Beautiful Rangoli Designs (Diwali in India)

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Dhanteras Celebration in India !!!

Diwali 2017 in India

Beautiful Rangoli Designs (Diwali in India)

The most awaited festival, Diwali is here and we are busy preparing sweets and snacks, buying new cloths and utensils, decorating our home and wrapping up the gifts for our near and dear ones.

Beautiful Rangoli Designs (Diwali in India)

My take on Traditional Sweets ? 🤔🤔

Beautiful Rangoli Designs (Diwali in India)

People also clean their home for the festival and decorate it with lamps, flowers and rangoli.

The sacred art of rangoli originated in India and has been prepared during a festival or an auspicious occasion. It is prepared using flower or colored sand. Different types of rangoli like Sanskar Bharti in Maharashtra, kolam in Tamil Nadu, alpana in West Bengal and muggu in Andhra Pradesh are prepared across the country.

Beautiful Rangoli Designs (Diwali in India)

It reflects the region’s culture and is believed to bring good fortune."


Using Hanger

We Take a hanger and use it to make the design. This simple technique help us to draw the traditional symbol of a swastika by using contrasting colors for the design.

Using a sieve

For this design we use the strainer, cap of a container and sieve. We Complete the design by placing an oil lamp in the center.

Using Plastic Bags

We use the plastic bags to make rangolis. Before we make the rangoli, we sieve the sand to separate the bigger particles. The video shows you how we draw simple designs using the plastic cover.

Using a Plate

For this we need a big plate. We use it to draw a circle and then we use small cap to make petal like design. We also use matchstick to draw small lines.

Using Comb

For this design, we use a comb. The comb will give the sand a textured look. We use several colors in the design to unique.We add an oil lamp in the center to complete the Diwali look.

Beautiful Rangoli Designs (Diwali in India)

Happy Diwali !!!

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