10 things I learned from Thanos


Take the Good with the Bad

Sure Thanos in the movie Avengers Infinity War was an obvious sadistic Mad Titan, However there are 10 valuable things that I can take from Thanos.

10 things I learned from Thanos

1. Go for what you want no matter the cost.

Despite some odds Thanos still went for the stones.

2. Be a leader

He is a leader to his children and army. They Obey and respect him.

3. Even when people don't listen to you. Stay true to yourself

His people disagreed with Thanos's action calling him a mad titan. Yet that didn't stop him from retrieving all stones.

10 things I learned from Thanos

4. Walk with your head up high no matter what happens.

Throughout the movie Thanos never showed any sign of defeat or weakness.

5. Don't show any weakness

Thanos with his walk and posture showed toughness.

6. Outspoken doesn't mean immediate success. Thanos seemed like a quiet chilled dude.

Thanos didn't talk too much. He said a few words and let his actions do the talking.

10 things I learned from Thanos

7. Believe in yourself even when no one else does

thanos believed in himself after his home abandoned him

8. Negotiate your problems with others.

9. Be a man of your word

Over maybe 3 times Thanos gave up on killing to get the stones. He could have killed the GOTG, Stark and Thor but kept his word.

10. Enjoy watching the sunrise

the sunrise was his reward.

10 things I learned from Thanos

Bonus: In theory he helped save the earths population. He got rid of a lot of bad people.

10 things I learned from Thanos
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  • Anonymous
    Hollywood's morality often confuses itself. At the end of the day thanks was right populations need to be controlled so they don't become overpopulated which results in famine, poverty and starvation.
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  • SleepingSnorlax
    He also got rid of a lot of good people

    Also 4&5 are the same thing so thanos only taught you 9 things
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  • killer4212
    Thanos wasn't wrong. But his way of doing things ehh. Not so good
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take.
    • Anonymous

      good response

  • Jager66
    I mean.. he was right.. kinda of a dick though.
  • Lmao cute
  • Reggieray
    Some good points...
  • ROCKS128

    You forgot sacrifice!!