Eleven Songs and Artists My Parents Introduced Me To


1. Elton John. Elton John is one of the few artists that I can listen to all day and not feel the need to change it to something else. This is my favorite song by him.

2. Ray Charles. This is just one of his many songs I enjoy. Watching the Ray Charles movie starring Jamie Foxx called Ray with my parents, is one of the earliest memories I remember.

3. Guns N Roses. I love quite a lot of other songs by Guns N Roses, but this is my favorite.

4. Queen. I don't want to be one of those "I was born in the wrong generation" edge lords, but oh how I wish I was around to hear Queen perform live. Freddie's voice is godly, and he sings from the soul. Brian May is an incredibly talented guitar player and is an astrophysicist.

5. Zombie by The Cranberries. It's so sad that Dolores O'Riordan passed before she could reprise her vocals for this song.

6. Tennessee Whiskey by David Allen Coe. This song has many covers to it but this is the original artist. I remember my parents would sing this to each other all the time and they still do.

7. I'd rather go blind by Etta James Oldie but a goodie. She and her voice are so dearly missed.

8. Metallica Favorite song by Metallica, nothing else matters. You only have to hear it once and you don't forget it.

9. Led Zeppelin. I love Led Zeppelin and this is my favorite song by them.

10. Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix was incredibly talented. He was best of the best and I love a lot of his songs. It's too bad that he died way too soon.

11. I don't want to miss a thing by Aerosmith. I love Aerosmith but I remember this song specifically because my mom used to sing this to me

Eleven Songs and Artists My Parents Introduced Me To
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  • Iwant2kno
    I’m down for some Ray Charles, Queen, Etta James and Jimmy Hendrix! Your parents have great taste! Love oldies but goodies. 😄
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  • brittslitt
    Madonna /janet
    Janet Jackson
    Lisa stansfield
    Elton John
    Jimi Hendrix
    Steve Miller band
    Stevie wonder
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  • tenukitanuki
    My mother did not just introduce me to songs or artists, she literally showed me music. Her husband was, is, hearing disabled. Drums upset him. He's also not too great of a human so it would make sense that I would come along at the last possible moment, of the last possible affair. I wouldn't be surprised if I was actually conceived to the soulful tunes of Northern Soul; pops is supposed to be British of some type, mom had the grace to come of age in the 1960s and always loved Motown and Rock. Classic music, oldies but jams. She never really liked Elvis or The Beatles but Bo Diddley, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and on and on. Anything that could sound about right, which she'd find older Rocksteady mixes, old ska.
    I have always had a lowkey appreciation for Dee Dee Sharp because of this song and her courage to take chances with time changes like this
    This is the era that meant the most to my mom because this was her life. She would keep up with anything that kind of sounded like it, newer Motown, R&B, psych rock, folk country & blues.
    I distinctly recall picking up Dookie on cassette as one of my first purchases of music. I was barely in school and parents of friends became concerned. Later on when a kid finally moved in the area and listening to RATM (when that was new and we were barely on skateboards, or near puberty)... knew we could hang.

    But I would always all music just like this

    I doubt I'd listen to RATM more than once a year. If that, now. Dookie is still worth recalls, classic, but it was just the first step. Glad I could start somewhere worth a damn because of mom. Oh, and yeah... all those years of piano probably helped. lol
  • yucychan
    My dad loved the Beatles, which influenced me to liking the band as well.
    And the video below is one of his faves.

  • JackSmy
    Ray Charles is the MAN!! LOVE his songs!! Especially Seven Spanish Angels with Willie Nelson, another GREAT, in Music!!
  • pinkhoodie53
    My grandfather introduced me to Ray Charles, the only song by Elton John I listened to was “Crocodile Rock” (it was in the movie Gnomeo and Juliet) I discovered Queen on my own and I heard Etta James’ “At Last” and later “I’d Rather Go Blind” I wrote a song in middle school inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s “Crash Landing” which I later lost, I might’ve heard Tennessee Whiskey but I don’t remember. The rest I haven’t heard.
  • MarkRet
    Your parents introduced you to some great songs. My parents were still time-warped in the 30s Benny Goodman era, so they weren't any help for the newer songs.
  • Clarke498
    Kashmir is your favorite Led Zeppelin song. I'm not 100% sure if mine is Stairway to Heaven or Going to California. But this is an awesome collection of music. LOVE your taste. Following you because of it ;)
  • normalice
    I actually know about half of those. Usually I'm lucky to know one. Your parents must be about my age..
  • ZicoLad96
    Sokme great choices esp 21 years old this my leg and this the man im into from 12yrs Eleven Songs and Artists My Parents Introduced Me To
  • abc3643
    Your parents have done reasonably well, Grasshopper, but you have much to learn.
    parents had radio records on for 3 years before my brothers were born
    was exposed to all types of muxic growing up cabt stsbd rapp
  • NerdInDenial
  • lsjr16
    Cool parents. Same my parents listened to artist like Ray Charles , salt and pepa, the O jays , tenia Marie etc I don’t listen to those often but some Times I get in that mood to listen to them
  • almondcake
    Yes great taste in music. I had I dont want to miss a thing played on the radio as a request for my girlfriend now ex girlfriend. Did they ever play Bobby Darren somewhere beyond the sea. To you?
  • SanicYouth
    Usually I get into music on my own via the internet. (YouTube, Discogs, RateYourMusic, etc) But there were a couple of instances where my parents got me into some music. My mom gave me her old CD copy of the Guns n' Roses album Appetite For Destruction, I liked the song Welcome To The Jungle and was familiar with the songs Paradise City (heard it in the videogame Burnout Paradise) and Sweet Child O Mine, a fair amount of people on RYM have listened to that album and I now had it, so I had no excuse to not listen to the rest of the album. My mom got me The Best Of The Moody Blues for Christmas a couple of years ago and I really liked it.
  • greekgirl00
    My mom introduce me To Queen and Love The Movie Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • Guardian45
    For someone SO young, you have an OLD soul! Cherish and nourish it.
  • hisokadb
    Unforginen2 metallica and the new zombie version i can't remeber the band name
    • It's Bad Wolves. They're my favorite band.

    • hisokadb

      Y i was remebering smth with wolfs hahah thnx

    • hisokadb

      Myne is three days grace

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Cool parents :)
  • John1217
    Queen and the kinks are my favourite
    • John1217

      Yours are all great I love them all

    • Thanks. I wish I also added House of the Rising Sun by The Animals.

    • John1217


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  • Bismarck_96
    You forgot Guns and Roses after Led Zeppelin 😭
    • Guns n Roses is on here. It’s in no particular order.

  • katita
    Those songs are badass
  • IronSheep
    Your parents had a great taste in music.
  • SexyAshh
    My parents were the same way!

    Great mytake❤️💕🎉
  • AwesomeLadaaay
  • Waffles731
    Good take
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
  • SvanUlf
    Fudge, I'm old. :-P
  • lpoots
    All mor
  • themomo84
    Good music is timeless.
  • Ava01
    Good Take.
  • paledude
    Get the lead out 😎