as Facebook pictures, but that's about it. My old phone was much better

    • Lopezz1999

      Would you be comfortable with posting any?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • OlderAndWiser

    It is enjoyable occasionally to read a different myTake, not something about 'how can I get my ex to like me again', etc. These are very nice photos with interesting explanations/interpretations. I thank you for remembering me in your myTake!

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  • Solanaceae

    Very nice. Makes me want to go back Texas and take some more. Do you use a special camera or just your phone?

    • Lopezz1999

      Used just a phone camera. It'd be nice to own a real camera, but for now, this is pretty much all I have to work for lol

    • Solanaceae

      Aw that's fine. Good quality pictures for a phone.

  • Nice Man... like your stuff bro!

  • Anonymous

    Ayeeeeee Haven't you heard the news? Your good buddy is back ;)