Great Music Post #2: Hip-hop, Klezmer, Gospel, Swing, Tango

These songs are in no particular order. Maybe I said too much today. But I'm at my computer, and it's been about a week since my last music take:

1) Hip-hop (maybe Bounce or Crunk): Yonnie featuring Ying Yang Twins "In Da Club"

I guess Yonnie is the amazing female singer. I don't know why Ying Yang Twins were disparaged, but I like the album I know about. They are vulgar (who isn't) but good rappers. Good sound, good rap in the middle. Song that women should like with the great vocals.

2) Klezmer: Hopkele/Dancing in the Aisles

Klezmer is Jewish Eastern European music with accordion, clarinet, violin, trumpet like instruments, and many others. It is joyous with extremely talented musicians. I like a lot of Klezmer, and this band Klezmer Conservatory Band is amazing, but this song is probably favorite. The first half is a beautiful female singer singing in Yiddish. The 2nd half is joyous wonderful instrumentals. Only found one place for you to hear the song...

3) Gospel: Glory to Glory to Glory

Even if not religious, this is one favorite Gospel song. Wish I could hear more like this. Give it a chance.

4) Neo-swing/Neo-Jazz: Comfy Chair "Renaissance in Harlem"

I love 90s swing. There is so much I could post. This is not totally typical swing, but this song is spectacular and short. Wish they had found success.

5) Tango: Taquito Militar / Band-O-Neon Orquesta Típica de Tango

I'm no huge fan of tango. I got an album, and this one song really appealed to me, quite catchy. I found this video of the musicians in back, and 3 couples in front. Under 3 minutes.



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  • I like number five the most in this one.


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