Music Affects Your Personality/Behaviour and View of the World

Ever thought you wanted calm, relaxing, warm music with peaceful tones? Music can affect your personality, but it affects your personality more neutral/different than negative and positive.

I think people should talk about it more, because it really really makes sense.

The music you listen to can also tell how you see the world, and how you determine it in your mind.

People can usually tell the person's personality by their music. Most people act like the music they listen to. It can happen that you will join a subculture/a style. (Subcultures can also be a part of how you were raised up a lot)

Yes it affects a bit of your personality.

Do you listen to modern punk music? Finding yourself acting a bit immature and impulsive? Has affected me in ways. And yes I act like it everywhere with people. Immature and confusing. Hiphop/RnB can change you in many many ways, wearing sweatpants, using ghetto slang, being though.

And so will metal, metal makes me who I am. Metal can make you a more expressive person, a quiet person, impulsive, weird but sometimes angry. Which makes me, but I'm more on the impulsive and the hippie side. It can also affect how you treat people almost a whole part of it.

The reason is because the more you like the music THE MORE you want to become a part of it. I've seen good looking alternative tall men singing the type of music I like, it has made me wanting to look like them exactly.

The more you love the music the more you become the music itself.

And more and more, but remember these aren't just stereotypes that you think is judging. It affects your behaviour and style, and looks and a bit of personality. But not the whole kind, you'll be the same person no matter what.

The way you see yourself makes you act the way you look like, same with music. But there's so many genres that make up your behavior/view.

Do you believe in it? It's not stereotypes but more outside of it and how you feel and what people know you like. But it affects you.

What kind of music do you listen to? I can try to tell your personality.

Music Affects Your Personality/Behaviour and View of the World

This dude looks calm and reserved but a bit tough? Maybe electronic, nu-metal?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, I always knew music was so powerful it can affect you as a person in a way.. Although if it's who we are, or just somethin that the music has influenced is the is where the line is.. I guess.. LOL.. Music does come from the soul though.. That's why it's powerful..


What Girls Said 1

  • music is art and art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination so ofc it part of ourselves


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