The Advantages of Being A Female Metalhead

The Advantages of Being A Female Metalhead

Alright, so I recently addressed the problems of being a metalhead in my last myTake. NOW is the time to point out the good things about being one! And like my last myTake, some of these things I will list can be relatable for all you guys out there reading as well. Not just for the girls. I just want to say the specific female ones as well since I can totally relate. Get ready for ultimate weirdness. Here we go:

1.) Clothing style and clothing color.

If you're a total headbanger like I am, it can be a little easier choosing what to wear. I mean yeah, you'll obviously have trouble deciding between your favorite Slayer and Nuclear Assault shirts to wear for the day, but at least you don't deal with choosing between colors! For me most of my shirts are black, some are gray, and I only have one that's white and one that's dark green. For people who aren't the metalheads, they have to choose the colors, different styles, patterns, the whole nightmare of it all.

2.) You may not need to always separate the laundry pile!

Simply another perk of not having much variety of colors in your metal clothes.

3.) Makeup ideas from both female AND male band members!

May sound strange, but chicks can steal makeup ideas from the members of different bands, no matter what type of metal or rock they're into. Whether they get inspiration from 80's glam metal of Motley Crue, or the gothy makeup of Marilyn Manson. Though I think Kirk Hammett of Metallica lost touch with his metal look during Load/Reload era, I did get inspiration of the eyeliner and black nails from him since I don't go that crazy over makeup. NOT the clothes though!! Go ahead and bash me for liking some of his music from that time, but I will say that his style got pretty weird at that time compared to his true metal style of the past. Some women think that Kirk was super hot with his short hair. The hair wasn't the worst thing on earth, but if I had to choose between, i'd say that kirk with the long hair was/is the better thing.

The Advantages of Being A Female Metalhead
The Advantages of Being A Female Metalhead
Though I don't get inspiration when it comes to my hair style, I am proud to say that I am one of the many that was born with dark curly hair, which all my life I've kept quite long. Which takes me to the next thing...

4.) Styling of hair.

Some metal chicks let their hair go a bit unruly, simply because of their style. That's the perk! Now I'm not saying that with myself, I got the full frizzy haired, cliff burton type thing. Though I do let mine go a bit messy. Other girls go nuts trying to get their hair perfect, and spend hours with flat irons, tons of hair dye, curling irons, bobby pins, etc. I just let my curls do what they wanna do. At least with that, I don't have to worry so much about my hair all the time. I will admit though that sometimes I will put some dye of red, blue, or green at the ends of my hair.

5.) That dreaded "Time of the month"...

Alright girls, I'm sure you and even the guys will think this a very weird thing to mention when it comes to being metal. However, on those days whenever you're on your period, and you're stuck with the hellish nightmare of pain and your emotions seem to be going all over the place, just remember this: they are the most metal thing known to mankind! Blood? Anger? Pain? That's the kind of stuff that's in a lot of brutal metal songs. Plus think about this as well: you are pretty bad ass for going through times every month for many years, bleeding and being in pain, and surviving it. Who knows, my metal sisters, with the wrath you feel you want to put out on someone, maybe you can put it into creating a metal song of some sort!

6.) When you see a fellow metalhead, you already know you have something in common with them.

Whether you and one other person in an entire store (for example) are metalheads, you already know you two have something in common. You both love metal music. Usually 2 people like that end up meeting and talking about it.

That's happened to me plenty. however, one rule of thumb.. BEWARE OF THE POSERS! Someone could be there sporting a shirt that could be of AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" album or more brutally, Death Angel's "Killing Season" album because they like what how it looks. Metalheads have come up to me before asking me if I wear my metal stuff because I'm a headbanger or because of how it looks. Really I don't ask when I meet people, but I still figure out if they even know the band they're advertising on their clothes by talking about it sometimes.

7.) Once a metalhead, always a metalhead.

Many people believe that someone (especially a teenager) who's into metal is just going through a phase. For the majority of metalheads, this ain't the case. For true metalheads, the music keeps us alive. It fills us with good feeling, and helps us to get rid of those negative emotions that cling to us time and time again. Metal is nonconformist, it encourages you to be yourself. What could be better than that?

8 .) Metalhead couples.

The Advantages of Being A Female Metalhead

Sometimes couples can have trouble buying gifts for each other to show their love, whether its new love or long time relationship. But when the boyfriend and girlfriend are metalheads, ha, its not so hard. As long as they know what bands they both love. Gifts could rage from concert tickets, to CDs, to whatever other metal stuff. This perk could also be the same between metalhead friends. I've experienced both.

9.) Making it obvious yet NOT obvious about your pagan beliefs like I am.

Sorry, I couldn't make a better title than that. But really, around some family and only a few friends of mine, I've never told them that I am a wiccan. However, for those headbanging pagans out there, some symbols used in wicca and witchcraft in general are worn by metalheads. Such as the pentagram (in my practices it isn't the inverted symbol), occasionally Christian crosses, moons, anything celtic or norse, etc. Only issue is that people who don't understand some of the symbolism instantly think you're a Satanist. But for actual Satanists who love metal, its surely no problem for them to sport their symbolism with their metal stuff, as dark symbolism is naturally involved anyway.

Sully Erna, singer of Godsmack, is a fellow pagan and he wears stuff a lot that has to do with his beliefs. In the music video for his song "Voodoo", he wears a necklace with a rune on it, one with a pentagram, and a belt with a buckle that is the head of "the green man" in mythology.

The Advantages of Being A Female Metalhead

Disturbed has even has witchy symbolism as well.

The Advantages of Being A Female Metalhead

Anyone else got some perks of being a metalhead that they wanna share? If so, go on ahead. And keep looking out for more of myTakes of metal, more are coming soon. Keep the horns high metalheads! Rock on \\m//

The Advantages of Being A Female Metalhead
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