Laurie's TOP 15 WORLD'S SEXIEST music and dance videos of all time - Part 1



Brace yourself as we embark upon an erotic and adventureful ride through time and space into a sensually stimulating tease of ...well, let's just say "targeted areas" of the bodies senses!

The same senses that first made you believe that erotic sex was a delightfully alluring escape into the world of arousal, desire, sexual edging, unimaginable excitement ...and maybe even "release!"

Lock your bedroom door, put up your "DO NOT DISTURB" sign, and get ready to rock, roll and ...well, we won't say what comes after the rolling part for now, but be patient .. that is if you can won't take long to figure it out ...I promise!

Laurie's TOP 15 WORLD'S SEXIEST music and dance videos of all time - Part 1

Watch Mr Billy as he puts his hands in front of his eyes, like "Am I suppose to be seeing this?"

Um ....Ok, how do I tell mother about this one ...Uh ...well, I'll just let Matt Walst and "My Darkest Days" explain it! ...

Can I ask you a question? Will you give me an honest answer? Would any top 15 Sexiest Music Video's be complete without a BAD "BAD GIRLFRIEND"? ...just wondering ...

Uh ....well ...if you "JUMP", you better be holding onto whatever you're wearing since there isn't very much holding it up there and you don't want to loose it :) ...or do you? ...

"Laurie ...I have a question ...if I only watched one hot video of the top 15 which one should it be?" ...well, even though you are not going to want to miss any of them, and I guaranty it! ...I am still so glad you asked because ...HERE IT IS ...

Why is it that I don't think you'd even be watching this video on this myTake if you weren't ..."HOT BLOODED"! ...I hate always being right! ...

Speaking of "HUNGRY" ...just exactly what are you hungry for? ...well Ms Lita has some ideas for you ...

Well, what have you been waiting for? If it's dancing, then now's the time! ...

I've been wanting to whisper this into your ear all night ..."I Like The Way You Move!" ...and so has Mr Dylan and his girl, so why wait any longer :) ...

No sexy video ensemble would ever be complete without at least one 'Young Man's" cougar fantasy, and who knows more about that than "STACY'S MOM"? :) ...

I know this is a big surprise to some of you, but the allure of "TUSH" is not just for boys ...lesbian and bi girls like it too. NO, I'm not kidding! ...

If you weren't having a problem breathing normally just might after getting a "Breath" of this ...

For those of you that like a little sexual restraint with your punishment ...need I say any more?'s now time to kneel before your master ...

I'm so addicted to you! ...but don't you know that you're so f***ing "TOXIC"? ...or is it me? ...

Did you know that some girls like Stocktings too? :) ...

Yes, I know, I know ...we have just scratched the surface, and be assured this is only a small sample of the hormone induced edge of erotic pleasures to come :)

Will you come back again soon for more? :)

I hope you enjoyed this myTake a fraction of what I did putting it together for you, and if you did, please up vote it ...just for me ...PLEASE!


Laurie's TOP 15 WORLD'S SEXIEST music and dance videos of all time - Part 1
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  • TarrAva
    Laurie, I promised to reply later. Now is later but I only had time to look at the one video you recommended (Sexiest Auditions).

    All I can say wow! what a performance by those athletic ladies. Just incredible.

    However, the elderly Eastern European male judge seems totally oblivious to the beauty and the performance of those girls. I guess that his wife gave him the lazy eye at home or he totally failed to get what kind of work is going to such a performance.

    On the other hand, Britain's coolest gay man David Walliams does a top performance. If you fancy him, check the series "Little Britain."

    As for me, I am so totally jealous of the girls in this clip. My own performance would more likely be the one of the dog in this clip, not the hippo, please!

    Laurie, you just outdid yourself one more time - congrats ;-)
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    • You're video clip is way too funny. Definitely got a loud laugh out of me! Thank you, I needed that... lol

    • TarrAva

      then, it is mission accomplished!

    • TarrAva

      Hey Laurie, thanks also for the system attributed MHO for this one.

      Very high quality work you put into this one. Congrats and keep us fed with more LaurieTakes. You are just awesome at those things (hint of jealousy)

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Most Helpful Guys

  • lightbulb27
    The ZZ top Tush is the hottest of those, well done! I guess they could have written a corillary song, "Bust"...;)

    Maybe I'm just getting older, but girls shaking their mostly naked bodies doesn't do it... like I know it is MANipulation (ZZ top asside... aheemmm). I thought Pinks on stage performance, maybe not sexy, but was off the charts.."try try try".

    A classy, confident woman in a nice fitting dress or sweater much better to me... some mystery.. this scene says it the best for me... see all the sexy young women... there's no content...

    See Yvonne Decarlo as Selphora... ooo la la!! WOMAN!!!

    Maybe I'm cut of a different cloth, but was always like that. Thank you for the mytake!
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    • Very nice, really!

      ... and thank you for the kind compliments and your time looking at this myTake!

  • Finchie40
    Laurie you're fucking awesome thanks for always. giving. me a hard on , you would be such an awesome girl to be with , party with and have fun with etc... I adore you , such a turn on
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  • jemismyname
    • Nice Mr Jem! ... Thank you for that contribution :)

    • Here's a good one by Britney. Glory album deserved more attention. this was an awesome video!

    • Yes, I am familiar with almost all of Ms Britney's music video's.

      I totally love the PG lesbian scene in this one!

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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    This is an incredible myTake Laurie! I definitely enjoyed reading this. <3
    Thanks for sharing!
    • Thank you so much for taking the time to look at it. I know it was long... lol

      You replied to one of my very first myTakes over a year ago and I have never forgotten it and was so thrilled by it.

      You are always so sweet... don't think that I ever take your kindness lightly!

    • :) <3

  • smg99
    Wow I love your lyrical prose and writing skills. You are brilliant sweetheart:)
    • Thank you Ms SMG, you are so sweet!

      Putting a myTake together is hard work actually and it means a lot to know that some do enjoy it! :)

    • smg99

      I think you are gorgeous and brilliant. I loved it so much!!

  • hindril
    This is awesome! Many of them I still listen to. Like Stacy's Mom, Pornstar Dancing, Bad Girlfriend to name a few. Some I don't listen to.

    For going the other way, how about this one?
  • Massageman
    Some R&B's are pretty sexy. You picked some nice videos. Thanks for the take.
    • Thank you for taking the time to look them over as well :)

    • Massageman

      Yeah - the looking was very easy on my eyes ;- )

  • All My Darkest Days songs are naughty and kinky 😂😂
  • loveslongnails
    Too many to view !! Just do a dance for us, Laurie. You win.
  • Anon_af
    Girls on Film - Duran Duran
    Giddyup - Salt n Pepa
    Touch it - Monifah
  • Nik1hil
    So many opinion and less upvote
    • I know, but thank you for watching!

    • Nik1hil

      I watched TOXIC and FOUNTAIN of Wayne
      Long time ago..
      Rest I didn't jnew

    • Nik1hil

      didn't knew*

  • Jjpayne
    This was fun!!! Thank you!!!
    • You're welcome, thank you for watching! ... lol

  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take.
    • Thank you so much for taking the time to look at it! :)

  • Rick912
    Cute vids and great songs.
  • Danny_dan92
    This is 🥜