The Good The Bad And The Stupid


Hundreds questions hundred mytakes about the good guy finish last good guy can't have girlfriend good guy will have no girlfriend until he's 40 because at that age women will think about them NOT TRUE

This time I need to be harsh on guys who think they're good wil they're the stupid sorry thats the fact you need someone slap you to awake you

What make you think you are the good one? Based in what you think you are the good one?

I read a while ago someone said i bring her jacket while she was setting down he dont know the girl and then the girl said thanks you are nice yes it's true you are very nice but as a server not as leader or real boyfriend ,,

if you did this in another way it could make you the real nice one lets say its cold night and you gived her the jacket not to impress her that you are the nice guy but you did it by your nature thats the real nice guy. But if you try to do things to act like the real nice guy forget about it you can't fake it Its not something you can buy it.

Another example about the stupid one to let him know himself if you are in a resturant and your gf smile to other guys or make eye contact with someone while you are setting with her if you act friendly thats exactly the stupid guy if the nice guy is in this setuation he will do something like ultimatum or leave her for a while with no contact at all until she change ... Forgot to mention the bad guy may punch her and broke her teeth (see Rihanna and her bf AND SHE STILL WITH HIM

However I would slap her face personally if I'm in this setuation I don know if I'm the bad or the good lets say I'm mix

the good guy dont act to be the good one he's good by his nature lets say god made him to be good person The stupid one try to act like the good one while in fact it's better to be himself he will have more chance to get gf

Button line is the stupid one should know he's not the good and be himself.

Women are complex they like to see the bad side of the man every now and then the bad guy give them over dose from this thats why they like them attention they know how to play it bcoz if they give them over dose all the time they will kill her interest this game the bad guy know it well

however the bad guy have experinces that lead him to be that type of guys however there's cost to be the bad guy for the rest of your life women dont look for bad guys when they become mature enough specialy when they want to build family

i bealive the real good guy have more chances than the bad guy during his life and his wanted from women to build fafamily

the stupid finish last and last if he will not stop think he's the good and act like the good

how to know if you are the stupid?


p.s some guys dont have gf bcoz of lack of confidence or other reasons I dont talk about them here


The Good The Bad And The Stupid
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  • remedy01
    That is wird but ok
    • Anonymous

      That's the fact but guys refuse it :)

  • Anonymous
    Nice guys finish last or so they believe.
    • Anonymous

      Not true thats the stupid one not the real nice why its so hard to people to bealive in that?

      They bealive its their problem not mine

      The stupid one is simmilar to server not BOYFRIEND

      Women like leader type and the man who can say NO not yes most the time the stupid is yes all most time

      The stupid thought he's the one nice one

    • Most nice guys aren't fake nice. Get to know their parents and you would realize they raised their kids to be that way

    • Anonymous

      Dosent matter if their father raise them in great way I think everyone will choose his way once he's adult I have seen many guys raised in great family but yet they're bad people

      but also parents have effect on the child future this is not my point here

      I'm talking about the stupid one who think he's the nice and keep saying nice will finish last no nice dont finish last he can't realize he's the stupid

      Nice dont finish last thats the fact the stupid finish last.