Top 5 catchy songs of the Modern Era

Ever listen to a song that sticks with you in your mind? Here are five that get me singing along everytime.

1. Uptown Funk

This song makes me want to jump up and dance like Michael Jackson and James Brown. I admit Bruno Mars does a great job on this song capturing the 70's and 80's funk style.

2. Let It Go

Demi Lovado wrote this song. The words are just so beautiful. Plus it's from my favorite Disney movie. But the song is so much more than that. It is about depression and letting things from the past go and opening up.

3. All About that Bass

This song to me is just so catchy. It has a 50's-60's style beat to it that makes it enjoyable to about everyone.

4. Shake it off

I don't really fancy myself as a Taylor swift Fan. But, I admit I like this one. In this song she is pretty much giving her haters and critics a big F you by saying she don't care what people think.

5. What does the fox say

I admit this one is weird, but catchy too. Makes a good song for children. Although the fox really says yip. It's an overall funny song and can catch on to kids.

There you have it. songs that are catchy. Do you know any more, any opinions list them below

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What Girls Said 2

  • Except for the fifth one, I totally agree. Especially with Qween Tay's Shake it off. :D

  • I don't really like what does the fox say, but nice take


What Guys Said 3

  • What the hell is that god awful last video.. It must be meant for 8 year olds. The rest is right on though

  • Is it weird that I haven't listened to any of those?

  • Very catchy


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