The Best Kpop Songs From February!

I think I might make a post for every month we'll see. These songs are not ranked just in a random order

Gugudan - The Boots

This song is amazing! So far gugudan have been kind of a standard cute girl group, they bored me tbh. I even called them nugudan cause I'm an asshole XD. Nugu means who in korean so people who are nobodys get called nugus and it fits perfectly with their name which is why it's weird that they chose it but whatever. But with this song they really changed it up I love the song.

The sound is quite unique. The beat in the beginning kinda reminded me of 90s hip hop like Will Smith or something. And also the lyrics are great (you can watchit with subtitles) It's not that common for a girl group to have an inspiring song with a message like this. Most of the time they just sing about love and how much a guy is making their heart flutter and stuff. But this really has a great positive uplifting message. Even the style with the boots and the dark silky look is nice. The more I listen to the song the more I like it! :)

NCT U - Boss

I don't like many boygroups but this is one of the best ! They're the best dancing group in Kpop their choreographies are always hard and creative but their execution is perfect and as one. Their singing and rapping is good and their stage presence and energy is also there they have everything ! On top of that I also like their songs some more and some less but this one is really good. The video is also nice with the arcitechture that it features.

NCT U - Baby Don't Stop

They released 2 songs this month and they're gonna follow up with a whole album soon which I'm looking forward to. This video shows some of the sick dancing. They're both very good but the red haired guy (Taeyong) I admire him cause he's so good at a ton of things. His skill in dancing has been a bit overlooked by the wider public but I think he can be the best dancer in Kpop he is special. Well he's already close to the top now but he's not really recognized yet in the future I'm sure he will be ^^. This performance is quite amazing in my opinion.

BoA - One Shot Two Shot

BoA is amazing she started her career in the year 2000 ! 18 years ago. She was extremely successful and her nickname or title is Queen of Kpop which kinda says a lot. Here's a video that shows some of her best dance parts and you can also just get a glimpse of her career. She even tried to break through in the states because she was so popular in Korea they thought she could do it. The song Eat you up is also in this video. I personally like the song but it didn't take off. Maybe they didn't have the connections to promote it effectively or maybe the U.S. was just not interested in a Asian star I don't know.

Today it's different but things have changed a lot since then.

BoAs peak popularity was before I even knew about Kpop so I'm not a old fan. But she made me a fan with her new work ! Last year she released an amazing song Camo which was my #5 song of the year and this year she continued with One Shot Two Shot which I really like. I'm so impressed by her and how she's at the highest level skills sharpened to perfection and making it look effortless even after beeing in the business for so long.

Penomeco - L.I.E

I don't know if I'll make a post for January probably not. There were a LOT of good songs in January but it seems pointless to go backwards. But this song was almost released in February only 2 days before so I'll just take it in here. Last year the #8 song on my list for the whole year was a song by Millic(producer) with Zico, Dean, Crush and Penomeco who are currently some of the best artists in Kpop. Even though they are famous, especially Zico but also the others their music doesn't seem to be blowing up as much as you'd expect. So I'll give this song a shoutout here because it deserves it :)

Let me know if you like any o the songs and have a nice day! :)


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