Americans Have Bad Taste in Movies, Here's Why...

Americans Have Bad Taste in Movies, Here's Why...

Recently Blade Runner 2049 released. It collected only 13 million on the opening day. The movies is critical acclaimed. It has very good visual effects, best cinematography, best production design, masterclass direction, cool sound mixing and BGM, awesome storyline, very good performances by actors, best editing, some thrilling moments. So why is it not getting what it deserves?

The answer is audience are dumb now. This year's highest grossing movies Beauty and the Beast, Guardians of Galaxy vol 2, Fate and Furious, Transformers 5, Despicable me 3 are crap as hell. Audience are now forgetting the genre of thriller. They go to movies which have nothing original and brainless storylines and action sequences.

Most of the people are choosing PG shitty animated movies over Masterpiece R rated movie. That's why cars 3, despicable me 3, The Boss Baby collected than War for the planet of the apes, Split.

Jurassic World collected more than Mad Max Fury Road.

Last few years good movies which are flopped or less successful at box office:

2017:- War for the planet of the apes

2016:- Silence, Star Trek Beyond,

2015:- Mad Max Fury Road, The Hateful Eight

2014:- Edge of tomorrow, Predestination, The Judge

2013:- Enemy, Rush

2012:- The Master

2011:- Warrior, Hugo, The Adventure of Tintin

2010:- Scott Pilgrim vs the world

2009:- watchmen, Public Enemies

2008:- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

2007:- Zodiac

So American audience, "don't go to the theatre just to eat popcorn and watch shitty super hero, animated, horror movies."

There are thriller, mystery, Sci-Fi, drama, etc. genre in movies and Blade Runner 2049 is a thrilling masterpiece.


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  • Oh man I came here to shout at you for dissing BladeRunner but phew... it's all good!

    Mainstream films are usually absolute shite... boring, formulaic shite... I don't finish most of the films I start nowadays... cannot wait to see 2049...


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  • Auuum unless you know me you can't say what i like. I watch Asian films like chocolate, ip man, Scorpion prison 701, pink genre, lady snow blood, tons of thai and chinese dramas. Korean dramas and japanese romantic comedy,
    I still like horror movies from pther countries and i hate American movies, im not fan of marvel, dc, avengers or none of that.

    My best pick is raid redemption.


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  • Baby Driver was an excellent, fresh movie that also did very well. Bladerunner didn't do well because the original was/ is overrated and they tried reviving it (alongside all the other "comeback" movies), within a market that didn't really know it all that much or care. People are bored of remakes and that one in particular had shitty marketing.

    Rarely is the answer: "because the audience is dumb".

    The planet of the apes franchise is boring as well. Big picture. Apes win. Human kind loses. Get ready for the race to the bottom... woo. Boring. They could have at least tried to make it like Limitless that piqued your interest by starting with part of the ending, before coming full circle to show you how it plays out.

    Rather than giving the big picture outcome away. I'd argue planet of the apes is really just as deep as the Transformers franchise, but has a veneer of pseudo intellect to it. It wasn't some grand masterpiece. The franchise has it's place and it's audience. But it's never going to be THE thing.

  • You are right,. Except Scott Pilgrim. Sorry that was... that was edgy I guess but... it looks like it was deliberately made to be bad. very uninteresting film

  • Hollywood is a money-making machine. They'll put any kind of crap out there, as long as it makes money. If a new concept movie comes out, they'll sequel it until the gas runs out. They'll take old movies, and remake them, usually with the newer one not being as good. They also like to jump on the bandwagon. I used to like watching the rare superhero movie that would come out, but now there are so many superheroes I can't even keep track of them all, and don't want to anyway. They even have gangs of superheroes fighting other gangs of superheroes!

    Needless to say, I watch very few of these movies. No matter how fantastic the special effects are, if there's no real story, it just doesn't fly with me. I have an Amazon copy of Bladerunner, but I heard Bladerunner 2049 isn't very good. MAYBE I'll watch it sometime in the future.

  • Oh dear... While I generally agree with you, Bladerunner (and especially that poster) is perhaps the best example I've ever seen of another serious problem that has been blighting movies for the last decade or so:

    It's like the cinematic equivalent of autotune - and when we look back in years to come, it's going to make movies look so dated and ugly.
    Honestly, we may as well go back to the days of black and white movies, if directors are only going to use two colors anyway.

  • Too many remakes. Plus about the time I think about seeing a movie in the theater, they yank it from circulation.

    • It is not a remake... Why would be Harrison Ford in the movie if it is a remake?

      Go n watch the movie first... You will love it

    • and read the book!

  • Never watched Beauty and the Beast, Guardians of Galaxy vol 2, Fate and Furious, Transformers 5, Despicable me 3.

    Best movies ever made

    Terminator 2
    Blade Runner ( haven't seen the new one yet )
    Demolition Man
    Original 3 Star Wars movies

    I mean lets be honest most movies made today are just remakes of classics or shitty sequels that aren't worth watching.

    Once Hollywood makes a legitimate H. P Lovecraft movie like a movie adaptation of The Rats in the Walls

    or At the Mountains of Madness that Guillermo Del Toro was supposed to make.

    But hollywood being the pussies they are didn't want to risk a R rated horror movie set in a H. P Lovecraft world.

  • Well, people also don't go to the movies nearly as much. Plus, summer movies almost always get highest grossing as well. And if I'm not mistaken, almost all of the movies you presented are summer flicks. Many great movies don't make huge money. Factors like budgeting and marketing and how many theaters are showing has to do with that. A better indicator of how good the American public likes a movie are streaming buys and IMDB. There are dozens of movies I'd love to see, but haven't gone to the movies in years.

  • At least in hollywood they don't make the same movie with the same story line: girl meets guy, they fall in love, they sing and dance in a field of flowers, the parents disapprove and the guy gets involved with goondas and then they live happily ever after" And at least in hollywood they don't rely on one actor *cough* Sharukh Khan *cough* and that hollywood actors actually sing and not lipsync.

    Also at least there is variety in hollywood unlike another movie industry that just makes the same type of movie aka singing and dancing love story with goondas.

  • You're conviently forgetting that Bladerunner was an unnecessary remake of an already perfect movie. I stopped going to see movies because they were such bad hack jobs that are rushed and barely offer any cinematography worth watching.

    Bladerunner received mixed reviews from fans. That's why I didn't see it. IT was changed and didn't follow the book, the original IT was a closer adaptation to the book.

    Hollywood doesn't know how to make good movies anymore. Even the ones that are supposed to be good like Ghost in the Shell feel like substance is lacking, especially when side by side comparison to the original works.

    • It is not a remake dumb... it is a sequel to the movie... People who loved the first one were anticipated for it

    • Not gonna argue with a fanboy, good day.

  • This is pretty ironic coming from an Indian guy.


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