Why Poetry Is An Art Worthy Of Respect And Study


All too often you might find that crude language poses to much vageries to accurately describe what you're feeling, a certain situation, or life in general. Much of what we experience in our lifetimes might give rise to perceptions and thoughts too multilayered or complex for the mundane strokes of collequial conversation.

As an amateur poet myself I view this artform as a shadow asking a thought to dance
becoming brighter with each step. A higher way of describing what's around us which may resonate even more than putting it in concise factual terms.

Now what I'm saying isn't that factuality or concise description is a bad thing. Absolutely not, but merely in some circumstances, insufficient. Poetry, takes meaning, and elevates it into eloquent thought. It is a wonderful method of conveying a message, tell a story or reveal truths.

Some of my favorite poetic authors include Edgar Allan Poe, and his longest literary symposium, The Raven, where he brings to life the descent into madness and man's relationship with divine authority, as well as William Blake and his poem, "Sleep sleep beauty bright."

Sleep! sleep! beauty bright,
Dreaming o'er the joys of night;
Sleep! sleep! in thy sleep
Little sorrows sit and weep.

Sweet Babe, in thy face
Soft desires I can trace,
Secret joys and secret smiles,
Little pretty infant wiles.

As thy softest limbs I feel,
Smiles as of the morning steal
O'er thy cheek, and o'er thy breast
Where thy little heart does rest.

O! the cunning wiles that creep
In thy little heart asleep.
When thy little heart does wake
Then the dreadful lightnings break,

From thy cheek and from thy eye,
O'er the youthful harvests nigh.
Infant wiles and infant smiles
Heaven and Earth of peace beguiles.

-William Blake

It's like a song of the mind's olympian apex when dealing with the world. Poems like these can hold many meanings, can be interpreted in different ways or simply enjoyed for its eloquence.

It takes intuitive, intellect, instinct, proclivity for imagination and philosophy to author good poetry. It is not something you throw together half-heartedly in accordance with some traditional stanzas and genres. Such attitudes robs poetry of it's purpose and point.

Why Poetry Is An Art Worthy Of Respect And Study

This isn't a rant about how people should adore poetry and not doing so is incompetent. I just wish to share my reasons for liking it so much and why it isn't just an old pasttime or eighteenth century noblemen.

Finally, I'll include a piece I wrote myself. I am by no means an expert nor do I consider myself gifted, but I genuienly enjoy writing short pieces about reflections, thoughts and opinions I have on several subjects.

"Why do we not love the night
That with its pure, alluring light
Awes your heart and brandishes her might
Singing its archaic songs, a dalliance, resting in plain sight
You do not see the face of the sun
For it adorns its crown so blinding bright
The sun will veil and burn your path
The moon will quench such wanton wrath
So live with me through the chatoyant stars
Imbue us with the becoming night"
-Alexander Brunnrgaard

Why Poetry Is An Art Worthy Of Respect And Study
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  • kaewk
    The arts, painting, poetry, etc they TYPICALLY do not contribute anything worthwhile to society. Majority of the time, especially with modern Art it’s all a joke. I’ve never heard someone say “That piece of poetry changed my life completely”. Maybe “That poet changed my life” because they are fascinated with their appearance but otherwise no.
    Other occupations like religious scholars/imams, engineers, doctors, teachers, these are people who change our society. And these are people worth listening to rather than some weirdos love story.
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    • Then I can happily report that I have heard of people who's views have been changed by poetry, myself included. And poetry does contribute. Not in the conventional way, but the arts are food for the soul. And we humans need to nurture our souls. Our imagination, creativity and passion. Life becomes much less worth living otherwise and humanity becomes joyless and callous. It's narrow minded to think that one cancels the other. The arts and science can happily coexist as two sides of an important coin to humanity.

      These are the types of narrow minded, ignorant stances on the arts

      Furthermore, Imams do not contribute anything to society but misguidance and hatred. Truly odd that you included them amongst scholars and engineers.

      But, you're young. And it does take a certain level of maturity to appreciate the arts.

    • Sorry, a part was omitted there.
      *These are the types of narrow minded, ignorant stances on the arts which prevents the majority of people from breaking out of the mirage of the mediocre and not just exist, but live.

    • Arts do not have the Job to cure Cancer or send people to the moon.
      It has the Job to inspire people.
      You are 14 and have Not Seen much of the world, so Take a closer Look on Art in Future.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • StephenCF
    I’ve been writing poetry now and again since I was 15, and if we lived in any other generation in history, I’d be the Harry Styles of my social circle just for my way with words alone 😒 Most girls lack taste in men & culture nowadays, showing too little interest when I tell them about the beauty that is my poetry
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    • I would expect nothing less from such a culture as the Irish, brimming with beautiful historic prose and music in ancient legends and the like. We are kindred spirits then.

      But I think you've just had the misfortune of meeting a few slow-witted ones. Many girls I've revealed my hobby too have been quite fascinated/attracted. Don't give up on the existence of traditional women out there!

    • StephenCF

      Too right. Traditional women are the only fish in my pool nowadays, otherwise I’m happy remaining single. I came to grips with this sad reality about women & poetry back in college; I was a shy guy who expressed my interest in a girl through a poem I posted online (no names, but with some obvious indicators), it was eventually shared with her by classmates who found it and deciphered it... but I learned when I saw her again that she was not moved by it in the slightest & treated me as if I embarrassed her to the whole class... apparently for sharing my love in an art form that probably no other man in her life ever will 😡

    • Bah, the yolk of modernism in this day and age engenders such miserable ignorance to what really makes for something interesting.
      Sorry to hear you had trouble with mean girls, but pay them no mind. People like that are slaves to their own insecurities. Their taunts fall like meager snowdrops on a spring morning. A poet's visions is as ubiquitous as the sun.

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  • JaneandJune
    I really appreciate poetry, never been much of one myself. But I love words and books and the beauty of language. I love writing and creative writing. Just the way it can make you feel reading something you connect with.
  • Meoir34
    Very good take! I think the beauty of poetry is often very underrated!
  • NerdInDenial
    The arts are good hobbies and can be lucrative if you can find a sponsor.
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take.
  • Nadim171
    I totally agree would like to get into it toug
  • Anonymous
    Poetry like any art form can be open to interpretation, it's something that you can connect to or otherwise, the same beauty as any art-form, even music, a song can mean a million different things to a million different people etc. The same with poetry etc... And it often holds its true meaning; The true meaning can also be clearly apparent, especially where writing is concerned. Mine has always been depression based, a release for me, it's meaning's always un-hidden, as a rule I don't share it, my grammar is terrible something that's gotten worse, (And half of the time I'm too tired and not well enough to care). tbh I'm not that good either but I'll attach one that I have shared before. For me it's part of none self destructive escapism/release, have a good weekend. LM.Why Poetry Is An Art Worthy Of Respect And Study