Movie and tv show fight scenes where a smaller woman takes on a larger woman


Most movie fight scenes where a female character is involved features a cliché trope of the female character fighting a much larger man and winning in an unrealistic manner or a female character fighting multiple large men at once resulting in her defying physics by tossing those much larger men around like nothing. When we do get a female vs female fight scene it’s almost always two women who are the same size. We almost never get a smaller woman taking on a larger woman. But after doing some research I’ve found some fight scenes where a smaller woman takes on a larger woman and defeats the larger woman in a realistic manner.

Movie and tv show fight scenes where a smaller woman takes on a larger woman

1.)Kickass 2(2013) Hit girl vs Mother Russia: A comedy superhero movie. In this scene one of the central characters named hit girl takes on the towering burly villainess named mother Russia. The fight itself is poorly choreographed but it shows a smaller woman taking down a larger woman in a somewhat realistic manner.

2.) Divergent(2013) Tris vs Molly: During a capture the flag training session, the main protagonist Tris prior takes on the taller and burlier Molly who had beaten her unconscious in an earlier sparring session. In this rematch Tris quickly knocks out the taller and heavier Molly.

3.) Letty vs Riley(Fast and Furious 6 2013):
A very realistic duo of fight scenes. Unlike many other cheesy female fight scenes this one was a lot more gritty and violent. It showed the struggle between a smaller woman with less fighting skill vs a larger woman with exceptional fighting skills.4.)Peggy vs Dottie round 1(Agent Carter 2015): A rather realistic fight scene in which the shorter Peggy Carter manages to overpower the taller Soviet spy Dottie. What makes this scene realistic is that since there is only a height difference not a size(weight) difference, the fight is evenly paced. Both female characters fight on even grounds until the shorter Peggy gets in control and wins.

5.)Peggy vs Dottie round 2: In the opening of the second season, Peggy once again takes on Dottie. Both women fight on even grounds until Peggy symbolically knocks out the taller Soviet spy Dottie with a bag of hard American cash.

6.) Jane vs Savietta(Lady Blood fight 2016): Probably my favorite fight scene on this list. In a underground style fight scene, the protagonist Jane takes on the taller and burlier Savietta. The fight is kind of cliché in how the underdog takes a beating at first but soon finds inner strength to overcome the larger adversary. But nonetheless I still liked the scene for being well choreographed and believable.

7.) Cassie vs Sergeant Reznik(5th wave 2016) This was a very quick fight scene in which a shorter teenage girl managed to subdue a taller and bulkier adult woman. The struggle looks very realistic at one point, Cassie has to latch onto Reznik to compensate for her lower reach. Eventually Cassie uses the wall spring both herself and Reznik against another wall, allowing Cassie to defeat her larger opponent.

8.) Melinda May vs Aida(Agents of Shield season 4 2017): In this scene Melinda finds herself trapped in a virtual reality simulator where she must fight a towering android named “AIDA”. While Aida is noticeably slim, her strength, durability and prowess is still superhuman due to her synthetic body. Despite that, Melinda May manages to subdue the towering Android.

9.) Arya Stark vs Brienne of Tarth(Game of thrones season 7): This is probably the most popular fight scene on this list. The size gap between both of these characters was significant. Arya is around 5’1” and probably around 110lbs, while Brienne is around 6’3”(possibly taller with her boots) and over 200lbs with her armor. A lot of people who don’t know much about martial arts will dismiss this scene as being “unrealistic” but in reality this is one of the most realistic fight scenes in the whole show. It was a battle of speed and mobility vs mass and power.

10.) Hai Phoung vs burly female henchwoman(Furie 2019): A very good Vietnamese action film. The main protagonist Veronica takes on a burly woman in a very brutal fight scene near the climax of the film. It’s fast paced with a lot of striking and joint locks.

Conclusion: Personally I like these types of fight scenes between a smaller woman and a larger woman, I wish there were more fight scenes like this. Unfortunately these are all the movies and tv shows I could find in which a slimmer and or shorter woman takes on a taller and or bulkier woman. As I said, there aren’t many films and tv shows that show such scenes, which is a pity. Even though it’s very realistic to show a smaller woman take down a larger woman, considering that it happens a lot in reality as well. Most movies still rely on the ”male vs female” trope which has gotten too cliché and Cheesy over the years. Whenever I watch a movie or tv show where a smaller woman takes down a bunch of big men without breaking a sweat I cringe and wonder why they don’t just make the woman take on a larger woman. I guess many movie creators are wary of the “politically correct“ critics who would call it “body shaming” if a Amazonian or heavy set woman were to be portrayed as a villain. My advice, who gives a damn about movie critics‘ disapproval. If said movie critics want to be offended by a movie or tv show then let them be offended, movie and tv show creators should not be afraid to include more small woman vs larger woman fight scenes.

Anyways did I miss any other fight scenes like this? Let me know in the opinion section below.

Movie and tv show fight scenes where a smaller woman takes on a larger woman
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  • SpacedCharr
    As a smaller woman who does practice martial arts, I agree! It's annoying to see small women be saved by Mary Sue-ness or poorly explained superpowers.

    There's enough examples and reasonable possibility of smaller women being able to take down bigger women.

    The Arya v Breanne of Tarth fight was one of my absolute favourites. It shows technique, precision, and speed versus strength and size - precisely what "fighting small" is about.

    Also agreed on the fuck critics view. Movie critics are like all other critics - paid to criticize. They sell more when they complain about shit, do why wouldn't they complain?
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    • ADFSDF1996

      I agree.

      Plus, I’ve also watched several street fighting videos where a smaller woman knocks out a larger woman even though neither women have any martial arts experience. Just two women slugging it out.

      My favorite one was the Twitter video where a short woman beat up three taller woman at once. I can’t find the video though, it must have been deleted by Twitter mods.

  • Good take
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Phoenix98
    Good take Arya Stark vs Brienne of Tarth was probably my favorite due to it being the most realistic in my opinion. A battle of speed, mobility and precision vs mass, power and iron clad defense.
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  • Those clips were really fun. I've seen a couple of those movies but you gave me some others to look for. Thanks.
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  • Zorrak
    All the movies coming out with ass kicking girls can be cool but they're usually done very unrealistically and they make all the guys so much weaker and itd make more sense if it was woman vs women and it'd be more fair fights since logically average or trained guy would be stronger. But it is just movies so sometimes it's ok for these unrealistic scenes of small woman vs large dude
  • Daniela1982
    Well here is one guy who picked on the wrong woman.

    PORTLAND, Ore. — When Susan Kuhnhausen returned home from work one day earlier this month, she encountered an intruder wielding a claw hammer. After a struggle, the 51-year-old nurse fended off her attacker by strangling him with her bare hands.

    Neighbors praised the woman for her bravery, and investigators said they believed the dead man - Edward Dalton Haffey - was burglarizing Kuhnhausen's home. But after an investigation, police now say the intruder Kuhnhausen strangled was apparently a hit man hired by her estranged husband - Michael James Kuhnhausen Sr. - to kill her.
    • wynn-ing

      She was NOT taking any shit from anyone after work! And she was a nurse too lmao he done-fucked up 😂

    • @wynn-ing So did her husband. He got jail for that bit of subtafuge.

    • wynn-ing

      @Daniela1982 Thank goodness. Here, he'd be let off the charts since he didn't "actually" participate in the attempt. If weren't for him, none of this shit would've happened. Salty ass mf...

  • soleil2666
    Movies, life theatre, serve as catharsis, so you can let go of some issues/have them processed by the way the plot unfolds.
    They are not, however, any good as a guideline of how to live. The real world is far more important (and pessimist =/= real, there is a lane between pessimism and optimism that is real - good and bad things do happen). We all die in the end - that is what the current elders are unable to cope with (and so inflict as jealousy driven revenge on the younger)
  • scholastic_vibez
    One of the oldest is in From Russia with Love (1962). The midget actress, Linda Hunt tried to kill Bond with a knife in her shoe. But, the taller Bond girl, helps Bond kill her at the end.
    • ADFSDF1996

      Well, James Bond did all the heavy lifting in that scene. The shorter female villain actually managed to overpower the taller Bond girl. If it weren’t for James, Rosa would have had her way with that Bond girl.

  • lucas262
    A woman may be weaker but she can be smarter and faster in how she fights, if you pick your battles and overwhelm your opponent with speed maybe you'll win, but head to head no in most cases, films are very very scripted and choreographed, maybe itd work but i doubt it.
  • OddBeMe
    Movie fight scenes are fantasy anyway. But I’ve seen a female judo expert flip a bigger guy 360. So anything’s possible.
  • Thalia95
    Agreed as a Wrestling fan they had a woman beat man.
  • The_man_whol_aughs
    Yea I agree with you on this one , we need more female female fights
  • October808
    You forgot 'Deadpool'.