The Difference Between A Truly Great Song And A Terrible One

Since it's been scientifically proven music today - mostly talking about Popular (Pop) music - has gotten progressively worse, the people who appreciate music wonder why this is.

The Difference Between A Truly Great Song And A Terrible One today, it seems, has a lot to do with people's subconscious and psyche than it has with art.

Sure musical themes change, but that's not the problem with music today...

Since times change, people change, and since people change so must music.

Yes, people have gotten more lazy when it comes to music listening. They don't want complicated, meaningful lyrics anymore. They don't appreciate nuances of soft sounds, they don't realize how much work and passion poured into every verse of a true song - ones which we can't find today anymore...

People want a simple beat, a finished product, a product which reminds them of thousands more just like it.


The simple answer here is comfort and familiarity.

The more complex answer is dopamine.

When people hear a song that has a similar beat to the one before, or that same chord they've heard thousands of times before in 'different' songs they feel happy, they feel comforted and it's that familiarity that makes them think the song is good...even though it's not original, interesting or creative. It's good because it makes them feel good.

The Difference Between A Truly Great Song And A Terrible One

The Truly Great Song

You can all remember at least once in your life hearing a song you liked immediately!

You were thunderstruck!

"Oh, that song is amazing! Who in the world created that crazy sound magic?!" - you'd say to yourself...

Well...that song is a truly great song!

The truly great song doesn't slowly convince you into liking it by being played in the stores, the bus, your grandma's house... You play it once and it's magic!

The Difference Between A Truly Great Song And A Terrible One

The Terrible Song

A not such a great song will need more convincing. When you first hear it it's not great, in fact, it's terrible! Those are basically all of today's popular songs... They mercilessly play everywhere you go, you can't escape them and finally you must give in... And and as rough as this might sound, you are, in a sense, being brainwashed. You are being coerced to like this song. You never stood a chance.

The Difference Between A Truly Great Song And A Terrible One

Something to keep in mind:

I'm not talking about taste here. Subjectively, I dislike most 80's music, but I appreciate the quality of it - as oppose to today's music. It is by far superior to anything going on today.

And yes, there are many musicians and bands that are original, interesting and innovative in today's world, but those people will never make it - because they don't comply to the industry's standards.

Hopefully you liked this MyTake and learned a little something new today!

Thank you for reading!



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  • Agreed! Besides, being much worse todays music also carries destructive information both in so called lyrics and music. It is up to the point that these songs are played for milking cows, the cows loose their milk completely.


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