My Review of Accident Man (Minor Spoiler Alert)

Nowadays it’s so hard to find a new movie that isn’t politically driven. Fortunately I found one and it’s called “Accident man”.

This 2018 movie is actually based on a comic series from the 1990s. The story’s protagonist is a hitman(played by Scott Adkins) that specializes in hand to hand combat and making deaths look like accidents hence the name of the movie.

My Review of Accident Man (Minor Spoiler Alert)

1.) Dark humor/Black comedy

If you are easily offended, you may want to steer clear of this movie. For example the slur “Dyke” is used on a few occasions in the film.My Review of Accident Man (Minor Spoiler Alert)

2.) High quality choreography

The fight scenes are filmed perfectly, you can actually see who is winning the fight. There’s also no shaky camera work in the fight scenes.My Review of Accident Man (Minor Spoiler Alert)

3.) Interesting Protagonist backstory

The backstory of the protagonist is very detailed, not going to spoil it too much but it shows how the protagonist as a teenager was frequently bullied, so he convinced a local hit man to mentor him on everything he knew which lead the protagonist to kill his bullies.My Review of Accident Man (Minor Spoiler Alert)

4.) Story might seem cliché at first but

Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the story has a different twist. Basically the protagonist’s ex wife got killed by 2 of the hitmen who are allied to him. Seems cliché doesn’t it? Well the twist is that his deceased ex wife left him for another woman presumably because he was very secretive of his work as a hit man and it also turned out that she was pregnant with his child. The whole movie is him hunting down the person who ordered the hit, it is implied that he is avenging his unborn child’s death, not so much his ex.My Review of Accident Man (Minor Spoiler Alert)

5.) Interesting characters and interactions

The characters are all interesting. The protagonist works for the hitman that was also his mentor and is the leader of a group of hitmen and one hitwoman. Each one has unique skills although one of those hitmen is just there for canon fodder. A interesting relationship is between the protagonist and his deceased wife’s lesbian lover, their relationship goes from dislike to friendship.My Review of Accident Man (Minor Spoiler Alert)

6.) No more invulnerable enforcer

The one thing I really liked about this movie is that when it came to the imposing enforcer character, it wasn’t the cliché indestructible enforcer. They actually made it more realistic by showing that just because you are big, doesn’t mean you are invincible as the protagonist took out the enforcer fairly easily.My Review of Accident Man (Minor Spoiler Alert)

7.) Good acting

The acting is very good, probably because all of the actors and actresses are experienced. Facial expressions, voice work and actions are all done in a believable manner.My Review of Accident Man (Minor Spoiler Alert)

Overall, I rate the movie a 9.5 out of 10. Even though it wasn’t a Hollywood movie, it definitely rivals many of Hollywood’s recent action films.

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  • Cool, I will keep my eye out for it.


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  • Both Scott and Michael are highly under-rated action stars...

  • Let me get thos start Steve Atkins and Micheal jai white?

  • Thank you for the spoiler alert


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