Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters


I've been a big fan of Disney ever since I was child and I'm still one till this day. I enjoy watching so many Disney movies and would literally watch them every day. While watching these movies, I've noticed some characters that definitely deserves some recognition and I'll be glad to list my top 7 favorites.

I'm not only going to list princesses but other female characters that are not considered princesses but is a really good role model to others.

1. Moana

She my favorite because of her brave heart and loyalty to her people. She would risk her own life to save her island which shows that she cares so much for them and wants nothing but the best. She even had the guts to go in front of "Te Ka" which was very frightening but was necessary in order to return the heart of "Te fiti"

Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters
Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters
Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters

2. Fa Mulan

Like Moana, she is also very brave and thought about her father who was too old and sick to fight in the war by taking his place.

Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters

3. Tiana

She taught me you have to work instead of expecting everything to come to you without effort and always believe in you dreams. Unlike, Snow white or sleeping beauty who needs a Prince, Tiana is very independent and hard working. She's a good role model for young women who for girls who is doubting their dreams and need some motivation.

Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters

Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters

4. Princess Ana

She may seem a bit naive and annoying at the beginning but I really love how caring she is towards her older sister and tries to build a relationship with Queen Elsa despite being pushed away. Several times.

Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters
Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters
Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters
Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters

5. Cinderella

Cinderella loving and compassionate heart definitely needs some recognition. Her step mother and step sisters took everything from her making her life miserable by tutoring her each and every day with many chores and so many emotional abuse which never stop her from believing that dreams can really come true. She even forgave them and helped her step sister Anastasia find true love.

Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters
Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters
Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters
Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters
Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters

6. Belle

"Beauty is truly the eye of the beholder" and I can't even disagree. She's so caring and understanding. Despite the Beast terrible appearance, she still try to understand him and fell in love with the person who is on the inside showing the there is someone for everyone out there.

Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters
Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters

7. Ariel

I love how curious she is about humans and is willing to leave the sea to be one. She is also a hero by saving Prince Eric life and I must admit that she's a good singer to like the other characters that I mentioned above.

Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters
Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters

I'd love to hear some of your favorite Disney Princesses/ female characters.

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and I understand that everyone has different opinions, so if you think otherwise, then feel free to share.

Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters
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  • vishna
    aww yea, Cinderella was really kind. She was so patient, she could have just poisoned those bitches but she didn't. She did her work really well.

    Tiana was SO hard working, she was sensible and determined :)

    And so awesome for including Mulan, she was doing something so tricky and difficult but was so brave.

    aww I really enjoy your list :)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Apope16
    Belle is my favorite and the best. She loved her man for who he was and was open minded... was empathetic.
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    • Allie_Oops

      Belle was an educated woman who loved a man who forcibly locked her in his castle and held her captive away from her family because he was an ass who was known for being a stuck up jerk, which is why he was cursed in the first place. I like Belle, but her relationship with The Beast was actually pretty terrible because it sends the message that just because a man is mean and treats you bad doesn't mean you should leave him and that eventually he'll change yet that's just not true in the real world. A man doing that to a woman now is abuse and a felony charge.

    • Apope16

      @Allie_Oops true. I agree. But it's fiction. Thanks for the MHO!

    • Allie_Oops

      Fiction or not, your reasoning for liking Belle just doesn't make any sense. She was open minded nor was she empathetic. She was dismissive. And fiction or not, the story still had a moral to it.

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  • oOsecret_starlandsOo
    1.) Mulan is my favorite disney "princess."

    She really flipped the table in not being an actual princess, but a warrior who saved her whole country, despite knowing she would be killed as a woman doing so.

    And to protect her father!

    Heart of an Empress honestly.

    Parts of me feel she purposefully wasn't made an official princess to break the traditional ideology.

    2.) Hate Ariel.

    She put everyone's lives at risk in a spoiled bratty manner because Daddy said No.

    3.) Princess Anna

    hasn't been a sincere display of love, support and sacrifice for a beloved family member in a looong time. I cried a little when she froze.

    4.) Moana

    Lol I liked her grandma the best honestly ha ha but they both were so fearless in pursuing what was impossible, though many were against it.

    She found the truth of who they really were and it set them all free...

    "No one kno--ows how far it go--oes!!"


    5.) Nala

    Kind of an unspoken princess, but Nala was pretty inspiring - she was Simba's super supportive right hand gal, strong, and the voice of reason that turned the whole movie.

    She was also whippin some hyena and lion tail in both movies lolTop 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female CharactersTop 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters
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  • Bluemax
    That Moana isn't one of the canonical princesses is a shame.

    -She's a Disney character.
    -She's a daughter of a hereditary monarch. (btw, in much of Polynesian culture, Tui and Sina, her parents, would likely be brother/sister)
    -She sings and has animal side kicks (I liked the pig waaaay more than Heihei)

    C'mon, Disney! What more do you need?

    Aside from that, she *ACTUALLY LEARNS SKILLS*. Aside from being gifted with a great voice and a certain natural kindness and sweetness (which in times past was all you needed), she *ACTUALLY DOES SHIT*.

    I confess perhaps I'm biased because Moana looks almost exactly like my niece.

    I had a student who is Polynesian. She said her heart practically burst out of her chest with pride when she watched the "We Know the Way" part. Who could blame her? It was my favorite part, too.

    by the way, Maui shows Moana how to tie a knot. It was accurate. That was a bowline, and that's how you tie them. The group of stars Moana followed was Maui's hook. Although it was highly stylized, that was somewhat accurate, too. What we in the West call Scorpio was known as Maui's hook to the Polynesians. Scorpio is in fact shaped like that (thought as I said, it was highly stylized in the movie) and stands at a certain angle when it rises, like a hook at the latitudes around the equator and into the southern hemisphere. The night sky as it was portrayed in the movie was the sky seen from the southern hemisphere. When the sails on Moana's boat were luffing a bit (fluttering... an indication they aren't being most efficient), Maui teaches her to tap on the rudder and head up (into the wind) or fall off (away from the wind), and the sails stop luffing. Again, that's accurate and the right thing to do when you're sailing.
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  • PecanPie
    My favorite princess is Cinderella. She lost her father who was everything to her and got stuck with a step mom and sisters who abused her. She lost the good life she had with her father, was shoved into the attic with nothing except her animal friends. Her dreams came true going to that Ball.
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  • MarkRet
    My favorite isn't a Disney character, it's that girl from Spirited Away. She changes from a bored brat into a girl that changes things for the better, including herself.
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    • martsa

      Chihiro is her name :)

  • Being_a_good_Indian
  • LegateLanius
    Belle is not a good example at all in my opinion, she wonders around basically singing about how much better she is than everyone else, that their normal, perfectly good lives, aren’t good enough for her. Then, because she can’t be interrupted reading, she rampages through town, messing with someones sheep; she knocks someone out; and basically disrupts the entire towns morning. She reads the same book over and over. Then let’s just get to how rude she is throughout the majority of the movie. She rarely says please or thank you, even when people are doing nice things for her. She constantly disobeys orders. “Don’t go in the West Wing after my captor so nicely moved me from a jail cell to a suite? Nah…” She talks back to the Beast and blames him after he saves her life because she was a dumb ass that ran out into the night.
    Then there's Anna who is actually very naive and can't even take into account her sister's warnings about Hans. She's so excited to marry Hans, the man of her dreams, who she just met, and she doesn't know a damn thing about him at all.
    Besides those two, the rest are really good examples.
  • Plumy
    Merida and Rapunzel, please❗
    Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters
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  • BoyCrazyLOL14
    i luv all of then, but i didn't know Moana was a princess
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  • Hal2002
    Tiana on the surface looks like a good role model, but in real life she is why most successful black women will end up either a single mother divorced or alone.

  • DaniaMQ
    Moana, Miranda (from Brave) and Belle are my favourite
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  • FutureTrunks
    Moana will always be my favorite. I never cried so hard from a kids movie
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  • LilPump2178
    I have literally seen all of these movies like a hundred times each with my little cousin. Especially moan and belle. She loves them
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  • OfDeath
  • D_Bone_Steak
    Skipped through all of it but glanced at pictures... I wanted to bang all of them... especially moana.
  • WhiteKnight2
    the Disney princesses always seemed pretty bland but my favorite character is Aladin, something about him really Touched me.
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  • KiaTate
    I wish Disney would recognize Kida from Atlantis. She was a warrior princess, the art in the movie was amazing, and she wanted what was best for her people.
  • Pink2000
    Tiana is my favorite because she has brown skin like me.
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  • MidnightCowboy
    The ones like Cinderella, Snow White, and Bella are outdated and useless in the modern world.

    I do like Mulan and Moana.
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  • CrazyyChick
    Lol my favorite disney princess is Aurora, but I love them all♥
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  • soleil2666
    Yeah - Disney is behind this mess of girls believing they are princesses and abusing men who don't treat them as such.
    You might want to get off of that opium, if you intend to have a real life.
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