Interesting Facts About Marilyn Monroe


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Interesting Facts about Marilyn Monroe

There are so many interesting facts about Marilyn Monroe some are more well known than others.

Plastic Surgery

Interesting Facts About Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn had very early stage plastic surgery. Plastic surgery being very unheard of at the time, She was advised to have the Cartilage at the tip of her nose reshaped, a chin implant and and vaneer teeth put in.

High Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Interesting Facts About Marilyn Monroe

Although she was typecast as a dumb blonde (a persona she hated), she was actually extremely intelligent. She had an apparent IQ of 168.


Interesting Facts About Marilyn Monroe

Although she famously sang “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” in reality Monroe wasn’t into expensive jewelry.

All the jewelry she owned was costume, expect for a diamond ring and a strand of pearls given to her by her second husband, Joe DiMaggio.


Interesting Facts About Marilyn Monroe

Monroe converted to Judaism after marrying playwright Arthur Miller.

Pregnancy and Miscarriage

Interesting Facts About Marilyn Monroe

During her marriage to Miller, Monroe tried to have a child (she desperately wanted to become a mother) unfortunately she suffered both an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage.

Best Performance of Career

Interesting Facts About Marilyn Monroe

Miller wrote Monroe’s role in The Misfits as a Valentine’s Day gift to her. Although she hated the role, many critics consider it the best performance of her career.


Interesting Facts About Marilyn Monroe

After her breakup with Miller Frank Sinatra gave Monroe a Maltese terrier to help her feel better. She named it Maf (short for Mafia Honey).

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Interesting Facts About Marilyn Monroe

The racy flesh-colored dress Monroe wore while singing the infamous “Happy Birthday Mr. President,” was covered with 2,500 rhinestones and was so tight that she had to be sewn into it. It's also the most expensive item of clothing ever to be sold at auction, selling at $1.26 Million in 1999.

Flowers on Grave

Interesting Facts About Marilyn Monroe

Monroe made Joe DiMaggio promise to leave flowers on her grave every week if she died before him. He kept his promise and half-dozen red roses delivered three times a week to her crypt for 20 years.

Nude Model in Playboy Magazine

Interesting Facts About Marilyn Monroe

Playboy Founder, Hugh Hefner bought the crypt above marilyn monroe in 1992 for $75,000 Also one of Marilyn's first public claim to fames was being nude model in Playboy Magazine.

Worried About Pimples

Interesting Facts About Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn was extremely vigilant with her facial washing as she was always worried about pimples, She washed her face up to 15 times a day.

Why Take on Marilyn Monroe ?

Recently I had noticed a Question to Rate her. Personally I Avoid Rating People. I rarely write Blogs like this on Girlsaskguys. Hope You Like My Take.

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Interesting Facts About Marilyn Monroe
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  • lovelyhoneybones
    Wow, this was actually a very informing mytake. I've learned a lot and gained more respect for Marilyn Monroe.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    She was a very interesting person and possibly the most famous woman to have ever lived.
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  • Fitness-Fanatic
    Good take. She was a very beautiful woman , but a very sad and unhappy person behind her celebrity persona
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  • amel23
    I don't know who would think she is stupid I have never seen her IQ but she always looked so smart since what made her an icon was not just her beauty rather that beautiful image she created around her that made them idiolise her and make her a fantasy she is smart enough to understand beauty and accentuate it
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    • As many people know, she was famous for portraying a sexy blonde who was also stupid (a bimbo). However it was not reality.

    • amel23

      She didn't just portray a dump blond she portrayed every guys fantasy she is so smart she makes it look like she is there to please guys when she is manipulating their minds

    • Yeah !!! Sadly, She died at the age of 36 after a possible suicide.

  • 1truekhaleesi
    It really disgusts me that Hugh Hefner bought a grave next to hers, knowing that he leaked her nudes without her permission. She already had a difficult life, and she still can't escape him.
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    • Yeah. I heard in the news that Marilyn apparently was so embarrassed by the photographs that she signed as ‘Mona Monroe’ on release forms, hoping that they wouldn’t come back to haunt her.

      Whole Empire Built without consent.

  • PrincessPie
    I remember hearing about quite a lot of this.
    But i'm not sure how much of it was proven.
    I liked Marilyn, she seemed troubled and in a lot of her interviews i could tell she was never actually happy.
    We don't get the vintage beauties like this anymore we get people like the Kardashians. The role models were much more beautiful and classy and interesting back then.
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  • Pie-Rack44
    Dolph lurgen is the same always type cast as a dumb blonde despite his high iq Interesting Facts About Marilyn MonroeInteresting Facts About Marilyn Monroe
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  • AriaKure
    Fantastic, i had no idea about who she even was before this
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  • BackAgain
    Lol how are all these new facts emerging after she's been dead so long
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    • Good Question. I appreciate. Celebrities not only enter our head space consistently, but our hearts and emotions. As per my understanding they never die.

  • CubsterShura
    Whoa, I wasn't aware of some things written here. Great job!
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  • Prima_Dana
    IQ isn't really an accurate measure of intelligence.
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    • Agree.

      It is one of several factors that have a major influence. Income is moderately tied to IQ but not strongly. There are plenty of millionaires who are geniuses. There are plenty of smart people who are not rich.

      Other factors that have a major influence are emotional intelligence (EQ), mental health, physical health, and one's general attitude and ambition.

      Thanks for Sharing Your Valuable Opinion on My Take. 😊😊👍👍

  • femme_A
    I love her. I didn't know she had a miscarriage... :(
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  • zagor
    And her name was Norma Jean Baker.

    And she was married to a sailor in the Navy before she got famous, and lived for a time on Catalina Island in California.
  • Itsjustlittleoldme
    Wonderful job!!
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  • Regular1
    Some of those are likely true, but some (i. e. the high IQ) are urban myths.
  • cupidkisses
    Good job
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  • Halucinator
    amazibg take👍
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    very interesting read !
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  • GayHowellMeme
    I can't wait to see where the wild things are.
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