Live Art and Live Music


Yesterday I went to a special concert. I thought it was very unique.

Live Art and Live Music

Live Art.

It's not uncommon for music to be performed live. However it is rare for artists to make art live. Watching art in progress is an amazing experience. Unlike the music being played, it's difficult to plan what goes on the canvas. I was able watch artists make extraordinary art with the influence of the band behind them. What made this even more interesting was that multiple artists used the same canvas.

Live Art and Live Music

Great Music

The music was great. There were plenty of classic inspirational songs. Exactly the type of songs that would influence an artist.

Live Art and Live Music

Great Combination

Combining art and music has been done before, but has it been done LIVE? This concert was a great combination of art and music. All of this in one performance!

Live Art and Live Music

This concert was so amazing. A great way to showcase both music and art. I hope to see more concerts like this.

Live Art and Live Music
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  • jennifer_bloom
    My friend used to invite me to these restaurant events where people would paint things while dining at a restaurant with an art instructor. I believe the lessons were $25 - $50 a person. I never went because I was trying to save money.
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  • PervinMervin29
    Your lucky. Often stuff like this is hit and miss
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  • edmonton
    I always see live painters paint as love music is going on. Some even paint with their canvas upside down to make it tricky for people to guess. But I go to a lot of art shows and events. But it's neat for sure!
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I'm now intrigued. I'd like see such a "combo" soon.
  • ThisDudeHere
    Although I kinda like drawing, I would die of boredom if I had to watch someone else do it.
    • CoffeeWC

      That's why there's music to entertain

    • I'd rather then listen from my earphones.

  • azzntittiz
  • omgjassy
    Sounds cool
  • beebella
    Sounds interesting.
  • CT_CD
    Amazing myTake
  • Anonymous
    You’re lucky! I hope one day I’ll get the chance to go to this kind of concert!