13 Hardstyle Techno Songs with Nasty Bass drops


1. Minion Banana Song (before bass drops 0:25)

2. Boy oh boy (before bass drops 0:23)

3. Tsunami (before bass drops 1:09)

4. Proxy (before bass drops 1:25)

5. I'm an albatroaz (0:40)

6. Rattle (1:15)

7. Ping pong vs Helicopter (1:07)

8. Bazooka (0:55)

9. Unicorn Zombie (1:25)

10. Animals (1:48)

11. Hahaha! (0:15)

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12: Silver screen (instant)

13: Nix (instant)

13 Hardstyle Techno Songs with Nasty Bass drops
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  • littlebutswole
    so i love music and i produce music myself, and i really love edm and techno.
    i have to say the only ones that i like are
    -proxy by martin garrix (martin garrix is pretty good)
    -i'm an albatraoz
    -animals is classic
    -silver screen doesn't have a bass drop but its pretty good especially -towards the end
    nix is cool

    the concept of the ping pong one is good but not executed great
    hahaha could've been so good but it was weak

    if you want a good bass drop listen to zedd's "done with love" it is one of my favorite edm songs of all time and it might be my favorite bass drop there is one really good one at 1:33 and another amazing one at 3:32

    pleaseee listen to it and tell me what you think, i think you'll love it
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Most Helpful Guy

  • YourFutureEx
    Well, I'm guessing you're new to EDM cuz apart from the #11, none of them are "hardstyle techno"

    1. Melbourne Bounce (Electro House)
    2. Electro House
    3. Big Room (Electro House)
    4. Big Room
    5. Nightcore
    6. Electro House
    7. Big Room
    8. Big Room
    9. Big Room
    10. Big Room
    11. Hard Dance (Hardcore/Techno)
    12. Nu Disco (Techno)
    13. Techno (I guess)

    I'm not picking holes, just teaching you about genres, just in case you wanna deeply explore and wanted to search easily.

    Nice playlist by the way, 3rd, 4th, 5th (original version), 7th,8th, 9th & 11th are already in my collection. Would add the 1st and probably the 11th one too xD
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    • Here we go again. Excuse me? Where do you title justice warriors come from? I have a digital dj license from Japan. I pay an equivalent of $2000 annually for the license (it covers 3 countries under 1 LLC company) With that being said, I know exactly what the different type of technos are. And I consider the ones in my list hardstyle. You probably listened to this and thought oh every hardstyle sounds like that, no, just no. https://youtu.be/mPDP1mcfCQI

      I hear the same argument for country music. "its not country cuz there is no guitar sounds" Wtf?

    • Lmao calm yo tities rich boy 😂

      I was not attacking you or anything. Just thought I'd help.

      Gosh, what do we call this situation? Transgenre? XD just like transgenders *consider* themselves as opposite of what they actually are

      Whatever sails your boat man. If want to listen to electro thinking you are listening to hardstyle, it's cool. I don't give two jackshit.

      by the way, wise people call this actual hardstyle

      @ThisDudeHere check this take out! You always wanted a hardstyle playlist so here it is xD

    • The amount of idiots that I deal with everyday is baffling. Reaching for your ass, pulling crap out and holding it as a sign of being "helpful" doesn't make you an expert on the topic lul. What does a young buck and a drunk guy have in common? They always got something to say. And 99% of the time, its nonsense.

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  • DizzyDesii
    I like Two Feet “Go fck Yourself” and Flume Disclosure “You and Me”
  • Pineapple_Boy
    Flosstradamus GTA & little Jon-Prison Riot (0:48)

  • Pink2000
    Some of these I love but my favorite is Tiesto - Maximal Crazy
  • Ellie-V
    mini-onions :)
  • AmyRay
    lmaooo I still like it
  • 68emaa
  • turol441
  • Anonymous
    Very interesting indeed, I love Techno.
  • Anonymous
    I don't even know why this is featured.